160 Senior Thesis Topics

Updated: May 11, 2023

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Tips on How to Select the Best Senior Thesis Topic

Looking for a great idea for your senior thesis? Our experts have put together a guide that focuses on three key elements to consider when selecting a topic. Follow these tips and discover an appropriate subject for your paper in no time!

Take Academic Level into Account

Whether you’re in high school, college, or university, you’ll be assigned a thesis that must meet certain academic standards. To ensure success, it’s important to choose a topic that’s appropriate and meets your professor’s requirements. It should also align with the discipline you’re studying.

Strike a Balance

Avoid selecting a topic that’s too basic or overly complex and controversial. Instead, aim for a balance of complexity, interest, and relevance. Your topic should be engaging and interesting, but not too convoluted or obvious.

Explore Top Thesis Topic Lists

If you’re struggling to come up with an original idea, consider looking online for inspiration. Check out an expert list of the best thesis topics across various subjects and academic levels. This can help spark your creativity and point you in the right direction.

Who Curates Our List of Senior Thesis Topics?

If you need an A+ grade idea for your thesis, select it solely from the list composed by writers with vast expertise and background. Who else would know better how to formulate the topic for your thesis to make it both relevant and eye-catching?

20 High School Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Numerical methods of DNA analysis
  2. Management of the organization by ranking strategic objectives
  3. Ways of forming English terms in the industry accounting and auditing
  4. Assessment of instability of the environment and the choice of a model of strategic planning in the organization
  5. Formation of competitive marketing strategies
  6. Self-taxation as an institution of financial law
  7. Management of the organization in the conditions of strategic surprises
  8. Administrative liability for offenses in the information sphere
  9. Judicial practice in the field of value-added tax
  10. Transfer pricing in the financial system of TNCs
  11. Legal instruments of public administration bodies
  12. SWOT analysis of innovative capabilities of the organization
  13. The role of the human factor in the implementation of the organization’s strategy
  14. Falsification of goods and medicines: Administrative and legal aspects
  15. Legal analysis of “quarantine restrictions”
  16. Marketing of international humanitarian investment
  17. Self-employment and its implementation in the regional labor market
  18. Formation of marketing influence of the enterprise on the target market
  19. Market tools to increase the efficiency of industrial production
  20. Protectionism and liberalism in foreign trade relations in the process of economic globalization

20 Good Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Proof of some results of the theory of formal systems by categorical methods
  2. Construction of categorical arithmetic
  3. Models and methods of bioinformatics
  4. Nanotechnology, information medicine
  5. Using MatLab to build controllers
  6. Diagnosis of cancer based on fractal dimension
  7. Generalized Boolean functions: Axiomatics, algorithmization
  8. Development and implementation of algorithms on fuzzy models
  9. Distributive programming: Analysis of modern approaches
  10. Synchronous parallel programming: Scientific calculations
  11. Group analysis of equations of mathematical physics
  12. Nonlinear dynamics
  13. Modeling and predicting the behavioral activity of users of instant messaging services
  14. Creating a system to provide information support for the learning process
  15. Development of a method for maintaining statistics of website visits
  16. Development of a decision support system
  17. Information technologies of analysis and forecasting of non-stationary processes
  18. Game development
  19. Creating software for mobile platforms
  20. The use of artificial neural networks to solve applied problems
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20 Easy Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The efficiency of small rural forms of management
  2. Financial provision of public welfare
  3. Origins and sources of formation of the artistic tradition of the Ancient Celts
  4. Derivatives market
  5. Research of the model of mutual influence of agents in social networks
  6. Prehistoric art of Europe: Stone Age
  7. Planning and organizing insurance in the public sector of the economy
  8. Development of an online store for the sale of goods
  9. Target function of economic policy of the state: The matter of theory
  10. Utilization and recovery of household waste
  11. Development of equipment for household waste processing
  12. Accounting and control of operating costs of trade enterprises
  13. Development of a computer network of enterprises
  14. Models of information management in social networks: The reputation of social network members
  15. Modeling the competition of traditional societies (Mycenae vs. Troy)
  16. Organizational and economic mechanism of creation and functioning of private lease enterprises
  17. A new paradigm of computing: DNA computing
  18. Infectious model of information dissemination in the social network
  19. Assessment of the impact of forest fires on the environment
  20. Evaluation of the efficiency of biofuel production from microalgae

20 History Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The influence of religious and mythological ideas on the artistic culture of Ancient Egypt
  2. The main types, their evolution, and aesthetic principles in the sculpture of Ancient Greece
  3. “Eclecticism” of Etruscan art: Etruscans and the Mediterranean
  4. Oriental style and the problem of Eastern influence on the art of Ancient Greece
  5. Protection of cultural and historical heritage in the context of cross-border cooperation policy
  6. The cult of the pharaoh in Ancient Egypt
  7. Byzantine diplomacy
  8. The first states in Europe
  9. The results of World War II for England
  10. Papacy in the history of the culture of the Middle Ages
  11. The cult of personality of Mao Zedong and its consequences for China
  12. State system and law of Sparta
  13. International relations of European countries on the eve of World War II
  14. Laws of King Hammurabi as a source of the law of ancient Babylon
  15. The main trends in the development of Latin America at the present stage
  16. Features of political and socio-economic development of Japan in 1960-1980.
  17. Peculiarities of the development of regional international relations
  18. The role of von Bismarck in the formation of the German Empire
  19. The genesis of pre-Columbian civilization in America and Africa
  20. The problem of a peaceful settlement with Japan after World War II

