70 Odyssey Essay Topics

Updated: May 4, 2023

Odyssey is not only among the oldest literature but also a masterpiece. It is a poem that has been re-told for many generations, and it still holds significance to date. Therefore being asked to write an odyssey essay in college should not come as a shock. Not many students are versant with writing essays, let alone choosing an essay topic.

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How to Select the Best Odyssey Essay Topic?

Choosing a good essay topic for your paper is not as straightforward as many students think. It requires enough time and research to develop an impressive title for your article.  Finding a great idea for your essay is the first step of writing.

  • Before you can settle for a topic, it is crucial to have at least an opinion about the idea you intend to explore. You can do this by reading the book for knowledge about the topic.
  • Also, ensure that there is enough material in the book to incorporate in your article. Good essays have content; therefore, choose a question you can exhaust in the entire piece.
  • Analyze the topic before you dive into writing. Determine whether it is too narrow or broad. A narrow topic will is challenging to explore past a few paragraphs, whereas one that is too wide could leave your essay with a hanging end.

List of Odyssey Essay Topics That Will Make Your Paper Shine

Odyssey is an exciting book based on a hero’s journey in ancient Greek. More so, it is a long story; therefore, has a broad scope of topics one can explore when writing an essay. Below are a few examples of ideas to kick-start the essay writing process:

  1. Discuss values that characterize relationships between fathers and sons based on the Odyssey
  2. Elaborate on the techniques used by the author to manifest magical and fantastical adventures in the book
  3. Behavioral patterns of Odysseus motivations as the book progresses
  4. Role of women and how they are portrayed in the Odyssey
  5. Cultural differences comparison in Odysseus and Aeneas
  6. Proof why Telemachus is associated with the epithet ‘circumspect’ in the book
  7. Gods influence different characters in the book
  8. Evolution of Odysseus throughout the story
  9. The connection between men and gods and their relation in the book
  10. Impact of Odyssey on art and literature today
  11. Fidelity and its relevance to characters in the novel
  12. Nestor’s role and how it differs from the other characters in the story
  13. How Odysseus compares to today’s modern heroes
  14. Manifestations of code of honor of ancient Greek in Iliad and Odyssey
  15. Instances where Telemachus is overshadowed by his father and his reaction to each scenario
  16. The theme of perseverance and how different characters in the story manifest it
  17. Leadership qualities in Odysseus seen throughout the book
  18. A thorough analysis of how women and goddesses are blamed for problems Odysseus encounters
  19. How morals influenced decisions made by different characters in the book
  20. Analysis of twenty-year heroic path of Odysseus
  21. Reasons why humans must suffer according to Greek Mythology
  22. Comparison between society’s reaction to people’s accomplishments in the modern-day and ancient times
  23. How do the characters’ speeches at the Ithacan assembly reflect their personalities
  24. Parallel motivations in the Odyssey and Iliad both by the author Homer
  25. Impact of Athena on the success of Telemachus’ journey
  26. Roles setting apart the gods in Odyssey and Iliad
  27. Significant elements that can be drawn from the Odyssey based on the re-visions done over the years
  28. Achievements that make Odysseus a good leader
  29. How Odysseus recklessness leads to the unfortunate scenarios that he encountered in the story
  30. Family and its importance, as seen in the book the Odyssey

Reevaluating Odyssey Essay Questions for your Paper

Odyssey is a commonly tested essay task assigned to students at different academic levels. The interesting topics below are likely to capture the attention of readers:

  1. Does Odysseus’s character fit into Homeric society and heroic deal?
  2. What do Telemachus and Odyssey’s journeys have in common?
  3. How is continuity manifested in father-son relationships in Odyssey?
  4. What aspect of Crime and Punishment makes Homer’s Odyssey and Dostoevsky similar?
  5. Why is hospitality important, as seen in the book Odyssey?
  6. Is Odyssey an epic? If yes, explain.
  7. How has the literary device, ‘disguise’ been used in Odyssey?
  8. What role does the theme of friendship play in Odyssey?
  9. How do men treat women in the book, and what are their expectations of them?
  10. Why do you think hospitality was more significant in ancient times than it is today?

