Opinion Essays: How to Write an Opinion Essay from Scratch

Sometime in your academic life, you may be required to write an essay based on your personal opinion about a specific issue. When that time comes, you must be conversant with the opinion paper structure to increase your chances of delivering good opinion essays on time. In this article, we are going to explore the main things you must consider to write an engaging paper on a given opinion essay topics.

Get Solid Facts to Defend Your Opinion

The first and most logical step to take when writing an opinion essay is to form the opinion you want to defend. Naturally, you will be inclined to take a stand first and research on the relevant ideas later. While this could help you write an interesting paper, chances are you might take more coming up with solid research to backup unpopular opinions.

An easier approach is to do a broad preliminary research on the given topic, analyze the results and take a stand that will be easy to back up. For instance, if you are to write an opinion essay about mobile phones, take the time to figure out what reports agree on and what they don’t agree on before forming your opinion.

Even though the goal is to go with an opinion that you can back up, you don’t necessarily have to back the most popular school of thought in your essay. You will write a more interesting essay if you support a novel idea using different bits of research you unearthed during your preliminary search.

Getting the Opinion Essay Structure Right

Once you have formed your opinion and have the basic research material at hand, you can start working on the opinion essay structure. A good paper of this type should have:

  • An introduction, in which you state the topic and outline your opinion (you can check out our samples for an elaborate opinion essay introduction example).
  • The main body, which consists of a couple of paragraphs, and subtopics, in which you discuss points or reasons that support your point of view. You can also include a paragraph or section discrediting an opposing opinion by outlining why you believe it is an unconvincing point of view.
  • A conclusion, in which you restate your opinion in a different way and summarize the main ideas.

Pay Attention to Grammar & Style When You Write Opinion Essay

All the regular grammar, style and structure rules should be applied when you write opinion essay. Some of the most important things you must remember when writing your paper include:

  • Use connecting or linking words in your essay to make ideas flow coherently.
  • Stick to a formal writing style. Avoid any unnecessary (non-technical) abbreviations, informal phrases, or slang words.
  • Write in a simple logical manner that is easy to follow. This is a basic how to write an opinion essay
  • Choose your argumentative words carefully. The goal is to pass across your point of view, not to stun your readers with unnecessary vocabulary.

Use Opinion Essay Samples to Guide You

While this brief guide does a great job at capturing all the basics of writing a great opinion essay on delicate topics like abortion or global warming, you will still be better off going through some opinion essay samples for inspiration.

Get a couple of essay examples online or ask for some from students ahead of you in school. Reading through different samples not only gives you a chance to understand the structure but also gives you a feel of how a good opinion essay should look like.

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