100 Microeconomics Essay Topics

Updated: May 9, 2023

Microeconomics is a science that studies the economics of small groups, individuals, or units. It is similar to looking at something in a microscope to see its functioning closer.

A very common topic discussed within microeconomics is a small group operation. In times of international relations, countries with stronger and weaker economies, small entities function differently in every corner of the globe.

Hence, if you are a student you will most probably come across the assignment of writing a microeconomics essay. To write a good piece, you need to know the basic principles of microeconomics and of course academic writing rules.

Understanding the basic principles of microeconomics is vital. To explain it in short, it studies the resource allocation and behaviors of small businesses or individuals. It looks into how the smaller units of economic activity are managing to succeed. The study of this decision-making is important to future improvements in the field.

As a student, you are expected to read the theory, then get acquainted with the examples to get a deep understanding of how microeconomics functions. Get ready to be buried in books for days. The alternative is to listen to some audiobooks or watch videos.

A tip to use when looking for a topic, find out whether you can access enough resources on it. Look for similar speeches, articles in scientific journals, books, and textbooks that you can use for your essay,

Tips How to Select the Best Microeconomics Essay Topic

So, you are tasked to write a paper on microeconomics. If the teacher did not provide you with the list of approved topics on microeconomics for essay, you will need to manage it yourself. Do not worry that you are not an expert. There are simple topics that any student will find to be a piece of cake.

Among the simple subjects to select is an essay on the small enterprise of your choice. You can pick the local bakery shop or a beauty store. Your task is to analyze the supply, demand, and the ways an organization applies to stay afloat. It is also a good idea to analyze the competition, especially if some large chains of beauty stores are present in the same location.

It is a good idea to interview the owners and watch them work for a couple of days. To compare the items of your choice with giant ones, you need to research both. This topic is simple but for sure a time-consuming one.

Assuming you have a lack of time due to other assignments, you can look through the other list of topics and select the one you are better acquainted with.

20 Good Microeconomics Essay Topics

  1. Subsidizing small business. Is it an efficient strategy?
  2. Characterizing elasticity of demand.
  3. System of pricing and factors that affect it.
  4. The value of human capital for small businesses.
  5. The principles of labor markets functioning.
  6. What is the business cycle?
  7. How to measure economic growth?
  8. What are the best marketing strategies for small businesses?
  9. Compare two marketing strategies of your choice.
  10. Risk assessment for starting a new business.
  11. The effects of supply and demand on market equilibrium.
  12. The impact of price ceilings and price floors on markets.
  13. The role of externalities in market outcomes.
  14. The effects of monopolies on market efficiency.
  15. The determinants of consumer demand and their effects on market outcomes.
  16. The impact of government policies on market outcomes.
  17. The role of information in market outcomes.
  18. The effects of globalization on market outcomes.
  19. The determinants of production and their effects on market outcomes.
  20. The role of innovation and technological advancements in market outcomes.

If you are in doubt about the topic, pick one of these since they were selected by our subject-matter experts. They research the field constantly and will keep you updated. The topic list is not full for sure there is more to study. In case you want assistance with the wording of a topic on the subject you like, our team can help you.

20 Easy Microeconomics Essay Topics

  1. Bankruptcy and small business. Ways of avoiding it.
  2. Natural disasters and small businesses.
  3. What governmental policies are the most beneficial for small business?
  4. History of trade unions.
  5. How can supply and demand form pricing?
  6. Ways of promoting local manufacturing.
  7. How do taxes affect prices?
  8. Full -time and part-time workers. Who is more convenient for the small business?
  9. Case Study: analyze the bankruptcy of a business and look into the ways that could prevent it.
  10. Is expanding the business a good or bad idea?
  11. The law of supply and demand: basic concepts and examples.
  12. How a price change affects the quantity demanded or supplied.
  13. The different types of markets: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly.
  14. The role of incentives in economic decision-making.
  15. The concept of elasticity and its importance in economics.
  16. The economic implications of government policies, such as taxes and subsidies.
  17. The relationship between income and consumption patterns.
  18. The factors that influence production, such as labor, capital, and technology.
  19. The basic principles of international trade and the concept of comparative advantage.
  20. The causes and consequences of inflation and deflation.

