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Updated: January 8, 2024

It is extremely difficult to have creative juices flowing all the time. Writer’s block also makes it harder for students to bring their creativity to fruition. When writing an opinion essay on any topic or subject, the first thing that writers need to come up with is the topic itself. A great opinion topic can be compared to an excellent prompt, which gives an accurate description of the opinion paper.

How to Select the Best Opinion Essay Topic?

Selecting an impeccable and appropriate opinion essay topic is simple and subjective. This implies that writers do not necessarily need to conduct thorough research before coming up with a great topic. Nevertheless, opinion papers are still academic papers that require evidential support from reputable and credible scholastic sources. This means that in the process of writing the entire paper, writers will have to conduct some research.

Before selecting a befitting opinion paper topic, it is crucial for writers to always keep in mind some of the fundamental tips for choosing a great essay topic. For beginners, an appropriate topic should be on a subject that an individual is genuinely passionate about. The writer’s opinion on that particular subject should be incredibly strong. Having a strong opinion is the most effective way of making the work compelling and convincing enough to hold the audience’s attention

A List of Opinion Essay Topics

  • Different people attend college for different reasons. In your opinion, what do you think are some of the reasons why people decide to attend college?
  • Great parenting provides a foundation for any child’s life. Do you think parents form the most effective teachers for their kids? Give reasons for your opinion.
  • Food preparation in contemporary society has become very easy. Drawing on this, what is your opinion on the impact of the simpler food preparation process on people’s lives?
  • By comparing and contrasting between book-knowledge and knowledge from life experiences, what knowledge source is the most significant?
  • In your opinion, what are some of the ways that televisions and movies influence the way people act?
  • Giving specific reasons and examples, discuss some of the things that you would make changes in your hometown?
  • Some people prefer a large city life while others prefer small-town life. Between the two, where would you prefer to live in?
  • Hard work determines how successful and individual will be, and luck has no relation to one’s success. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  • Some people prefer to have their meals from food stands and restaurants while others prefer home-cooked meals. What is your preference?
  • Some learners maintain that they learn more effectively independently, while others hold that it is better to learn from instructors. Between the two, what is your preference?
  • Between a large city setting and a rural setting, which is your preferred environment for raising a kid?
  • Should governments spend more on the improvement of highways and roads, why?
  • In contemporary society, life expectancy is considered longer. Discuss why.
  • Assuming that you got wind of the news that a huge shopping mall will be built close to your home, will you be in support of this or oppose it?
  • Some people believe that humans are destroying Earth, while others argue that humans are making Earth better. What opinion do you agree with?
  • Do you prefer spending money as you earn or saving it for future use?
  • What is your opinion about the statement: People have to, sometimes, do things that they do not necessarily enjoy.
  • Is literacy more important presently than it was in the past? Give reasons for your opinion.
  • Some entertainers and athletes earn millions in salaries. Do you think that these individuals deserve such astronomical salaries?
  • Assuming that you have enough funds to start a business or buy a house, which one would you choose?
  • Do you prefer studying individually or in a group?
  • Do you prefer to spend your entire life in a single geographical location or various locations?
  • Do you agree with the contention that the most crucial component of success is self-confidence?
  • What is your opinion on the argument that face-to-face interaction is better than indirect forms of communication?
  • Do you think that the amount of money made by an individual is the most important part of their job?
  • Some individuals think that success is a result of impeccable planning, while others think that success is a result of taking risks. What is your opinion on this?
  • Do you think young people benefit from traveling?
  • What is your opinion on the contention that social media damages personal relationships?
  • Do you think college education should be made free to all?

The opinion essay topics listed above are an excellent way for students to learn how to select perfect topics for their papers.

Best Opinion Essay Topics for 2024

The best opinion essays in 2024 will be those that explore current, relevant, and thought-provoking topics, while providing insightful and well-researched arguments to support the author’s viewpoint. These essays will be engaging, persuasive, and grounded in evidence, providing readers with a fresh perspective on important issues.

