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Updated: May 24, 2023

Are you are stranded not knowing what to write about Paradise Lost? The solution is here with us. Essay writing is challenging, but with our topics, you will find it more fun and from.  You don’t need to rack your brain anymore as we have a collection of various essay topics and questions. We are sure that tasks concerning this poem are frequently assigned and after you go through our list of topics, you will know which topic is appropriate for your paper.

Tips on How to Select the Best Paradise Lost Essay Topic?

One of the most imperative parts of writing is how to choose the best topic. If you choose a suitable topic for your paper, then it will be easier for you to write a good, that will contribute a lot to your grades. Here are tips that will help you get the best essay topics:

  • Choose a topic that is interesting;
  • Choose a topic you are conversant with;
  • Find a good way to approach a topic you are about to choose from;
  • Be specific;
  • Research on the topic to gather information;
  • Ask for help from your friends, family, or instructors.

Our List of Paradise Lost Essay Topics Examples

Below is the list of various essay topics about Paradise Lost. Each topic can be utilized to come up with a good and interesting essay.

  1. The true hero in Paradise Lost
  2. Does Eve change after being exiled from Paradise?
  3. Does the book reveal the true nature of Milton’s thoughts?
  4. Can you say God forgives according to Milton?
  5. Change in Adam after leaving Paradise
  6. Paradise Lost poem: A fiction or reality
  7. Is there another exile, according to Milton?
  8. Main reasons for writing the Paradise Lost poem
  9. Main problems affecting the modern world according to the poem
  10. The relation between man and woman after Paradise Lost
  11. Controversial points in Paradise Lost
  12. Does a man have a free will, according to Milton?
  13. Paradise Lost is an archetypal example of epic poetry
  14. Are we supposed to like Satan, according to Milton?
  15. Main reasons of reading Paradise Lost
  16. Compare and contrast fallen angels and heavenly angels in Paradise Lost
  17. Comparison of Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost and Adam and Eve in the Bible
  18. Justification of why Milton’s of God as a character in Paradise Lost
  19. Is Milton an anti-feminist writer according to Paradise Lost?
  20. The life of Adam and Eve before and after the exile
  21. The impact of Paradise Lost on non-Christians
  22. Is Paradise Lost a new version of the Bible?
  23. Reasons why Satan came to Eve instead of Adam
  24. What can you tell about Satan’s character in Paradise Lost?
  25. Does Satan intends to attack God again according to Milton
  26. Was it vengeful act from God to send Adam and Eve away in Paradise Lost?
  27. Reasons why Milton wrote Paradise Lost in the third person
  28. Is Milton’s poem Paradise Lost close to Bible Story?
  29. Eve’s Passion in Paradise Lost
  30. Comparison between Genesis and Paradise Lost

Essay Topics for Paradise Lost Book 1: Exploring Characters, Themes, and Symbolism

  1. The Characterization of Satan: Analyze Milton’s portrayal of Satan in Book 1 and discuss the complex nature of his character.
  2. The Theme of Free Will: Explore the theme of free will as presented in Book 1, considering the choices made by Adam, Eve, and Satan.
  3. The Role of Women in Paradise Lost: Examine the depiction of Eve in Book 1 and discuss the significance of her character in the overall narrative.
  4. The Fall of Man: Discuss the events leading up to the fall of humanity in Book 1 and analyze Milton’s interpretation of this pivotal moment.
  5. The Nature of Evil: Explore the concept of evil as depicted in Book 1, examining Satan’s motives and actions.
  6. The Language and Style of Paradise Lost: Analyze Milton’s use of language and poetic devices in Book 1 and discuss their impact on the reader.
  7. The Representation of God: Examine Milton’s portrayal of God in Book 1 and analyze the attributes and role assigned to Him.
  8. The Theme of Knowledge and Ignorance: Discuss the theme of knowledge and ignorance as presented in Book 1, focusing on Adam and Eve’s temptation.
  9. The Use of Epic Conventions: Analyze how Milton employs epic conventions, such as invocation of the muse and epic similes, in Book 1.
  10. The Conflict between Good and Evil: Explore the conflict between good and evil in Book 1, considering the choices and actions of both divine and demonic characters.