Odyssey Essay Topics for College: Top-10 Ideas

  1. Talk about the journey that takes place in the book.
  2. Describe how the characters in the book transform.
  3. Talk about how perseverance plays out in the book. Is it an important theme?
  4. Talk about the theme of morals in the story and how they led to the development of characters.
  5. What are some examples of leadership displayed by the main characters in the Odyssey?
  6. Is there a hero in the story? Why or why not?
  7. Are there any characters that stand out and are different from the others?
  8. Take a look at the character’s speeches and what they added to the overall story.
  9. How is family portrayed in the book?
  10. How does society see achievements? Is it the same or different from society today?

20 More Good Essay Topics for The Odyssey

  1. The role of the gods in The Odyssey.
  2. The theme of hospitality in The Odyssey.
  3. The importance of storytelling in The Odyssey.
  4. The relationship between Odysseus and his son, Telemachus.
  5. The portrayal of women in The Odyssey.
  6. The role of fate in The Odyssey.
  7. The symbolism of the sea in The Odyssey.
  8. The journey motif in The Odyssey.
  9. The character of Circe and her significance in The Odyssey.
  10. The theme of loyalty in The Odyssey.
  11. The role of disguise in The Odyssey.
  12. The character of Penelope and her significance in The Odyssey.
  13. The concept of heroism in The Odyssey.
  14. The portrayal of the cyclops, Polyphemus, in The Odyssey.
  15. The significance of the Lotus-eaters in The Odyssey.
  16. The theme of revenge in The Odyssey.
  17. The relationship between Odysseus and the goddess Athena.
  18. The portrayal of the underworld in The Odyssey.
  19. The significance of the suitors in The Odyssey.
  20. The theme of homecoming in The Odyssey.

Odyssey Essay Topics About Women

  1. The portrayal of women in The Odyssey.
  2. The role of women in ancient Greek society, as depicted in The Odyssey.
  3. The impact of female characters, such as Penelope, Circe, and Calypso, on the plot of The Odyssey.
  4. The theme of gender roles and expectations in The Odyssey.
  5. The influence of goddesses, such as Athena and Aphrodite, on the male characters in The Odyssey.
  6. The significance of female characters, such as Nausicaa and Arete, in The Odyssey’s exploration of hospitality and xenia.
  7. The portrayal of Penelope’s cleverness and intelligence in The Odyssey.
  8. The portrayal of women as temptresses and seductresses in The Odyssey.
  9. The portrayal of women as helpers and allies in The Odyssey.
  10. The significance of the female perspective in The Odyssey, particularly in the portrayal of Odysseus’ wife and son.
  11. The use of feminine imagery and symbolism in The Odyssey.
  12. The portrayal of women as objects of desire and possession in The Odyssey.
  13. The portrayal of motherhood in The Odyssey, particularly in the case of Penelope and her son, Telemachus.
  14. The portrayal of women as catalysts for change in The Odyssey, particularly in the case of Athena’s involvement in the plot.
  15. The significance of women’s agency in The Odyssey, particularly in the case of Circe and Calypso.
  16. The portrayal of women as both powerful and vulnerable in The Odyssey.
  17. The relationship between gender and power in The Odyssey.
  18. The portrayal of women as symbols of civilization and culture in The Odyssey.
  19. The significance of the female perspective in The Odyssey’s exploration of the nature of heroism.
  20. The significance of the Odyssey’s portrayal of women in shaping later depictions of women in Western literature.

Custom Odyssey Essay Ideas from Experts

Writing Odyssey essays is a painstaking affair, more so when you have no clue which idea to explore. Those with inadequate time and knowledge to construct essays can ask our service provider to step in. The suggestions below are worth exploring to find ideas for your prompt;

  1. The role played by traditional folktales in the book, ‘Odyssey.’ What is the relevance of the tales in the story?
  2. Theme homecoming as portrayed in the ‘Odyssey.’
  3. Factors that make ‘Odyssey’ an extraordinary piece. Explore traits that make the Odyssey a masterpiece in literature.
  4. Comparison between Telemachus’ journey and his father’s. Look at Telemachus’ journey and that of his father, in what ways are they similar and different?
  5. Impact of the book, ‘Odyssey’ on writers of today. How the book influences authors and what lessons they can draw from it?

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