Here are 20 best opinion essay topics for 2024:

  • The future of work in a post-pandemic world
  • The role of technology in shaping society
  • The impact of social media on mental health
  • The ethics of artificial intelligence
  • The importance of sustainability in business
  • The effects of climate change on global security
  • The benefits and drawbacks of remote learning
  • The impact of the gig economy on workers’ rights
  • The value of creativity in a data-driven world
  • The importance of mental health awareness and support
  • The ethics of genetic engineering
  • The impact of automation on the job market
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • The role of government in regulating big tech companies
  • The impact of cryptocurrency on traditional finance systems
  • The future of renewable energy
  • The ethics of gene editing in humans
  • The importance of privacy in the digital age
  • The impact of AI on the arts and entertainment industry
  • The role of education in preparing future generations for a changing world.

Good Opinion Essay Topics

An opinion essay is a type of academic writing where the author expresses their personal opinion on a certain topic and supports it with relevant arguments and evidence. A good opinion essay should present a clear, concise, and persuasive argument, while also acknowledging and addressing counterarguments.

Here are 20 good opinion essay topics:

  • Should college education be free for all students?
  • Is social media harmful to society?
  • Should the legal voting age be lowered to 16?
  • Is homeschooling a better option than traditional schooling?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Is climate change a real and urgent problem?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Is technology making us more or less productive?
  • Should genetically modified organisms be used in food production?
  • Is censorship necessary in art and media?
  • Should professional athletes be allowed to kneel during the national anthem?
  • Is the use of plastic bags and straws harmful to the environment?
  • Should the government regulate the use of social media?
  • Should public transportation be free?
  • Is the use of smartphones harmful to our mental health?
  • Should parents be held responsible for their children’s actions?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered or raised?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for scientific research?
  • Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?
  • Is it important for companies to have diverse and inclusive workforces?

Easy Opinion Essay Topics

An easy opinion essay is a type of academic writing that is simple and straightforward, aimed at expressing the author’s personal viewpoint on a particular topic in a clear and concise manner. The essay is typically structured in a way that is easy to follow, with a brief introduction, a clear thesis statement, and supporting paragraphs that provide evidence and arguments to support the author’s opinion.

Here are 20 easy opinion essay topics:

  • The importance of regular exercise
  • The benefits of recycling
  • The value of a good education
  • The advantages of living in a small town
  • The benefits of volunteering
  • The importance of good nutrition
  • The impact of social media on society
  • The value of reading books
  • The importance of time management
  • The benefits of a positive attitude
  • The importance of family
  • The impact of technology on our daily lives
  • The importance of a healthy work-life balance
  • The value of teamwork
  • The impact of music on our mood
  • The importance of honesty
  • The benefits of having a hobby
  • The importance of personal hygiene
  • The value of learning a second language
  • The impact of climate change on our planet

Opinion Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Should parents stop helping their children at the age of 18? Why or why not?
  • What are your thoughts on the current drinking age in the United States? Should it be lowered?
  • Should there be limits to freedom of speech? Why or why not?
  • Was the current Covid-19 outbreak handled effectively? If not, what could countries have done better?
  • Is social media making us less social? Why or why not?
  • Is misinformation easier to spread across the web than factual information?
  • Success is measured by the amount of money you have in the bank. True or false?
  • Is comprehensive education better than work experience?
  • Should healthcare be universal? What about global?
  • Should everyone have the right to bear arms? Are restrictions strict enough?

Some Great Examples of Opinion Essay Questions

  • Should elementary schools continue teaching handwriting?
  • Should the means of public transportation be made free in the city?
  • Do you think doping should be allowed in sports?
  • Does purchasing essays online count as academic cheating?
  • Do you think standardized tests are a great measure of an individual’s intelligence?
  • Should physical education be made mandatory?
  • Should birth control pills be sold over the counter?
  • Should be there globally instituted medical control?
  • Should the use of smartphones be illegalized in colleges?
  • Are online resources reliable for conducting research?

The questions outlined above should give students an idea of how to formulate their own without any difficulties.

A Few Examples of Opinion Essay Ideas

  • Gender discrimination in the Shakespearean literature
  • Love and death in the 17th-century literature
  • Preservation of the English grammar
  • Elimination of paper-based books
  • Making classic books free and accessible to everyone.

Students who are struggling with getting ideas for their opinion essays can find the above list useful in coming up with great ideas for their papers.

With the topics outlined in this article, students should get an idea of how to select impeccable topics when writing their opinion essays. If a student is still facing difficulties with selecting perfect topics for their work they are advised to consult professional writers. Getting the help of professional writers is rather easy and straight-forward. The students are only required to place an order in our essay writer service and get comprehensive assistance in choosing perfect essay topics.

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