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Updated: June 14, 2023

100 Nursing Dissertation Topics for Smooth Writing

Stuck with topic selection for your nursing dissertation? No worries. We’ll help you find the right idea.

How to Choose a Nursing Dissertation Topic?

First and foremost, pick what you are passionate about. And it is not only concerning dissertation topics about nursing. It is about your life – when you choose your favorite things, life becomes easier and brighter. Similarly, if your eyes open wider when you talk about emergency care, never hesitate to select it for your research proposal.

One more piece of advice is to focus on topics where you know you’re going to find lots of credible literature, articles, and other works. Medicine is a responsible matter, so you should choose only reliable and trusted sources for your nursing dissertation to allude to.

For example, you cannot write about sepsis or caring for a patient with acute kidney injury without references to professional works.

Consider the next 6 tips to discover your own dissertation topic:

  • Background study before you choose a topic.
  • Focus on reading material tailored to your interest.
  • Read people’s dissertations to have a pattern in mind (google or ask your tutor).
  • Stick with your recurring interest – notice the topic you always come back to and stay.
  • Attend nursing academic conferences for new ideas to acknowledge and inspire.
  • Converse with other professionals in the nursing field for new topic angles.

Choosing a dissertation topic is a base and a starting point of your research. Even though we recommend remaining relaxed to keep focused and concentrated, chances are that you might leave the research altogether when neglecting proper preparation. You can go here to get a professional step-by-step guide to choose a nursing dissertation topic that wins.

List of Nursing Dissertation Topics: 10 Ideas to Get Started

Here are dissertation topics to consider when you look for some inspiration or more general issue to review:

  1. Factors contributing to lack of enough resources in developing countries hospitals.
  2. Perception and attitude of mothers toward caesarian section.
  3. Utilization of different family planning methods among teenagers.
  4. Reason for the current increase in rape.
  5. The impact of stress on nurses’ work behaviors.
  6. Mental health impact of COVID pandemic on health workers.
  7. Job satisfaction analysis of professional nurses in public and private sectors.
  8. Assessment of health care waste management among health workers.
  9. Attitudes of women towards utilization of modern contraceptives.
  10. Health problems to drug-addicted pregnant women.

10 Nursing Dissertation Topics for 2023

  1. The Impact of COVID-19 on Nurse Well-being and Mental Health: Exploring Strategies for Resilience and Support.
  2. Telehealth and Remote Nursing Care: Evaluating the Effectiveness and Patient Satisfaction with Virtual Nursing Interventions.
  3. Nursing Leadership during Times of Crisis: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  4. Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Nursing Education and Practice: Strategies for Culturally Responsive Care.
  5. Nursing Education in the Digital Age: Adapting Curriculum and Teaching Methods for Online and Hybrid Learning Environments.
  6. Addressing Health Disparities in Marginalized Communities: Examining the Role of Nurses in Promoting Health Equity.
  7. Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: Overcoming Barriers and Promoting Adoption.
  8. Promoting Resilience and Mental Health in Healthcare Professionals: Self-care Strategies for Nurses.
  9. The Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in Primary Care: Optimizing Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Delivery.
  10. Exploring the Nurse-Patient Relationship in the Era of Virtual Care: Building Trust and Connection in Remote Settings.

10 Emergency Nursing Dissertation Topics

If emergency care is your sphere of interest, check this compilation of interesting nursing themes:

  1. Impact of COVID 19 on health workers in general.
  2. Knowledge and perception of hypertension and its management among patients.
  3. Demographic and socio-economic factors influencing utilization of maternal health services.
  4. The importance of social workers in the hospital.
  5. The psychological experience of emergency staff in the treatment of attempted suicide patients.
  6. Incidence and prevalence of COVID 19 among under 5 children and disease pattern.
  7. Knowledge, attitudes, and practice of care of elderly patients among health workers.
  8. Incidence of bacterial vaginosis among pregnant mothers attending ANC.
  9. Effectiveness of therapeutic play on anxiety among children with terminally ill conditions.
  10. Effectiveness of alcohol cleaning VS sterile water cleaning for newborn cord care.

10 Nursing Dissertation Topics Critical Care

Here are captivating topic ideas for nursing dissertations:

  1. Reason for the current increase in the number of caesarian sections among pregnant mothers.
  2. Factors contributing to increasing the number of PID among women in N.E Kenya.
  3. Utilization of different types of cervical cancer screening.
  4. Nurse’s role in the prevention of infant and under-five child mortality.
  5. Knowledge and practice of infection control among midwives.
  6. Effect of oral care in the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in intensive care units.
  7. The effect of massage therapy on occupational stress of Intensive Care Unit nurses.
  8. Factors contributing to the increase of death resulting from sildenafil in Kenya.
  9. Quality of life of patients with head and neck cancer.
  10. Is strong immunity a factor influencing mortality and morbidity of coronavirus?

