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Updated: March 23, 2023

100 Slavery Essay Topics That Matter: Pick the Right Idea

Slavery is among the most controversial issues in history. It was a practice that led to humans owning other humans as material possessions. This social injustice had a significant impact throughout the world as many people fought to be free from the shackles of bondage. Understanding history is an important aspect that allows students to appreciate the strides made by earlier human activists.

That is why many colleges and universities still discuss enslavement topics in literature and history courses. Most tutors often issue out essay assignments on slavery because the subject has many debatable topics.

To save you hours of endless research and analysis, we have compiled lists of essay topics about slavery to inspire you during topic selection.

How to Select the Best Slavery Essay Topic?

When selecting a relevant topic, ensure you carry out thorough brainstorming to arrive at a suitable choice. Writing down points allows you to narrow down the subject scope to get an appropriate topic. But first, ensure you read the essay prompt carefully to avoid deviating from the central theme.

Furthermore, it is imperative to choose a topic that is not too broad to avoid wasting more time on research. Conversely, you should not pick a narrow topic to avoid getting inadequate research sources.

Dedicate enough time to the prewriting stages to ensure you get all the required information to compose an exceptional essay. Make sure your present valid arguments logically with the proper grammatical flow.

List of Slavery Essay Topics: 30 Ideas That’ll Steal the Show

The following are some captivating essay topics about slavery:

  1. Discuss the impact of human captivity.
  2. An analysis of servitude abolition.
  3. Discuss why drudgery is a social injustice.
  4. Why did African-Americans accept enslavement?
  5. Does modern-day bondage exist?
  6. Discuss why racism is a byproduct of subjugation.
  7. The effectiveness of rehabilitation measures for former slaves.
  8. Was slavery the cause of racism in America?
  9. Discuss why Africans were the primary target for the slave trade in the 1600s.
  10. Why feudalism is a criminal act.
  11. Was captivity the cause of the civil war?
  12. An analysis of enslavement reparations.
  13. Discuss forms of modern-day bondage.
  14. Human bondage violates freedom.
  15. Who benefited from the slave trade?
  16. The American Revolution and slave freedom.
  17. The aftermath of the slave trade in Africa.
  18. Compare and contrast subjugation in America and the Middle-east.
  19. The justification of the slave trade.
  20. Enslavement killed cultural identity.
  21. The effect of servitude on women and children.
  22. An analysis of subjugation from a religious angle.
  23. Were victims brainwashed to accept the practice?
  24. Discuss enslavement in Latin America.
  25. Discuss colonialism fuel feudalism?
  26. The history of slavery in the United States.
  27. The psychology of slavery.
  28. Modern-day slavery and human trafficking.
  29. The impact of slavery on contemporary race relations
  30. Slavery and the global economy.

15 Argumentative Essay Topics on Slavery

  1. An analysis of captive resistance in America.
  2. Discuss the impact of Lincoln’s policy on feudalism.
  3. Human mistreatment and segregation.
  4. How menial labor affected the world economy.
  5. The evolution of the chattel market.
  6. The relationship between capitalism and slavery.
  7. Discuss slave trade in the 18th century.
  8. Why colonialism fueled human trafficking.
  9. Why first-world countries justified enslavement.
  10. The role of slaves in Egyptian social structure.
  11. Analyze Aristotle’s perspective on enslavement.
  12. Significance of servitude in the elite society.
  13. Discuss the Atlantic human trade.
  14. The normalcy of slaves in Ancient Greece.
  15. What led to enslavement resistance?

30 Colonial Slavery Essay Topics in America

  1. The role of slaves in America’s development.
  2. Did slaves have human rights?
  3. Racial segregation in colonial America.
  4. The profitability of slave labor in the 1700s.
  5. Why masters denied the slaves familial ties.
  6. How slave trade killed a unique heritage.
  7. Why slaves were not allowed to read or write.
  8. Slavery is the highest form of immorality.
  9. An analysis of colonialism and the rise of the slave trade.
  10. The benefits of slaves in economic development.
  11. Why were colonialists inhuman?
  12. Did the slaves get treated with dignity?
  13. Slavery vs. colonialism.
  14. Did slaves develop the Roman Empire?
  15. Why colonialists defended slavery.
  16. The impact of slavery on the development of the American economy.
  17. The role of slave revolts in the fight against slavery in America.
  18. The psychology of slavery: How slave owners justified the practice.
  19. The differences between slavery in the North and South of the United States.
  20. The impact of abolitionist literature and activism on the end of slavery in America.
  21. The lives and experiences of women slaves in America.
  22. The Underground Railroad and its impact on the fight against slavery.
  23. The legacy of slavery on contemporary American society.
  24. The role of religion in justifying or opposing slavery in America.
  25. The role of African American resistance in ending slavery in America.
  26. The impact of the Fugitive Slave Act on the Underground Railroad.
  27. The impact of the cotton gin on the expansion of slavery in America.
  28. The economic, social, and political factors that led to the Civil War and the end of slavery.
  29. The role of Native Americans in the slave trade in America.
  30. The experiences of slaves who were able to buy their own freedom.

15 Historical Essay Topics About Slavery

  1. The leading causes of slave trade development.
  2. The impact of enslavement on societal classes.
  3. How the slave trade shaped American politics.
  4. Discuss the cruelties of slavery.
  5. The significance of education in ending enslavement.
  6. The role of religion in chattel-trade justification.
  7. Discuss the evolution of modern-era enslavement.
  8. The relationship between technology and slave abolishment.
  9. Why slave trade lasted for many centuries.
  10. What is genocide slavery?
  11. Importance of captive holders in the Texas revolution.
  12. Slavery and agricultural growth.
  13. Discuss child slavery.
  14. Analyze sex slavery in the 1700s.
  15. Discuss the Haitian revolution.

10 Slavery Essay Ideas for Quick and Simple Writing

  1. Human trafficking in the 21st century.
  2. Enslavement is a demeaning practice.
  3. Effects of psychological servitude.
  4. Discuss the importance of individual freedom.
  5. Enslavement robbed humans of their identity.
  6. Causes of slavery abolition in the world.
  7. Discuss the ethical issues surrounding the slave trade.
  8. The rise of anti-slavery activists.
  9. Impact of slave trade abolition on the US economy.
  10. The relationship between cotton gins and slaves.

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