30 Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

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Some of Romeo and Juliet Topics include:

  1. Role of a woman as depicted in Romeo and Juliet
  2. Passage of time throughout Romeo and Juliet
  3. Similarities between Romeo and Paris’ love for Juliet
  4. Significance of Mercutio’s speech in Romeo and Juliet play
  5. Tragedies that set Romeo and Juliet apart
  6. Feminism depiction in Romeo and Juliet
  7. Impact of parenting styles as in Romeo and Juliet’s parents
  8. Romeo and Juliet love in relation to real life
  9. Significance of Romeo and Juliet’s play
  10. Character analysis of Romeo and Juliet
  11. Foreshadowing in the play Romeo and Juliet
  12. Effect of accelerated time scheme in the play
  13. Choices of Romeo and Juliet that led to the death
  14. Dramatic purposes of Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet
  15. The irony in Romeo and Juliet
  16. Significance of youthful characters in Romeo and Juliet
  17. Strengths and weaknesses of Romeo and Juliet
  18. Love is violent in Romeo and Juliet
  19. The inevitability of Fate in Romeo and Juliet
  20. Shakespeare’s message about sacrifice as depicted in Romeo and Juliet
  21. Historical and social contents in Romeo and Juliet
  22. Satire in Romeo and Juliet
  23. Tonal inconsistency in Romeo and Juliet
  24. Gold and silver symbols in the play
  25. Role of the nurse in Romeo and Juliet’s deaths
  26. Lessons from the Play Romeo and Juliet
  27. Depiction of romance and tragedy in Romeo and Juliet
  28. Romeo and Juliet’s passion without reason
  29. Superficial love in Romeo and Juliet play
  30. Dreams influence action. Discuss from Romeo and Juliet

Can Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions Help in Coming Up With a Topic?

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Some of the questions that can be asked on Romeo and Juliet’s essay include:

  1. What is Juliet’s role as a feminist?
  2. How is love portrayed in Romeo and Juliet?
  3. Who is to blame for deaths in Romeo and Juliet?
  4. How is revenge presented in Romeo and Juliet?
  5. Why does the play start with a tragic ending?
  6. What are the most important themes in Romeo and Juliet play?
  7. Examine the role of women in Romeo and Juliet
  8. What differentiates the love between the young lovers in Romeo and Juliet?
  9. How are characters developed in the play?
  10. What lessons can be learned from the play?

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Basic ideas from the play include:

  1. Explain the difference between love and hatred. Romeo and Juliet’s play depicts love between characters which at a point turns to hatred leading to tragedies.
  2. Describe the societal effect of love like the love between Romeo and Juliet affects the society they lived in.
  3. Explaining the violence in love due to the revelation of both violence and love at the same scenes.
  4. Difference between love and lust in Romeo and Juliet in order to explain if the feeling between the characters is love or just lust.
  5. The reasons for strong affections in youth in Romeo and Juliet play relates to today’s real life youth experiences hence could explain the basis for the affections.

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