70 Social Issue Essay Topics

Updated: May 23, 2023

Maintaining a social life without criticism is almost impossible. For years, people have debated issues that affect them and even others. Although trends have changed with time and the emergence of technology, social issues have always remained a hot topic. Here we try to help you and provide topics, ideas, etc., so you would score high.

Tips on How to Select the Best Social Issue Essay Topic

A social issue is one of the easiest subjects when it comes to selecting an essay topic. Given the diversity of this area, choosing topics that were not studied before and employing new techniques to the existing ones could do the trick. However, the ability to think outside the box, curiosity, and a very creative approach are needed in creating a social issue essay topic that will impress your professor. Here are helpful tips to assist you in selecting the best social issue essay topic.

You should consider your audience’s cultural background. This is because it is easy to hurt your audience when selecting a social issue essay topic. This is especially true when the readers are connected to the social issue. You should avoid topics that offend them or rekindle bad memories.

You should identify a credible topic. Avoid sensationalist topics when selecting a social issue essay topic. Instead, you should work on topics that can be discussed socially. You should ask yourself how and why a given social event or issue affected society.

When it comes to selecting a social issue essay topic, identify something that interests you. Avoid choosing a topic that is boring or hard to research on. Always consider dealing with issues that are interesting to you but still relevant. Getting content to write on such topics will be easy for you.

List of Social Issue Essay Topics You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Here are some of the social essay topics that you can write on:

  1. Consumption of fast foods and their impact on children
  2. Alcohol consumption in schools today
  3. Economy and social life
  4. Alcohol and drug abuse
  5. Gun control in the United States
  6. Internet and social life
  7. Social media bullying
  8. Sexual exploitation in the film industry
  9. Movies and violence
  10. Poverty and illiteracy
  11. Digital illiteracy in the modern world
  12. Food culture and its change these days
  13. Sustainable consumption in the United States
  14. Abuse and neglect of the vulnerable groups in refugee camps, nursing homes, and orphanages
  15. Ownership of stolen African artifacts in Europe
  16. Discrimination against LGBT in employment
  17. Reverse discrimination
  18. Access to education in Africa
  19. War crimes in the Middle East
  20. Child pornography across the world
  21. Child sex epidemic in war-torn countries
  22. Ethnic cleansing
  23. Neo-slavery across the world
  24. The role of media during conflict
  25. Racial discrimination in housing and workplaces
  26. Children of war
  27. Race and police brutality in the United States
  28. Religion and state in developed countries
  29. Forced migration
  30. Child abuse across the world today

20 Current Social Issue Essay Topics 2023

  1. The impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.
  2. The rise of income inequality and its implications for social stability.
  3. Cybersecurity and the challenges of protecting personal data in the digital age.
  4. Mental health crisis among young adults and the need for improved support systems.
  5. The role of social media in perpetuating misinformation and its consequences.
  6. Addressing racial disparities in healthcare access and outcomes.
  7. The influence of technology on job automation and the future of work.
  8. The global refugee crisis and the need for comprehensive solutions.
  9. Combating systemic racism in criminal justice systems.
  10. The role of education in promoting inclusivity and diversity.
  11. Ensuring gender equality in the workplace and closing the gender pay gap.
  12. Protecting and preserving indigenous rights and cultures.
  13. The ethical implications of artificial intelligence and automation.
  14. Promoting sustainable consumption and reducing waste.
  15. Addressing the mental health impact of social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  16. Tackling food insecurity and promoting sustainable agriculture.
  17. The importance of accessible and affordable healthcare for all.
  18. Promoting LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance in society.
  19. Combating online harassment and cyberbullying.
  20. The effects of social media addiction on mental health and well-being.

Social Issue Argumentative Essay Topics You’d Love to Research

  1. Is police brutality a new thing? What factors increased its presence in the media?
  2. Do you agree with Black Lives Matter? Why or why not?
  3. Should fast-food chains be forbidden to advertise during children’s TV programs?
  4. Should schools be able to teach sex education?
  5. Analyze the prominence of teen pregnancy in your area.
  6. Mass shootings in the United States: Why are they so prevalent?
  7. Should there be legal implications for overconsumption?
  8. Discuss the behavior of children in families with different incomes.
  9. Do we leave our elder population behind? How can we change that?
  10. Is discrimination still a big deal in the business world?

