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Updated: June 20, 2023

120+ NEW Nursing Research Paper Topics: Interesting & Unique

Enrolling in a nursing college may sound exciting, but it is quite a challenge. You must be ready to put in hard work and sacrifice to complete research papers on time.

Nursing research entails in-depth investigation on particular subject matters to impart knowledge and allow nurses to offer proper medical care. They can advance in their careers and stay informed on new medical technologies through research. Thus, students in the nursing field need to write research papers to gauge their performance.

Most nursing students often encounter various writing challenges since it requires adequate time and long research hours to complete the paper. Thus, many prefer to seek professional assistance from certified medical practitioners.

This article aims to provide exciting research paper topics about nursing to help you begin your writing.

How to Select the Best Nursing Research Paper Topics?

Many students feel stuck when it comes to writing an exceptional research paper. It is a challenge because they underestimate the significance of selecting good topics. You need to pick a unique and relevant topic that aligns with the research question.

Many students copy topics online and land into plagiarism traps. Originality is paramount, even when picking topics to avoid submitting copied content. Exceptional topics incorporate a comprehensive analysis of prevalent medical concerns with appropriate recommendations to solve the issues.

Start by brainstorming several subjects and creating a mind map with sub-headings. Pick relevant topics that have available research content. A broad topic may result in cumbersome research, and a narrow theme may not have adequate content. Therefore, make sure you choose an applicable subject with available research sources.

After settling on the perfect topic, proceed to compose several drafts while fine-tuning it. Incorporate quotations from reputable medics in the nursing field and add supporting evidence in your arguments.

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Top 20 Topics for Nursing Research Paper in 2023

  1. The impact of nurse staffing levels on patient outcomes and safety.
  2. The role of technology in improving medication administration and patient safety.
  3. The effectiveness of telehealth and virtual care in delivering nursing interventions.
  4. The implications of nurse burnout and job satisfaction on patient care.
  5. The role of nurse-led interventions in preventing healthcare-associated infections.
  6. The impact of cultural competence in nursing practice and patient outcomes.
  7. The use of evidence-based practice in reducing medication errors.
  8. The effectiveness of nurse-led educational programs in chronic disease management.
  9. The role of nursing informatics in improving healthcare data management.
  10. The impact of nursing leadership styles on staff satisfaction and retention.
  11. The effectiveness of interdisciplinary collaboration in improving patient outcomes.
  12. The role of nursing in addressing health disparities and promoting health equity.
  13. The implications of ethical dilemmas in nursing practice and decision-making.
  14. The effectiveness of nurse-led interventions in promoting smoking cessation.
  15. The impact of nurse practitioner autonomy on access to primary care.
  16. The role of nursing in palliative and end-of-life care.
  17. The effectiveness of nurse-led interventions in preventing pressure ulcers.
  18. The implications of nursing shortages on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  19. The role of nursing in promoting mental health and well-being.
  20. The impact of nursing education and training on patient safety and quality of care.

List of Nursing Research Paper Topics – 25 BEST Ideas

We have compiled a list of the best topic ideas about nursing:

  1. Discuss why children are becoming antibiotic-resistant
  2. Causes and treatment of seizures in small children
  3. Why obesity is becoming a global concern
  4. Promoting health and wellness in nursing
  5. Is bipolar disorder treatable?
  6. Modern treatment of cancer in children
  7. Significance of palliative care and psychological concerns
  8. The role of nurses in treating stroke patients
  9. Discuss the techniques used in emergency aid
  10. Pain management practices used by nurses to care for children
  11. Does music therapy help children in chronic pain?
  12. Discuss how exclusive breastfeeding prevents many illnesses
  13. Sepsis screening and prevention of fatal outcomes in infected patients
  14. The risk of cardiovascular attacks depend on gender and age
  15. How to identify novel genes in patients with brain disorders
  16. Should nurses have the mandate to prescribe medication to patients?
  17. Discuss the perception of nursing as a woman’s job
  18. Who is more important? Nurses or Doctors?
  19. An extensive analysis of Parkinson’s disease
  20. Is nursing a fulfilling career?
  21. Discuss the challenges faced by nursing experts
  22. Do night shifts take a toll on nurses?
  23. Is it ethical for nurses to have relationships with their patients
  24. Discuss the ethical practices of pediatric nurses
  25. Does social media affect children’s psychology?