Looking for a topic should not be long and daunting. No doubt some topics are easier because they require less research. Some on the other hand demand more reading to do. This list contains the ones that have an abundance of sources available. The essay writing should not take long with one of them.

20 Microeconomics Essay Topics for High Schoolers

  1. What connection exists between microeconomics and advertising?
  2. What is the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics?
  3. Evolution of microeconomics.
  4. Famous scholars in the field of microeconomics.
  5. Discuss the phenomenon of Veblen goods.
  6. What shapes a minimal salary?
  7. Small businesses and climate change
  8. Discuss and provide examples of the Mathew effect.
  9. How to lower production expenses?
  10. Define “perfect competition” within the frame of microeconomics.
  11. How markets work: supply, demand, and equilibrium.
  12. The different types of market structures and their characteristics.
  13. The role of prices in economic decision-making.
  14. The concept of opportunity cost and its importance in decision-making.
  15. The basic principles of consumer behavior and how they impact the economy.
  16. The effects of taxes and subsidies on market outcomes.
  17. The factors that influence the cost of production.
  18. The benefits and drawbacks of globalization on the economy.
  19. The concept of externalities and their impact on market outcomes.
  20. The role of entrepreneurship in economic growth and development.

The high school curriculum includes fundamentals of microeconomics. So, the assignments will be given on demand and supply principles, production, distribution of income, consumers, and their behaviors.

20 Microeconomics Essay Topics Agriculture

  1. Is there a demand for organic food in your area?
  2. Governmental policies impact on farming strategies.
  3. The efficiency of the use of innovative technologies on the farms.
  4. GMO goods. Pros and Cons.
  5. The popularity of staple foods in developing countries.
  6. Governmental restrictions on planting vegetables and fruits.
  7. Mountain area farming and ways to modernize it.
  8. Regulations on food safety and their influences on the agricultural market.
  9. What are the effects of deforestation?
  10. What are the laws of labeling food in the United States & India?
  11. The impact of government agricultural policies on market outcomes.
  12. The role of supply and demand in determining agricultural prices.
  13. The effects of climate change on agricultural production and markets.
  14. The role of technology in improving agricultural productivity and efficiency.
  15. The determinants of agricultural productivity and their effects on market outcomes.
  16. The impact of international trade on the agricultural sector.
  17. The effects of land tenure systems on agricultural productivity and market outcomes.
  18. The role of agricultural subsidies in promoting or hindering market efficiency.
  19. The impact of consumer preferences on the demand for agricultural products.
  20. The effects of agricultural labor supply and demand on wages and market outcomes.

20 Microeconomics Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Principles of microeconomics.
  2. Discuss the theory of the firm and its novelty.
  3. Influence of monopolization on small businesses.
  4. Policies on regulating monopoly in developing countries.
  5. Discuss the concept of profit explained by F. Knight.
  6. Gini coefficient in the United States.
  7. Discuss the views on the theory of rational choice.
  8. What shapes the demand for manual labor in the United States?
  9. Who is in charge of small businesses in times of natural disasters?
  10. How to start a successful cleaning business in your country?
  11. The impact of minimum wage laws on labor markets.
  12. The relationship between education and earnings in the labor market.
  13. The effects of technology on labor market outcomes.
  14. The role of human capital in economic growth and development.
  15. The impact of government regulations on market outcomes.
  16. The determinants of consumer preferences and their impact on market outcomes.
  17. The effects of advertising on market outcomes.
  18. The role of information asymmetry in market outcomes.
  19. The concept of game theory and its applications in microeconomics.
  20. The effects of income inequality on market outcomes.

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