Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Assignments are part of a student’s life. You will have to write many essays, reports, and term papers during your study years – all of which will be graded. Presenting the perfect paper not only earns you better grades but also increases your status in the academic world.

The first step to writing ethical problems and solutions essay is coming up with the perfect topic. This is easier said than done, especially if it is your first time working on such an essay.

How to Select the Best Problem and Solution Essay Topic?

Problem and solution essays focus on fixing issues that plague the society or limit the efficiency of critical issues in your niche. Here are some tips to help you get the right topic to work on.

Stay Relevant to Your Niche

The right topic must be related to your field of study. This will give you the right academic grounding to make informed solution while also proving that you understand the core principles of the course

Avoid Problems That Already Have a Solution

There is no point in working on a problem that has a definitive solution – unless you are going to propose a more efficient solution. Look for problems that still plague the community because they don’t have a solid solution or the existing solution is inefficient to implement.

Choose Something You Can Cover Comprehensively

It takes time to research and write good papers. Going for a topic that you can comprehensively cover at your level of study will make things easier for you. It will also ensure that you present an acceptably comprehensive essay that will earn you high marks.

List of Problem and Solution Essay Topics You Can Work On

Looking for a topic can be time-consuming. This means you can easily miss a delivery date if you spend most of your time looking for a topic rather than writing the paper. You can buy yourself time by using the following list of essay topics in your upcoming assignment.

  1. How to prevent social media bullying?
  2. What is the best way to deal with depression in the workplace?
  3. How can we stop racial profiling and discrimination among the minority in our community?
  4. How have social media and text messaging affected face to face relationships?
  5. What is the best way to deal with illegal immigration?
  6. What are the best ways to deal with issues leading to divorce hence preventing it?
  7. What causes teen pregnancy, and what can we do to prevent it?
  8. Does college athletics push students too hard?
  9. What can we do to make college more affordable?
  10. How should college students decide what to major?
  11. The role of parents in dealing with peer pressure and emergent behavioral disorders
  12. How can parents handle video game addiction among their children better?
  13. What is the best way to reduce DUI related accidents and deaths?
  14. Is arresting people who violate parole always the answer?
  15. How can we solve sexual abuse among students in the US?
  16. What is the best solution to gun violence in America?
  17. Can electric cars slow down global warming?
  18. The role of individuals in controlling water and air pollution
  19. Causes of obesity and possible solutions in our community
  20. How to manage middle-life high blood pressure complications?
  21. How to improve driver education and reduce road accidents in your state?
  22. How to take care of the trade deficit and increase the number of exports?
  23. Simple ways to encourage people to use public transport and reduce traffic jams
  24. What can be done to increase vaccine adoption levels in low-income communities?
  25. How to reduce drug and substance abuse overdose and related deaths?
  26. How to help students who get pregnant in high school?
  27. What can the government do to curb money laundering?
  28. Do people abuse bankruptcy files, and what can we do to filter out abusers from genuine bankruptcy applications?
  29. What can be done to reduce the impact of misleading fake news on social media and mainstream news platforms?
  30. How to solve the sex in advertising concept from changing our youth’s perspective?

Interesting Problem and Solution Essay Questions to Handle

In most cases, problems are posed as questions that a scholar or the community seeks to answer. The answer to the question is, in essence, a solution to the issue at hand. If you want your essay to be purely based on questions, here are some that you can turn into topics:

  1. What can society do about homeless people?
  2. Can individuals help the war against global warming?
  3. Can college students manage their funds better?
  4. How can we use youth’s love for video games positively?
  5. How can parents encourage creativity in their children?
  6. Why are people eating less healthy food?
  7. How can students increase their concentration in class?
  8. Can social media put undue stress on fashion loving students?
  9. How can students who study oversees deal with homesickness?
  10. Should students pay back their student loans?

Problem and Solution Essay Ideas to Turn into Topics

Chances that multiple students will land on this page and use one of the topics on our lists for their essays. With time, the topics won’t be as distinctive. You can always come up with your unique topic if you know what areas of interest to look into. If you want something matchless, you can come up with topics along with these schools of thought:

  • Gun violence affecting schools
  • Traffic jams
  • How is automation replacing human workers?
  • How social media and the internet are making parenting harder?
  • Choosing the right career path for the modern job market

Settling for the right topic is the first step to writing an excellent essay. After this, you will have to research, compile the information you get and put it down in a well-formatted paper. This could take up to weeks to finish. Sometimes, it could be impossible if you are busy preparing for exams or have other things to catch up on.

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