10 Ph.D. Nursing Dissertation Topics

Below are dissertation topics for a doctoral research degree:

  1. Factors contributing to maternal mortality among mothers attending delivery rooms.
  2. Factors influencing underutilization of partogram between nurses.
  3. Relationship between Depo Provera and infertility among females of childbearing age.
  4. Effectiveness of kangaroo mother skin-to-skin contact among mothers in the postnatal ward.
  5. Effect of chewing gum on gastrointestinal function after gynecological surgery.
  6. Effects of Thyroid during pregnancy and its knowledge to rural women.
  7. A nationwide survey on the current status of infusion of vasoactive agents of nurses.
  8. Prevalence and incidence of acute gastritis among the pediatric population,
  9. Factors influencing health-seeking behavior among patients with metabolic disease.
  10. Effectiveness of preoperative instruction on postoperative outcome measures.
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10 Community Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. The Role of Community Nursing in Promoting Health Equity: Exploring Strategies for Reducing Health Disparities in Underserved Communities.
  2. Community-Based Palliative Care: Assessing the Effectiveness of Community Nursing Interventions in Enhancing End-of-Life Care and Support.
  3. Community Health Education and Disease Prevention: Investigating the Impact of Community Nursing Programs on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.
  4. Mental Health Services in the Community: Analyzing the Role of Community Nursing in Delivering Mental Health Support and Interventions.
  5. Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Community Nursing Practice: Examining the Integration of Social Factors in Community Health Assessments and Interventions.
  6. Community Nursing and Chronic Disease Management: Evaluating the Contribution of Community Nursing in Supporting Patients with Chronic Conditions.
  7. Nurse-led Primary Care Clinics in Underserved Communities: Assessing the Role of Community Nursing in Improving Access to Primary Healthcare Services.
  8. Community Nursing and Aging Population: Analyzing the Challenges and Opportunities for Community Nursing in Caring for the Elderly.
  9. Community Nursing and Health Promotion in Vulnerable Populations: Investigating Strategies for Engaging and Empowering Marginalized Communities.
  10. Community Nursing and Disaster Preparedness: Assessing the Role of Community Nursing in Emergency Response and Disaster Management.

10 Pediatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Effective Pain Management in Pediatric Nursing: Exploring Strategies for Assessing and Managing Pain in Children.
  2. Family-Centered Care in Pediatric Nursing: Investigating the Impact of Family Involvement on Pediatric Healthcare Outcomes.
  3. Pediatric Mental Health Nursing: Assessing the Role of Pediatric Nurses in Promoting Mental Health and Well-being in Children.
  4. Enhancing Pediatric Patient Safety: Analyzing the Importance of Safety Measures and Protocols in Pediatric Nursing Practice.
  5. Transition of Care for Children with Chronic Conditions: Examining the Challenges and Best Practices in Transitioning Pediatric Patients to Adult Healthcare.
  6. Pediatric Palliative Care: Investigating the Role of Pediatric Nurses in Providing Compassionate Care for Children with Life-Limiting Illnesses.
  7. Pediatric Immunization and Vaccination: Analyzing the Role of Pediatric Nurses in Educating Parents and Promoting Vaccination Compliance.
  8. Pediatric Nursing in Emergency Settings: Assessing the Preparedness and Competencies of Pediatric Nurses in Emergency Care for Children.
  9. Supporting Families in Pediatric End-of-Life Care: Exploring the Role of Pediatric Nurses in Providing Emotional and Bereavement Support.
  10. Pediatric Nursing Education and Training: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Pediatric Nursing Curriculum in Preparing Nurses for Pediatric Practice.

10 Nursing Dissertation Topics on Pain Management

  1. Assessment and Management of Acute Pain in Pediatric Patients: Best Practices and Challenges.
  2. Exploring the Role of Nurse Practitioners in Chronic Pain Management: Barriers and Opportunities.
  3. Pain Management Strategies in Older Adults with Dementia: Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Interventions.
  4. The Impact of Non-pharmacological Interventions on Pain Management in Postoperative Patients.
  5. Enhancing Nurse Competence in Pain Assessment and Management: Training and Education Strategies.
  6. Pain Management in Palliative Care: Examining the Use of Opioids and Non-pharmacological Approaches.
  7. Understanding the Experiences of Patients with Chronic Pain: A Qualitative Investigation.
  8. Exploring the Influence of Culture on Pain Expression and Management: Implications for Culturally Sensitive Care.
  9. Multimodal Analgesia in Perioperative Care: Analyzing the Effectiveness and Safety of Combining Pain Management Techniques.
  10. Managing Pain in Patients with Substance Use Disorders: Addressing Unique Challenges and Implementing Integrated Care.

10 Mental Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. The Role of Mental Health Nurses in Suicide Prevention: Strategies and Interventions.
  2. Mental Health Stigma and its Impact on Help-seeking Behaviors: Addressing Barriers to Care.
  3. Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Care: Evaluating Collaborative Care Models.
  4. Exploring the Experiences of Mental Health Nurses in Community Mental Health Settings.
  5. The Effectiveness of Psychoeducation in Promoting Mental Health and Preventing Mental Illness.
  6. Mental Health Nursing and Digital Interventions: Analyzing the Role of Technology in Supporting Mental Health Care.
  7. Trauma-informed Care in Mental Health Nursing: Enhancing Safety and Empowerment for Patients.
  8. Self-care Practices among Mental Health Nurses: Investigating Strategies for Burnout Prevention and Well-being.
  9. Mental Health Nursing in the Forensic Setting: Challenges and Best Practices.
  10. Peer Support in Mental Health Nursing: Examining the Role of Peers in Recovery-oriented Care.

10 Nursing Dissertation Ideas for a Guaranteed A+

If you are focused on the mark mainly, choose one of the nursing topics below to impress your professor:

  1. Models and theories that have transformed the Noble Profession.
  2. Clinical management is the best way to handle multiple patients.
  3. Public health is a major concern in third-world countries.
  4. Community nursing is changing the way of medical assistance.
  5. Health organizations taking care of all environmental health leads to better individual health.
  6. Mental health: a problem to be spoken about.
  7. Factors influencing the poor quality of life among patients living with chronic disease.
  8. Stress coping strategies in the group of student nurses.
  9. Attitudes and practice of standard precaution among healthcare workers.
  10. Occupational stress experienced by nurses working in private hospitals.

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