How to Write Political Science Research Paper

Updated: June 14, 2023

Political studies have been stealing the hearts and minds of the brightest people since the emergence of our society. Be it a thirst for power, a sincere desire to make the world a better place, or an unexplainable interest in politics, the relevance of this age-old science may never get old.

How to Make Political Science Research Paper Outline

Creating a detailed and well-thought outline is the first thing you need to do to succeed. Writing a paper without an exact structure is like walking blindfolded in a maze. You need to ground your steps and decisions going by a plan. If not, you risk getting carried away by exciting yet irrelevant findings or failing to arrive at an overall conclusion.

Dare to take your chances? It is your choice. But remember you’ll still have to do the outline once the paper is finished. It is required by academic writing guidelines and may not be neglected. Better adhere to a prescribed structure from the start, make changes if necessary, and write a brilliant text following a helpful guide.

Political science research paper format includes five major sections:

  • Introduction.

Present your case. Explain why your research work is important, what are the key terms, and what to expect in the next chapters of your paper. Be brief yet specific.

  • Lit review/Theory.

Connect your subject to the existing knowledge in the case. Explain how this information may help or may not help you with further research.

  • Methods.

You ought to be very serious and specific describing the methods used in the research processes. Present tables, surveys. investigations, etc.

  • Results.

Present your outcomes and discuss them in the context of your hypotheses.

  • Conclusion.

Make a critical unbiased review of the results, explain the main problems, raise new questions. Suggest future perspectives of your theory and its importance in terms of existing knowledge.

A sample political science research paper is usually written following the presented outline. However, your prof might suggest different requirements. Make sure your outline fits the writing guidelines and won’t get you in any trouble.

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper in Political Science

Can’t find the right topic for your political science research paper? Use the following  tips to generate a brilliant idea that fits your motivation, preoccupation, and requirements perfectly:

  • Look for the bomb.

Want to impress your colleagues and leave the prof speechless? Then strive for an idea that can make the news and steal the front page. It must be fresh, striking, and of great current interest.

  • Keep it true.

Stay true to your own beliefs; don’t support the matter that you don’t believe in. It is a ground rule for learners who wish to succeed in any study field, especially in political research units. You have either to develop and contribute to certain existing knowledge or to offer your very own finding. Whatever is the case for you, it has to be something you feel strongly and positively sure of.

  • Sharing is caring.

Ask your friends and mates to join you for a brainstorming session. Collective intelligence is a powerful thing; you may never guess the outcomes but you’re in for unexpected surprises.

For example, your friend Joey is an undergrad in the English language who has nothing to do with your major. However, he can have some valuable insights. He reads news on Instagram feed daily and may have a few suggestions or complaints regarding his experience. And you can use this information to conduct relevant research in political awareness and involvement among millennials.

  • Brainstorm solo.

No luck with a collective session? Having a one-on-one with your ideas is also a good idea. Keep this tautology in mind when looking for the right topic. Make a room for your thoughts, think of the things you feel strongly about, write them down, and generate a brilliant material.

  • Think of potentialities.

Finding interesting research papers topics in political science isn’t the end of the deal. It is just the beginning.

Now you need to pick the case that fits the best. A to-go-topic has an exhaustive list of referential sources, can make a valuable contribution, and is original and currently central. If your top pick misses any of these qualities, it is better to switch to the second favorite subject.

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