30 Religion Essay Topics

Topics on religion are among the best themes to write a paper on. This subject is related to various disciplines like cultural studies, history, and political science, among others. Moreover, religious subtopics are helpful since they enable students to study their origin, faith, and life. Thus, major themes of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or Hindu are mastered by studying religion.

However, it is still important to consider choosing the preeminent topic on this subject. Topic selection is an important step in any writing process, not only for religious essays. This article includes a collection of 30 topics, 10 questions and 5 ideas on religious essays.

Unique Tricks on How to Select the Best Religion Essay Topic

Even before skipping directly to the 30 topics, it is important if we consider how an excellent topic can be selected. Choosing the best topic will enable students to find the most comprehensive information for your essay.

The most preferred trick for these types of essays is trying to draft your thesis statement and finding the relevant information from scholarly sources first. This means that you should conduct some preliminary research and see if you can collect useful sources from recommended books, journals or articles. If you can get relevant and credible sources for your paper, then don’t leave out that topic in your selection.

Our Well-researched List of Religion Essay Topics for Learners

Since you have now known the tricks to select your topics, it’s now time to review our list of 30 best topics about religion. Our topics are as follows:

  1. Purposes of religious movements
  2. The history of Jesus Christ as a true legend
  3. The Origin of Buddhism religion
  4. The foundation of Islamic society
  5. Major themes discussed in the Genesis book
  6. Comparison and contrast of Islam and Christianity
  7. How different religions worship their gods
  8. The different types of gods in most famous religions
  9. Construction pillars of the Islamic religion
  10. Faith definition from different religious perspectives
  11. Character traits of individuals known as saints
  12. Elements copied in all religions
  13. Christmas celebration in Christianity
  14. Analysis of the book of ‘Exodus’ in the Bible
  15. The importance of mosques in the Islamic faith
  16. Importance of religious societies in the community
  17. The relevance of global peace unions
  18. Participation of the church in maintaining international peace
  19. The relevance of religious education in colleges
  20. Prominent characters in the Christian faith
  21. Origin of polygamy in the Islamic faith
  22. Gay marriages from different religious perspectives
  23. The ideology being multiple gods
  24. Different religious practices conducted for more than a century
  25. Religious movements in the Islamic religion
  26. Reincarnation in different religions
  27. Traditions and religious practices of the Israelites
  28. Faith perspective of the pyramids in Egypt
  29. Sacred tales in the Christian religion
  30. Debate on Christianity and Science

10 Easy Religion Essay Questions for Students

Below is a list of ten easy-to-answer questions about religion. You can use scholarly bases to gather essential information about these specific questions.

  1. Are Bible tales true?
  2. What are the common goals in different faiths?
  3. Is it correct to change religions?
  4. Is it correct to conduct violent demonstrations due to religion?
  5. Has peace been attained by having multiple religious’ societies?
  6. What the major lesson about faith drawn from the Bible?
  7. Who is Jesus Christ in Christian theology?
  8. What is the origin of the Islamic religion?
  9. How do preachers embrace religions in modern society?
  10. Is Judaism dissimilar compared to other religions?

Awesome Religion Essay Ideas to Use

You can easily generate good topics about religion if you’ve mastered certain key thoughts. These awesome concepts are:

  • Evolution of theological studies. Evaluate how the study of religion has changed over the past few decades.
  • Creation theories and evolution from the perspective of the Christian religion. Discuss the three accounts of creations portrayed from the Genesis book.
  • The start of negotiations and arguments between various religious leaders. Evaluate how different churches started and how religious leaders have influenced the foundation of different faiths.
  • Origin, development, and importance of religious gatherings. For instance, you can discuss the influence of crusades and major movements led by religious leaders in history.
  • Different religions around the globe and how they were started. Evaluate how the Christian, Islam etc. faiths started.

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