30 Shakespeare Essay Topics

Most students, more, so literature students are prone to coming across a Shakespeare essay at least once throughout their academic voyage. They contribute a significant point to the final degree program of students hence need to be written with utmost care and preparedness. However, how you draft these papers matters a great deal. Composing a great Shakespearian essay goes beyond only answering the instructions given but entail giving a clear insight into what’s all about the novel in question.

For instance, you need to have a great comprehension ability to read and understand the book. Get to know all the characters, their roles, and how they make the theme of the article successful to the audience. Start your introductory paragraph with a hook to draw the attention of the reader. Here, you will need an attractive opening clause which informs the reader about the topic issue. Do not say much to avoid making your essay monotonous and without flow. Introduce briefly the primary points which support your stance regarding the issue in question.

Lastly, end your first paragraph with a thesis statement which gives the direction and the primary theme of your write-up. The body paragraph should give a detailed explanation of the primary points introduced in the introductory paragraph. Lastly, the conclusion should be brief and concise. Should be approximately 80-100 words giving a summary of the entire content written. With all these tips in place, composing a great Shakespeare essay becomes easier than you think! However, it needs sacrifice and determination to draft while taking note of the concept, scope, theme, and scope as the instructions require.

Need a Trick on How to Select the Best Shakespeare Essay Topic?

Selecting a topic for your essay can sometimes be challenging. However, it is easier than you think. First, you need to start by going through the list of topics provided. Brainstorm the ideas required to help you get started from the list of topics provided. Figure out whether the ideas in mind will enable you to read, understand, and compose the literature.

Moreover, identify whether the topic is manageable and have enough resources to allow you to draft the standard length required. Make a keywords list and make sure you are flexible enough to make changes in case they are needed. Make the final decision select the topic and start researching using credible and scholarly sources.

List of Shakespeare Essay Topics to Simplify Your Work

While selecting a Shakespearian essay topic can be a challenge; you are encouraged to select a topic that you are familiar with to give you ease and compose a top-notch article. Here is a list of topics that may give you an easy time to write an excellent composition.

  • The role of jealousy and revenge in Othello play
  • Reasons why Lago is regarded as persuasive in Othello
  • Romeo and Juliet portrayed as star-cross lovers
  • The parenting style of Juliet and Romeo
  • A Comparison between Belmont and Venice in the Marchant of Venice
  • Shylock as a well-rounded character
  • Portia as a radical feminist
  • The dynamics and setting of the play Julius Caesar
  • Reasons that compelled Brutus to murder Ceasar, a close friend
  • The character traits of Brutus and Anthony in the Julius Caesar play
  • The rise to power and the downfall of Julius Caesar
  • The Theme of love in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Gender crisis in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Critiques in King Lear play
  • The significance of death and old age in King Lear Play
  • Ways in which King Lear fits to be a tragic hero
  • The role and importance of the fool in King Lear
  • A Comparison between King Lear and Oedipus Rex
  • Roles of King Rex
  • The character trait of Othello and its impact on the theme of the play
  • Macbeth as a misogynistic
  • The role of weather in Macbeth
  • A comparison between Malcolm and Macbeth
  • Things that make Macbeth responsible for the murder of King Duncan
  • Minor characters and their contribution in making the Macbeth theme success
  • The difference between tyranny and kingship
  • The prophecy of the three witches and how they get fulfilled
  • Things that contributed to Macbeth’s madness
  • Love and revenge in the Hamlet
  • Reasons why Hamlet does not deserve to die

Shakespeare Essay Questions to Help You Get Started

Shakespearean essays need the selection of outstanding topic. Below are some of the questions that may guide you in choosing an appropriate topic for your Shakespeare paper.

  • Who is more evil, lady Macbeth or Macbeth?
  • Is Othello urgent of his downfall?
  • Do you think Lago is evil?
  • Do you think Juliet should be blamed for the death of Romeo?
  • What do you think about gender indifference in Shakespeare’s plays?
  • How did Oedipus fall affect his territory?
  • Who is to be blamed for the actions of Othello?
  • What makes King Lear a tragic hero?
  • Do you think King Lear leadership was authoritative?
  • Who is Macbeth?

Shakespeare Essay Ideas to Guide You in Generating Excellent Topics

To generate outstanding topics, you need to have excellent ideas to guide you in generating research questions and finally help you in choosing a topic. Here are some of the helpful ideas:

  • Othello’s downfall
  • Macbeth’s personality
  • Juliet and Romeo’s love culture
  • King Lear’s leadership
  • Kingship and tyranny

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