How to Write an Opinion Essay: Use a Basic Approach

Updated: January 5, 2022

Writing an opinion essay requires the same format you have been using for all the other compositions in class. It follows the five-paragraph structure, but the contents vary. Further, be ready to do extra work in terms of thinking and evaluating different reasoning and opinions regarding a given point of view or topic. You will have to determine which opinions are strong enough to enhance your point of view. To properly write an opinion essay that will potentially earn a good grade, pre-write, create the paper, and proofread.

What Is an Opinion Essay? Expert Definition and Guide

An opinion essay definition stems from the term “opinion,” which means an individual’s standpoint on a given subject. Thus, an opinion essay is a formal write-up that contains the attitude of the author regarding a specific topic. The opinion you give must be stated clearly, and give the different school of thought regarding the topic, accompanied by supporting rationale or relative examples. Your essay should include an opposing viewpoint in a separate paragraph with its examples of justifying reasons, to ensure that every angle fits.

Understanding the Simplest Approach on How to Start an Opinion Essay

Starting an opinion essay, just like other papers, begins with an intriguing opening sentence on the introduction section. Usually, the student is expected to engage the reader at first glance through their first few words. Students are always implored to give a controversial or deep opinion on the topic subject – one that will trigger a debate in the mind of the reader. Therefore, under the pre-writing stage of your essay, consider brainstorming all ideas and suggestions that surface in your mind and write them on a rough draft.

How to Write a Good Opinion Essay: Follow Simple Steps as Guide

Before starting your write-up, you need to gather as much information and supporting opinions on the topic as possible. Ensure that the supporting evidence and examples you collect for your point of view match the thesis or main ideas. Here are some of the questions to guide you when brainstorming ideas:

  • What are the things my audience are curious to know about this topic?
  • What are the main arguments for my opinion essay?
  • What kind of questions need to be answered in this assignment?
  • What are the contradictory points of view?
  • How can I convey my arguments yet still enhance clarity?

By simply listing answers to these questions, you will be able to organize your ideas and thoughts logically for the composition. Eventually, you can decide which ideas are worth integrating, and which ones are unnecessary. Getting the guidance of a professional comes handy in clearly defining the points are worth including, and which ones are too weak to enhance the point of view. Get your paper done by an expert – Call us now!

Tips for Writing an Opinion Essay: Expert Tips to Get You Started

Writing an expert-level paper requires opinion essay tips from professionals with proven experience and knowledge in the said field of study. We provide you with guidelines to help you kick-start your write-up in a timely fashion.

  • Address the audience directly

Unlike other essay types, which require that you present your ideas in a third-person point of view, opinion essays require that you give your opinions directly to the reader. Convince the reader that your point of view is justifiable.

  • Use a rhetorical question to capture the reader’s attention

You are seeking the attention of the reader and persuading them that your point of view regarding a given subject, the matter is warranted. To do so, you need to step-up your creativity in delivering your arguments.

  • Include a direct speech, quotation, or a sentence from a popular book

Quoting a material demonstrates the extent of your research and proves that your opinions are not mere suggestions. Rather, you tell the reader that your reasoning is founded on a given book, journal, or any other reliable sources.

Words like “I am Convinced that my point…” enhance your communication with the reader. As such, your point of view is not merely thrown aimlessly for the sake of writing. A reader with a contradictory opinion will have a way to align their ideas with your opinions without straining to find what you are suggesting.

How to Structure an Opinion Essay: No Need for Guesswork

Your opinion essay must follow a definite structure – meaning it should follow the introduction, main body, and conclusion format. The introduction is the anchor paragraph as it contains the thesis statement and the main argument or opinion you will be defending. It also introduces the main points to be discussed in the body section. The second section, which is the body section, follows a given format also. It is the focal point of the essay, and all the key information regarding the paper and the development of the thesis is founded here – Ideally, everything about the opinion essay is contained in this section.

How to End an Opinion Essay: Captivating Approaches to Conclude Your Write-Up

The fifth paragraph marks the end of your essay. For opinion essay ending, the reader must be adequately convinced whether or not the author’s point of view is well articulated. As such, ending the essay means providing details of the discussion in summary form. If you are struggling with crafting a concise ending for your opinion essay, get the assistance of a professional. We will help – call us now!

Opinion Essay Outline: Enjoy a Simplified Process That Works Perfectly

A successful opinion essay should follow an outline. To effectively write your outline, here is a simplified guide:


  • State the main idea you will seek to prove
  • Provide the thesis statement
  • Reasons to support the thesis

Main Body

  • Three paragraphs
  • Each paragraph should explain one reason
  • Provide citations whenever necessary


  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Include a call to action
  • Summarize the main points

Your structure caters for five paragraphs and captures every key detail necessary for writing your opinion essay as exhaustively as possible.

Opinion Essay Structure: Format You Can Rely On

The definite structure for an opinion essay is one that follows the title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and references. The title should capture the topic of the opinion essay and the name of the author. The first paragraph serves as the introduction. The second, third, and fourth paragraphs are the body sections and expand on the main points. The fifth paragraph is a conclusion and marks the last section of the writing. Finally, a references page is included to hold all the materials you used for citations.

Guide to Writing an Opinion Essay Introduction

Under the introduction, state the main idea, which is also your point to prove through the paper. Also, include the thesis statement and three justifying reasons for supporting the thesis.

How to Deliver a Quality Opinion Essay Body

The main body will have three paragraphs in total. Each paragraph will expound one main point highlighted in the introduction. If additional material is used in your deliberations, they should be cited properly following the suitable citing conventions.

How to Design and Write an Opinion Essay Conclusion

The last paragraph of your write-up according to opinion essay guidelines is the conclusion section. Here, sum up your arguments by first restating the thesis statement and providing a summary of three reasons for supporting your thesis. Finally, include a call to action to direct the reader on the expected next steps.

Writing an opinion essay sounds like a simple task, but it is not. If you are required to submit an opinion essay as part of the class requirement and have no idea of what to do, you should seek guidance and assistance from professional personal essay writers. We are ready to help you – fill out the order form!

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