Learning Disabilities Essay Topics

Updated: November 11, 2021

100 Best Learning Disabilities Essay Topics in 2022

The history of pedagogy development is inextricably linked with the study of various aspects of the problem of overcoming and preventing academic failure. Among the various directions, concepts and theories of the causes of school failure and possible ways to overcome it, the following main approaches can be distinguished: sociological, psychological, pedagogical, complex (clinical-physiological and psychological-pedagogical).

Choosing a Learning Disabilities essay topic can stall your writing process for a long time because you may not know exactly what you will be writing about. Apart from the case when the exact topic of the essay is formulated by your teacher, the choice of the topic can be reduced to narrowing the direction set by the teacher, choosing from the proposed list of topics, or free-floating choice.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Learning Disabilities Essay Topic?

After receiving the assignment to write an essay, you may be offered options for clarifying the topic to narrow the direction of Learning Disabilities. The first of these cases implies that you have been given some general direction. For example, write an essay on Learning Disabilities. This topic is too broad and requires narrowing it down to just one question. Therefore, try to find the area of ​​study of Learning Disabilities that you like to determine the topic and start writing essays about it.

Pay attention to who exactly you are writing the essay for. Ordinary work for delivery to a teacher at a university will differ significantly from an essay submitted upon admission to an educational institution, literary circle or when applying for a job. What does the person who will read your essay expect from you? Manifestations of originality, ability to reason correctly and beautifully, professional qualities or something else?

Also, the easiest and most reliable option would be to choose a theme from the list. This option is simpler than the previous ones but requires analyzing what you know best or would like to understand. When choosing a topic from the list below, evaluate your knowledge and experience on a particular topic. What author’s position could you express on the chosen topic?

What if you do not like the topic given by the teacher? You may well ask him to let you take on a different topic, but be prepared to justify this step. Usually, teachers approve of the student’s desire to write an essay toward a future diploma or term paper. Of course, you shouldn’t ask a teacher of world art culture to allow you to write an essay on the theory of the structure of the atomic nucleus. But if the topics can be crossed, then you will significantly deepen your knowledge of your future thesis and will be able to use it during your defence.

Who Curates Out List of Learning Disabilities Essay Topics?

This collection of topics about Learning Disabilities has been created by scientists in neurobiology, physiology, pedagogy and psychology. Each topic has been carefully selected by our experts. All topics have been approved by many universities, so you can rest assured that you choose a reliable essay topic.

List of 20 Best Learning Disabilities Essay Topics 2022

  1. Learning Disabilities. What is ithave chosen?
  2. How has neuroscience helped study the Learning Disabilities phenomenon?
  3. Disturbances in the emotional-volitional sphere.
  4. Causes of Learning Disabilities.
  5. Learning Disabilities classification.
  6. Historical aspects of studying the psychophysical and social development of children with Learning Disabilities.
  7. Diagnostics and correction of mental retardation in children.
  8. Mental development of children with Learning Disabilities in the first year of life,
  9. Features of the psyche of a child with Learning Disabilities in early and preschool ages.
  10. Signs of damage and underdevelopment of mental functions.
  11. Why in some cases, it is impossible to prevent Learning Disabilities.
  12. Differential diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and similar conditions.
  13. How to determine the type of impaired development?
  14. Why, in some cases, Learning Disabilities cannot be treated?
  15. Distinguishing the degree and nature of violations of the mental, speech and emotional development of the child.
  16. How is Learning Disabilities treated?
  17. Identification of primary and secondary disorders and system analysis of the structure of the violation at Learning Disabilities.
  18. Learning Disabilities in Children.
  19. Learning Disabilities in adolescents.
  20. Learning Disabilities in Adults.

20 Essay Topics About Learning Disabilities

  1. Evaluation of the peculiarities of mental development disorders with impaired vision, hearing, musculoskeletal system.
  2. Determination and substantiation of pedagogical prognosis about Learning Disabilities for children.
  3. What are the most significant difficulties in distinguishing mental retardation of cerebral origin from mental retardation?
  4. Impaired thinking and intelligence.
  5. The general concept of thinking.
  6. The main types of mental operations: analysis, comparison, generalization and classification, abstraction and concretization.
  7. The content of the concept of intelligence.
  8. Violations of the operational side of thinking.
  9. Reducing the level of generalization.
  10. Distortion of the generalization process.
  11. Violation of the dynamics of mental activity.
  12. Inconsistent judgment.
  13. Lability of thinking.
  14. Inertia and rigidity of thinking.
  15. Violations of the motivational component of thinking.
  16. Diversity of thinking.
  17. Resonance is a tendency towards unproductive multi-speech judgments.
  18. Judgment pathologies: obsessive, overvalued and delusional ideas.
  19. Hypochondriac syndrome or nosomania as a pathology of thinking.
  20. The main forms of intellectual disability.