Social Issue Topics for Speeches Essay

  1. Gender Equality: Examining the challenges and progress towards achieving gender equality in various spheres of society.
  2. Climate Change: Discussing the impacts of climate change and exploring potential solutions to mitigate its effects.
  3. Racial Discrimination: Analyzing systemic racism and advocating for racial justice and equality.
  4. Income Inequality: Exploring the causes and consequences of income inequality and proposing strategies for a more equitable society.
  5. Mental Health Stigma: Addressing the stigma surrounding mental health issues and promoting understanding and support.
  6. Access to Education: Highlighting the importance of equal educational opportunities for all individuals and addressing barriers to access.
  7. Immigration Policies: Evaluating the impact of immigration policies on individuals, communities, and economies.
  8. Youth Empowerment: Discussing the challenges faced by young people and advocating for their inclusion, empowerment, and engagement in decision-making processes.
  9. Healthcare Disparities: Examining the disparities in healthcare access and quality based on socioeconomic status, race, or geographic location.
  10. Gun Control: Discussing the implications of current gun control laws and advocating for policies that prioritize public safety while respecting individual rights.

Easy Topics Social Issue Essay

  1. Bullying: Exploring the causes, effects, and solutions to bullying in schools and online.
  2. Animal Rights: Discussing the ethical treatment of animals and advocating for their protection and welfare.
  3. Internet Privacy: Analyzing the risks to personal privacy in the digital age and discussing measures to safeguard online information.
  4. Obesity: Examining the factors contributing to the rise of obesity and discussing strategies for promoting healthy lifestyles.
  5. Social Media and Mental Health: Exploring the impact of social media on mental well-being and discussing ways to foster a healthier relationship with online platforms.
  6. Homelessness: Addressing the causes of homelessness and proposing solutions to support and reintegrate individuals experiencing homelessness.
  7. Food Waste: Highlighting the issue of food waste and discussing methods to reduce waste and promote sustainable consumption.
  8. Cyberbullying: Examining the prevalence and consequences of cyberbullying and discussing strategies to prevent and address it.
  9. Environmental Pollution: Analyzing the sources and effects of pollution on the environment and exploring ways to reduce pollution levels.
  10. Poverty: Discussing the challenges faced by individuals living in poverty and proposing initiatives to alleviate poverty and promote economic equality.

Social Issue Essay Questions that Can Make Your Revision Easier

Here are some social issue questions that you may consider when writing your essay.

  1. How does advertisement of unhealthy food such as sugary drinks affect the overall health of Americans?
  2. What role can parents and guardians play in addressing burying in schools and colleges?
  3. Who is to blame for drug and substance abuse during pregnancy?
  4. How do women and children fair during a conflict?
  5. Why do students engage in alcohol and drug abuse?
  6. Is police brutality a new form of oppression?
  7. What should the government do to address gambling addiction?
  8. How is society dealing with poverty today?
  9. Is a bounder wall between Mexico and the United States the solution to illegal immigration?
  10. How does conflict in the Middle East affect other countries?

Social Issue Essay Ideas You Can Use When Writing Your Essay

Writing social issue essays can be challenging and time-consuming. However, the following ideas could make the writing enjoyable.

  1. Write on relevant social issues: New social issues continue to arise every day. However, when writing an essay, identify an issue that has a significant impact on individuals and societies.
  2. Consider your interests: Although writing an essay can be dull, working on a topic that interests you will not only make the process enjoyable but also enable you to produce an article that will impress your professor.
  • Cite properly: When writing a social issue essay, it is important to ensure that you have cited your work properly. This will demonstrate your knowledge of the various referencing methods available.
  1. Ensure your ideas are well organized: When writing an essay, there is a risk of compromising its flow, especially when handling a complex topic. However, you can use an outline to organize your ideas and maintain the flow.
  2. Proofread to remove errors: Writing a perfect first draft is not easy. Going through your essay will help you address any grammar mistakes or typos you may have committed.

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