Good Paradise Lost Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the biblical themes in the book. What are your opinions on them?
  2. How do Adam and Eve change after leaving?
  3. Discuss the controversy introduced in the book.
  4. What are the differences between men and women painted in the book?
  5. Discuss the book as a poem. How and why does its function change?
  6. Analyze the author’s decision to write such a tale as ‘Paradis Lost.’
  7. Discuss the topic of free will and what the author says about it in the book.
  8. What does the book say about Satan? Do you agree or disagree?
  9. How does the poem appeal to Christians? What about non-Christians?
  10. Some people argue that Paradise Lost is the new Bible. Do you agree or disagree?

Essay Topics on Sexuality in Paradise Lost: Exploring Desire, Temptation, and Gender Dynamics

  1. The Representation of Sexual Desire: Analyze the portrayal of sexual desire in Paradise Lost, focusing on the interactions between Adam and Eve.
  2. Gender Roles and Power Dynamics: Explore the gender roles and power dynamics in Paradise Lost, considering how they shape the characters’ understanding of sexuality.
  3. The Forbidden Fruit: Examine the symbolism of the forbidden fruit in Paradise Lost and its connection to sexuality and temptation.
  4. The Fall and the Loss of Innocence: Discuss how the Fall of Man in Paradise Lost is intertwined with themes of sexuality and the loss of innocence.
  5. Satanic Seduction: Analyze the seductive tactics employed by Satan in Paradise Lost and their implications on sexual themes and desires.
  6. Virginity and Purity: Discuss the concept of virginity and purity as depicted in Paradise Lost and its significance in relation to sexuality.
  7. The Role of Shame and Guilt: Explore the role of shame and guilt in Paradise Lost, particularly in relation to sexual transgressions.
  8. Love and Intimacy: Analyze the portrayal of love and intimacy in Paradise Lost, considering how they are connected to sexuality and relationships.
  9. Eve’s Sexual Awakening: Examine Eve’s journey of sexual awakening in Paradise Lost and its consequences for herself and Adam.
  10. Divine and Earthly Pleasures: Discuss the contrast between divine and earthly pleasures in Paradise Lost and their implications for sexuality and human desires.

We Have Best Paradise Lost Essay Questions for You

We also have various Paradise Lost questions that can help provide you with deeper insights about Paradise Lost. Such examples of questions include:

  1. What reasons state why Eve was alone on the day Satan came to tempt her?
  2. What were the effects of eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge?
  3. What makes the climax of the Paradise Lost?
  4. How does Satan’s behavior show his emotion to the perspective of despair?
  5. Who is more affected between the Christians and non-Christians of the modern world when it comes to Paradise Lost poem? Use relevant examples.
  6. Which are the main concepts and ideas of Milton in Paradise Lost poem?
  7. How did Satan find his way into Paradise?
  8. Where did Adam and Eve go after they were exiled from the Paradise?
  9. Should the Paradise Lost poem be incorporated in schools for studying? Support your answer with relevant examples.
  10. What are the functions and impacts of different characters to modern Christians? Use relevant examples.

Use These Paradise Lost Essay Ideas to Write Your Essay

Paradise Lost is one of the religious instances that are not easy to design an argument or discussion. The following ideas should be considered when planning to write a good paradise lost easy:

  1. Before choosing the topic, make sure you define what type of paradise lost essay you are writing, which should be a narrative, persuasive, expository, or descriptive.
  2. Remember to have an outline of your essay by drawing the skeleton of your paper to ensure your paper is properly organized, logical, and flowing properly.
  3. When writing your paper, make sure you write it from the outline itself to obtain a cohesive and clear essay.
  4. After writing your essay, make sure you edit and re-read it to ensure it has the sound and content you intended.
  5. Finally, check your spelling and grammar and remove all technical errors.

As you can see, we have good essay topics and questions that will cover the main idea of the paper. So, don’t hesitate to pick a topic or a question from our list of examples and start delivering your own original essay. What are you waiting for? And our topics guarantee the best grades. Others are choosing our online professional essay writers. Why not you?

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