20 Political Science Senior Thesis Topics

  1. Acting skills in politics
  2. Ideological concepts of the American Revolutionary War
  3. The ideology of liberalism and its influence on modern political processes
  4. The image of a political leader: A comparative analysis
  5. Image aspects of elite interaction
  6. Construction of civic identity employing symbolic politics
  7. Institutionalization of the Palestinian: Israeli conflict in modern conditions
  8. The world’s political elite as a participant in international relations
  9. The national project as a way to implement social policy
  10. Opposition as a political institution: a comparative analysis of its status in modern societies
  11. Coverage of geopolitical conflicts in the contemporary press
  12. Features of the application of pragmatic strategies in public speeches of British politicians
  13. Political modernization of Japan and China
  14. Political positioning of public images
  15. The European Union as a political project: An analysis of the effectiveness of PR strategies
  16. Legal policy as a way of organizing legal life
  17. Campaigning in the process of organizing the election campaign as a phenomenon of the political life of society
  18. The role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the formation of a modern system of regional Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East
  19. Evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the form of the state
  20. Exploring the challenges and prospects of NATO’s evolution in today’s world
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20 A-grade Senior Thesis Ideas

  1. Labor market regulation based on marketing strategy
  2. Ensuring the functional adequacy of the resource potential of banks
  3. Free economic zones: the mechanism of formation and functioning
  4. The use of drones in environmental research
  5. Management of production potential of industrial enterprises
  6. The mechanism of financial security management of the enterprise
  7. Factors for improving the efficiency of fixed capital use in the industry
  8. Control of the formation of a competitive environment of enterprises in the service sector
  9. Modeling of e-business development
  10. Risk management mechanism for investment projects in enterprises
  11. The influence of urban structure on the microclimate
  12. Financial risks in the banking
  13. Marketing in attracting foreign investment
  14. Real estate market: Patterns of formation and operation
  15. Strategies for the building of competitive advantages of transnational corporations in the context of globalization of world economic relations
  16. International competitiveness of the national tax system
  17. Assessment of pollution of natural areas by roads
  18. Enterprise intellectual property management
  19. Improving the economic evaluation of innovative projects
  20. Prospects for the implementation of the concept of “green office”

20 Psychology Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The impact of mindfulness meditation on stress and anxiety in college students.
  2. The relationship between social media use and self-esteem in adolescents.
  3. The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy for treating depression in elderly patients.
  4. The role of parental attachment in the development of anxiety disorders in children.
  5. The impact of cultural values on perceptions of body image and eating disorders.
  6. The effectiveness of virtual reality exposure therapy for treating phobias.
  7. The relationship between childhood trauma and the development of personality disorders.
  8. The effect of music therapy on reducing symptoms of PTSD in veterans.
  9. The influence of gender stereotypes on career aspirations in young adults.
  10. The impact of emotional intelligence on leadership effectiveness in the workplace.
  11. The role of family dynamics in the development of substance abuse in adolescents.
  12. The effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction on chronic pain management.
  13. The relationship between emotional intelligence and conflict resolution in romantic relationships.
  14. The impact of childhood attachment styles on adult romantic relationships.
  15. The effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy for treating social anxiety disorder in adults.
  16. The relationship between attachment styles and parenting styles in first-time mothers.
  17. The effect of exercise on improving cognitive function in elderly adults.
  18. The role of sleep in emotional regulation and mental health.
  19. The effectiveness of dialectical behavior therapy for treating borderline personality disorder.
  20. The relationship between social support and mental health outcomes in cancer patients.

20 English Literature Senior Thesis Topics

  1. The Representation of Mental Illness in Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”
  2. The Use of Mythology and Folklore in Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”
  3. The Portrayal of Women in Shakespeare’s Tragedies
  4. The Role of Nature in William Wordsworth’s “Lyrical Ballads”
  5. The Function of Satire in Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”
  6. The Exploration of Identity in James Baldwin’s “Go Tell It on the Mountain”
  7. The Critique of Modernity in T.S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land”
  8. The Representation of Race and Racism in Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man”
  9. The Role of Religion in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
  10. The Use of Symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter”
  11. The Exploration of Gender and Sexuality in Virginia Woolf’s “Orlando”
  12. The Representation of Colonialism in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness
  13. The Function of Magic Realism in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude”
  14. The Critique of Capitalism in Charles Dickens’s “Hard Times”
  15. The Use of Narrative Techniques in Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children”
  16. The Exploration of Masculinity in Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises”
  17. The Critique of Patriarchy in Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”
  18. The Role of Memory in Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”
  19. The Representation of War in Wilfred Owen’s Poetry
  20. The Function of Irony in Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”

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