What is Hippyresearchcenter.org?

NREC (National Research and Evaluation Center) was created in 2012 by the USF for HIPPY USA. The main goal of this organization is to make the evidence base for HIPPY and also support HIPPY programs in the USA.

The HIPPY organization was launched in 1969 in Israel, and nowadays, this program works in many countries all over the world. Partners of this program work with parents at home to prepare their kids for successful studying in school. Currently, this organization reaches about 15,000 children in 22 states of America, in the ages 3-5 years old. HIPPY USA has more than 140 partners (non-profit organizations and schools) to provide the program in the country.

Here are the main purposes of the HIPPY USA NREC:

  • Expand the mission of the organization to empower parents as their children educators at home and involve foster parents in their kids’ school lives to help children get successful experience in schools and improve their knowledge.
  • Create a fruitful collaboration using HIPPY community programs, government structures, universities, and other organizations.
  • Create a strategy and research agenda for HIPPY.
  • Make recommendations for tools for parents and children, and create guides for data collection.
  • Create a base about methods that work for the HIPPY program and expand home visiting services for children.
  • Get a grant for research and evaluation. These parameters will be received in partnership with various universities and programs in the USA and also internationally.

The whole organization’s mission is to bring education to every child to improve people’s lives and forget about poverty and disease. Education is a powerful instrument that can be used for constant development and getting to a new level of life. NREC stands for high-quality education for every child on our planet without any exceptions.

The organization invites energized and ambitious people to join the program and complete their important goals. They are looking for new members for their community to join as a home visitor, supporter, state director, program funder or coordinator, or a partner in the university. Anyone can follow the great mission and make our world better!

More About NREC

NREC creates various programs, guides, and webinars to provide more useful data and help parents to prepare their kids for studying in school. On the company’s site, you can find the webinars focused on practical strategies supported with research on how to prevent various problems and challenging behavior of children. Parents can use this important information to improve their relationship with kids because this is a significant part of success in anything. The whole webinar consists of three parts and focuses on effective and positive relationships between kids and parents to create a good atmosphere for kids’ development and also help them to express their talents and find their interests more easily.

Our company, Essay Writer, supports these initiatives and programs because we know everything about talented people. It’s quite important to create a good start for any potential to help them grow up. Without proper care and attention, any great talent can be lost forever.

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