15 NEW Research Paper Topics for Nursing Students

  1. Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of ADHD
  2. An analysis of neonatal care
  3. Discuss the significance of telehealth development
  4. Causes and prevention of heart attacks
  5. Should nurses undergo emotional health care?
  6. Discuss the strategies used to reduce contagious diseases
  7. Does culture impact nursing practices?
  8. An analysis of the legal implications in the nursing field
  9. The impact of collaborative nursing
  10. Does short-staffing affect productivity and service delivery?
  11. Is it ethical for male nurses to care intimately for female patients?
  12. Discuss the long-term effects of epidural procedure
  13. Physical therapy option for stroke patients
  14. An analysis of mirror therapy to rehabilitate the brain
  15. Causes and treatment of chest pains

15 Good Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Why nurses need emotional health care
  2. Discuss the significance of quality health care nursing
  3. Does massage therapy assist in chronic pain relief
  4. Risk factors associated with blood clots
  5. How to prevent sedentary diseases
  6. Can patients manage diabetes at home?
  7. Causes and prevention of infant mortality
  8. Discuss the best diet for terminally ill patients
  9. Are plant proteins better than animal proteins?
  10. Why are vegetables highly nutritious?
  11. Why terminally ill patients require regular counseling sessions
  12. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of eczema
  13. Do older people prefer home care or elderly homes?
  14. Is burnout common in the nursing field?
  15. Do nurses deserve better remuneration packages than doctors?
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15 Interesting Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of hypertensive diseases
  2. How to manage sickle cell in adult patients
  3. Long-term effects of cesarean section
  4. Gender inequality in the nursing profession
  5. Can you manage high blood pressure at home?
  6. Manifestations of bipolar disorder
  7. What can nurses do to prevent infant injury during deliveries?
  8. Ways to manage mental health illnesses
  9. Should nurses teach women about menopause management?
  10. The responsibilities of clinical nurses
  11. Ways to overcome depression
  12. Discuss why medical practitioners experience burnout
  13. Causes and treatment of secondary infertility
  14. Discuss cause and effect of Vaginal Atrophy
  15. The benefits of pet therapy on autistic children

10 Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. What are the technological health care risks
  2. The role of technology in advanced health care
  3. Should nurses enjoy medicare benefits?
  4. The significance of time management in the nursing field
  5. Health effects of air pollution
  6. What are the genetic factors that cause diabetes in children?
  7. Pros and cons of adult vaccination
  8. Do adults suffer from malnutrition
  9. Treatment strategies for Alzheimer’s  disease
  10. Therapies to manage pain during labor

10 Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. How do nurses manage pain in children?
  2. Discuss the quality issues in the nursing field
  3. Regular exercises help to manage depressive disorders
  4. Discuss the role of nurses in enhancing health care
  5. Impact of advanced nursing tools in improving quality care
  6. Discuss why long night shifts affect quality care
  7. Causes and prevention of dementia
  8. Is it ethical for nurses to provide spiritual care to patients
  9. Discuss the significance of atrial fibrillation
  10. The impact of government policies in improving  health care

10 Nursing Research Paper Ideas for A+ Result

  1. How to start a private medical care practice facility
  2. What are the legal implications of medical marijuana consumption
  3. Discuss the nursing uniform rules universally
  4. Healthcare tips for antenatal treatment
  5. The impact of social media on mental health
  6. How to assess behavior in pediatric care patients
  7. Influence of music therapy on lactation
  8. Approaches to inhibit emotional breakdown in nurses
  9. Impact of alcohol addiction on the human brain
  10. Discuss the models in the nursing field

BONUS: The Best Writing Insight

No matter how complicated the topic, students have to complete their papers on time. If you can’t tackle the writing pressure, you can delegate it to a certified medical writer with vast knowledge in diverse nursing fields.

An exceptional paper projects quality in topic selection, research, and writing. That is why you need professional assistance. Proper citations, perfect sentences, and appropriate medical vocabulary should be on point. Your research paper must align with the required academic standards.

Below are a few tips to help jumpstart your writing process.


It would be best to think critically when choosing a topic for your research paper. It allows you to pick relatable topics that answer the research question.


Make sure you pick an original topic that relates to the research question. Do not jeopardize your nursing degree because of submitting copied content.

Comprehensive Research

You must conduct thorough research and analysis before settling on the most appropriate subject.

Select a Doable Theme

It is advisable to pick a subject that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Ensure it is workable in terms of research, workload, and execution.

Proper Citations

Make sure you incorporate correct quotations from credible scholars and other published works. Incorrect citations may lead to plagiarism claims.

After completing the final paper, carry out a thorough edit and proofread your work. If it is still challenging, you can get help from essay writers for immediate academic help.

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