20 Easy Learning Disabilities Essay Topics

  1. Various forms of mental retardation, depending on the severity.
  2. Dementia: global (diffuse) and focal (lacunar).
  3. Research methods of thinking and intelligence.
  4. Violation of the personal component of thinking.
  5. Methods for the study of the operational side of thinking.
  6. What are the statistics of morbidity in the field of Learning Disabilities in the world?
  7. Mental retardation in the context of learning disabilities.
  8. Characteristics of deviations in mental retardation.
  9. What is the lability of thinking? How do deviations manifest in this type of thinking?
  10. Didactic and psychological aspects of studying the problem of Learning Disabilities.
  11. The need for typing unsuccessful schoolchildren to substantiate a differentiated approach to them in the mass school.
  12. How is the study of the dynamics of mental activity carried out?
  13. What is the Difference Between Mild Intellectual Disabilities and Learning Disabilities?
  14. Etiology of Learning Disabilities.
  15. The general cause of mental retardation is of cerebral-organic origin.
  16. Organic brain damage, with other variants of Learning Disabilities (constitutional, somatogenic and psychogenic) organic brain failure.
  17. Functional localization of the disorder.
  18. What is the inertia of thinking? How do deviations manifest in this type of thinking?
  19. What are the incidence statistics in the field of Learning Disabilities in the US and Europe? Comparative analysis.
  20. How is cognitive decline manifested?

20 Interesting Learning Disabilities Essay Topics

  1. Delayed formation of age-appropriate elements of educational activity.
  2. What is the higher mental development potential of a child with Learning Disabilities?
  3. What preserved mental functions can be relied on when planning corrective actions?
  4. Actual problems of diagnosing mental retardation in children in 2021.
  5. Actual problems of clinical study of mental retardation.
  6. Fundamentals of defectology in teaching.
  7. Clinical and neuropsychological diagnostics in Learning Disabilities.
  8. Clinical characteristics of children with mental retardation.
  9. Correctional and developmental training. Organizational and pedagogical aspects of this process.
  10. The problem of mental retardation in the context of learning difficulties.
  11. The beginning of the study of the causes and consequences of Learning Disabilities by US scientists.
  12. Comprehensive Medical, Psychological, and Pedagogical Research of Under-performing Students in the United States.
  13. Systems of correctional and developmental assistance for children under six years old and schoolchildren with Learning Disabilities.
  14. Forms of impaired development, in which mental and physical infantilism were harmoniously combined.
  15. Norm and Pathology at Learning Disabilities.
  16. The productivity of children and adolescents with Learning Disabilities.
  17. Cognitive Activity in Children with Learning Disabilities.
  18. Mental retardation and general speech underdevelopment.
  19. What are the violations of vision, hearing, functions of the musculoskeletal system with Learning Disabilities?
  20. Why shouldn’t mental retardation be equated with mental retardation?

20 Best Learning Disabilities Essay Ideas

  1. What are the psychological criteria for mental retardation in children of the first year of life?
  2. Late development of sensorimotor connections with Learning Disabilities.
  3. Immaturity of the emotional-volitional sphere with Learning Disabilities.
  4. Play activity at a difficult stage with Learning Disabilities.
  5. Pathological thoroughness.
  6. Resonance.
  7. Dement detailing.
  8. Perseveration.
  9. Symbolism and the perception by patients of ordinary symbols where they do not play a symbolic role.
  10. Autistic thinking. Disengagement from reality, immersion in the world of imagination, fantastic experiences.
  11. Delusional disorders and false inferences.
  12. Paroial delusions as systematized delusions without systematization in children with learning disabilities.
  13. Paranoid delirium.
  14. How is paraphrenic delirium combined with violations of the associative process (disunity, resonance and symbolism)?
  15. Delusional disorders and false inferences are associated with disorders of will, drives, emotional disturbances.
  16. Overvalued ideas and effectively saturated persistent beliefs and representations in violation of thinking.
  17. Obsessions in children with learning disabilities.
  18. Verbigeration.
  19. Paragnomenon in children with learning disabilities.
  20. Paralogical thinking.

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