A Personal Narrative Essay: Detailed Writing Guide

Updated: March 22, 2023

A personal narrative essay may seem a challenging and complicated tasks, especially when you are not very good at writing about yourself. However, you can try to complete this assignment by learning how to create a well-structured outline and then, of course, creating a personal essay that scores.

A personal narrative essay is a special academic format where you need to tell specifically about yourself and focus on the personal growth, various life lessons, reflections, and experiences. You should also pay attention to the smallest details as well as keep in mind the whole picture. It’s important to tell interesting stories about yourself, but it is even more important to make it accordingly to the academic standards and requirements.

Feels like a very complicated task? It’s ok, we get it. Consider outsourcing a personal narrative essay to professional writers. You can also read our article about how to write a personal essay correctly and successfully.

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Tips to Write a Personal Essay

College students are often faced with various writing assignments and for most of them writing a personal essay becomes too much of a challenge. We are going to consider general personal essay structure, intro, body and conclusion, writing tips for this type of the writing assignment as well as do’s and dont’s.

Firstly, you need to familiarize yourself with how to write a personal essay and what structure this type of article should have. Our experts have compiled a short list of tips to help you write meaningful essays and get high scores from the professor.

  • Be reasonable. It is important to understand that a personal essay should talk about your academic achievements. Review your diplomas and remember what the teacher praised you for. This is one of the most significant parts of your text, so approach writing a personal essay responsibly and judiciously.
  • Be specific. Do not use a lot of empty sentences in your essay. For this, make an outline for personal essay in advance, in which you write down each part. Let’s say you want to tell about a member of your family who significantly changed your thinking and life in general. Focus on facts: what he did to you, how your life have changed after that.
  • Don’t try to please readers. You see, a personal essay writer must tell their own stories that never repeat themselves. Do not try to interview your relatives or friend to understand which personal story to tell. Instead, write about things that appeal to you firsthand. The members of the selection committee will certainly appreciate this.
  • Feel free to make a joke.  You can read a lot of personal narrative essay examples and notice that many authors are not shy about being funny. Make your text simpler and more fun, and in this case, you will surely be able to win the attention of readers.
    In addition to these tips, remember to stick to a personal essay format that will help readers understand the meaning of your article and help create smooth transitions between what you are saying.

How to Start a Personal Essay

To complete a writing assignment, you first need to create a personal essay outline, where you write down what you want to talk about with your readers. When the plan is ready, it’s time to move to introduction: a part of the essay which explains what are you going to talk about.
So, how to start a personal essay? The introduction consists of several sentences, including the general overview. Therefore, you can tell about the key points, main parts, or stories you’ll tell next. Be creative and interesting: reading your introduction should feel fascinating. Keep in mind that introduction is the only part of your essay that convinces reader to read your paper till the end.

How to Write the Body of a Personal Essay

You can start with an outline for a personal essay and then move on to writing the body of your paper. This part of an essay meant to describe your experience, knowledge, and helpful life situation. No need to be shy: feel free to tell a nice joke or proudly describe your successful life decisions. The body of your essay should show the audience what you know and how you came to the current mindset.

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How to Finish a Personal Narrative Essay

To complete a personal essay for college, you need to make a strong conclusion in which you talk about personal findings and summarize all of the above. Before writing the final part, you can take a look at the personal essay examples to get an idea of how it should look like.

Remember that writing personal essay is a responsible task in which you must demonstrate your knowledge and skills from beginning to end.

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