30 Media Essay Topics

Updated: June 14, 2021

Media essays are a fundamental element that constitutes the academic lives of mass communication students. There is no doubt that any mass media student will come across a variety of media essays which will require skills, experience, and expertise to draft and present it as the testing question requires. Such essays are unavoidable since they bring media students closer to the real-life media fields by giving them an insight into how the real fields operate. They equip students with skills to counter the predicaments currently faced by media personnel. Besides, the most institution offering undergraduates and master’s degree have adapted media essay writing as a strategy to evaluate student’s understandability of the subject matter. Thus, they contribute a substantial point to a student degree program that determines the value of degree students graduates with at the end of their media degree program.

Need to Know Secrets of How to Select The Best Media Essay Topic?

First and foremost, selecting a topic does not only involve random selection of a topic from a list, but it follows a design format that helps you choose a good topic. You need to check on the list and figure out whether you understand the scope required for the paper. Secondly, gauge whether you can draft the paper on the context the testing question requires. Thirdly, ask yourself whether you can generate question and ideas for researching the topic. If you are familiar with all this, go ahead and select that topic for your media paper.

Here is a List of Media Essay Topics That May Help You Compose Outstanding Papers

Media essay requires selecting topics that will give you ease to write and present a quality paper at the end. Thus, students are encouraged to counter check the topic they select for their media essays. This helps in ensuring they are familiar with most of the elements that constitute a great paper out of the selected topic. Selecting a topic, you are well conversant with help in writing logically flowing content, coherent ideas, determinable scope, theme, and context. Below are some of the common topics you can choose for your media paper write-up:

  • Media policy and culture
  • Journalism
  • Subsequent effects of media to the growth of an economy
  • Negative implications of media in influencing violence
  • Socio-economic dimensions of media to the stability of the economy
  • Compare and contrast modern versus new error journalism
  • Government regulations of the media
  • Media addiction and its implications to education, work, and developments
  • Constituents of a genuine media outlet
  • The relevance of media to the growth of a steadfast country
  • Benefits of journalism in combating crime
  • How mass media helps in the spread of awareness
  • The manufacturing consent by Noam Chomsky
  • Mass media versus the political class of America in the 18th century
  • Media violation of an individual’s rights and freedom
  • How mass media stems from political rivalry
  • How technological advancement influence positive change in the mass media field
  • Mass media and its subsequent effects in learning activities
  • Impacts of mass media in steering war against crime
  • Role of social media in society
  • Media propaganda and how it influence hatred in society
  • Media spread of political rivalry among the political class and the subject
  • Benefits of non-partisan advertisement outlets
  • Mass media and the spread of immorality
  • Social media influence in steering hatred and enmity
  • Media influence on innovations
  • Subsequent effects of social media in influencing fashion
  • Music industry growth steered by media
  • How media influence the diminishing of cultures and traditions
  • History of media

Mass Media Essay Topics That Made Headlines in 2021

  • What is the media’s effect on the economy?
  • How has technology changed media? Do you think it benefits the consumer?
  • How does society help media campaigns?
  • What is the relationship between media and crime?
  • Mass media and fashion: Are they the same?
  • What effect does the media have on the war? Is it a positive or negative effect?
  • Analyze the Black Lives Matter movement and the media’s role in it.
  • How was the media painted during the Trump administration?
  • What are the effects of one-sided media? Is it dangerous to society?
  • How does the media affect politics? Are there politically neutral outlets?

Media Essay Questions You May Come Across

Below are some of the questions you may encounter:

  • How do media influence economic development?
  • Do media influence the growth of the fashion industry?
  • Do you think Noam Chomsky’s manufacturing consent is propaganda itself?
  • Do believe media contribute significantly to combating crimes?
  • How has media influenced your living over the years?
  • What are the subsequent implications of partisan advertisement outlets?
  • Who are the beneficiaries of media versus society influenced violence?
  • Do you think partisan media outlets should be denied an operational license?
  • How has the media industry changed as a result of technological advancement?
  • What is manufacturing consent?

Media Essay Ideas to Guide in Generating Outstanding Topics

Below are some of the ideas that may help you select the best topics for your paper:

  • Media and war
  • Media filming and broadcasting
  • Role of media in the fashion industry
  • Media filed predicaments
  • Social media

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