100+ Sociology Essay Topics

Updated: January 8, 2024

Picking the right thing to discuss in your academic papers is not always easy. From one side, you are free to discuss whatever you like. At the same time, it is difficult to define the topic, question, or idea that would satisfy your teacher and seem interesting to the rest of the class. That is why we decided to share the best themes that you can cover in your sociology essay.

How to Select the Best Sociology Essay Topic? Useful Tips

Choosing a topic for your sociology essay is the primary step to writing a paper unless your teacher provides a specific prompt. The good idea is to check various sources like textbooks, scholarly articles, newspapers, and online resources. Remember that a sociology paper should begin with a critical sociological statement to defend or question to answer. Before, you may involve a hook to catch an eye of the reader.

Decide on the topic or question – would it be an advanced theme or why study a sociology paper! Also, think about whether your essay will be a persuasive, argumentative, compare and contrast, cause and effect, or another type of writing. A lot depends on it!

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List of Sociology Essay Topics that Your Teacher Would Love

Once you know how to select the issue to discuss, you may need some examples. Have a look at the lists below to get inspired!

  • Shows that promote teenage pregnancy
  • The contribution of feminism to the moral decline of the United States
  • Intelligence vs beauty in today’s society
  • Every human should have a right to change their name at any age
  • The most appropriate age for getting married
  • The need for a universal healthcare system
  • Education at any level should be made free for everyone
  • The possible impact of same-gender marriages on future generations
  • Tech progress is not always bad for human health
  • Studying the phenomenon of intersexuality in-depth
  • The influence of mass media informing and changing public opinion
  • The effect of social decline on ethics and morality
  • Counterrevolution as a must-have reaction to any revolution
  • The female population is still less privileged than male today
  • Analysis of different types of mothers
  • The correlation between wealth, morality, and ethics
  • Situations in which men can hit women
  • Role models should be banned as they affect youth adversely
  • The nature of poverty
  • Auguste Comte as the potential father of sociology
  • Growing up in a single-parent family vs growing up with a gay couple
  • The role of altruism in contemporary US culture
  • The basic concepts of Spencer’s principle of survival
  • Public transport during rush hour from a sociological point of view
  • The differences and similarities between White prejudice and Negro standards
  • Americans have no identity: for and against this statement
  • The way our origins and nationality forms our identity
  • Causes and effects of high school bullying
  • The competition during any section process like college admissions
  • Describing a job application process using Spencer’s principle of survival
  • Families as idolatry of duty
  • Negative messages that many American TV shows deliver
  • Several effective methods to make friends with a stranger
  • The threats of social networks to smaller kids
  • Gender, class, and social status: the way these three are connected
  • Socio factors in attraction
  • The difference between love, passion, attraction, and obsession
  • Turning love into hatred
  • Social factors that may lead to war
  • Reasons why most people think they should have a work
  • Things you can and cannot say to your boss or CEO
  • Having one partner vs having multiple partners
  • Labor is a burden that has an adverse influence on people
  • Money as the primary evil in any society
  • The desire for equality of women and men: pros and cons
  • Things that one cannot discuss even with the closest friends
  • Pros and cons of tabooing
  • Gender boundaries in clothing: for and against
  • It is a good idea to cancel school uniform
  • Trust and security: leaving your wallet in public places
  • How to define “cool” and “uncool” hobbies
  • Social factors that make some students more popular than others
  • How popularity destroys a person’s character
  • Public display of affection
  • How to get rid of bad habits like smoking
  • Describing the phenomenon of the patriot
  • The impact of racial stereotypes on self-esteem
  • International education and professional growth
  • The way different nationalities are accepted in different companies
  • Social status and patriotism: the connection
  • Blogging on social issues as a new career
  • Security of the famous social networks
  • Using surveillance devices to spy on kids and spouses
  • Sharing private data in social networks and on websites
  • The role of father and the role of mather in a family
  • The correlation between homosexuality and nationality
  • The proper age for dating or falling in love
  • The legalization of LGBT in various societies
  • Sports culture among school children
  • Millennials and what to expect from upcoming generations
  • The reasons for some young people to demonstrate cruelty
  • Effects of TV shows and media on eating habits
  • Reasons for some people to become abuse
  • Anorexia nervosa is a serious sociological and psychological issue
  • Discussing the phenomenon of vegetarians
  • Pros and cons of becoming a vegetarian
  • The role of alcohol consumption in different cultures
  • How to fight fast food propaganda
  • Social networks addiction: causes and effects
  • Impact of divorce on small kids
  • What helicopter parenting is and how to resist it
  • Middle-class kids and how they survive in society
  • Why some children experience difficulties in communicating with others
  • The negative influence of modern celebrities
  • Senior bachelor’s: how they are treated in society
  • Workplace discrimination and how to stop it
  • Technology: blessing vs curse
  • The impact of low morales on criminal activity
  • Living in marriage vs being single
  • The evolution of social norms
  • Things that can help to increase the level of morality
  • American Indian movement through ages
  • The basic changes to Civil rights
  • Aum Shinrikyo in Japan
  • Believe or not to believe in astrology
  • Origins and history of Anti-Nuclear movement
  • The conflict between taboo and religion
  • The best approach to the kid and family welfare
  • The minimum salary and social policy
  • The difference in buying habits of various age groups
  • The power of the consumer in the modern world

Interesting Sociology Essay Topics (2024 List)

  • What types of effects will the Covid-19 pandemic have on American society?
  • Morals in American series: Are they spreading negativity?
  • Discuss the current gender identity crisis.
  • Analyze the Black Live Matter movement in conservative societies.
  • What did Trump’s presidency do to society?
  • How has the media changed views of police?
  • Discuss the use of school uniforms. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Are guns damaging to society?
  • What factors influenced today’s criminals?
  • Are towns more trusting than big cities? Why or why not?

10 Interesting Sociology Essay Questions

If you have a specific question to answer, make sure you provide a clear response at the end of your paper. We have collected some of such questions for you.

  • Are the populations of underdeveloped regions of the world responsible for their poverty?
  • Is sincere love and care always better than living in wealth?
  • Is there a universal truth for everyone?
  • How do different people characterize and interpret the feeling of love?
  • How should the nature of a man develop nowadays?
  • Can we call advertising another piece of art even if it has a negative impact?
  • Can we say that there is pure good or pure evil?
  • What is the nature of social order and our place in it?
  • Should cheating on your spouse be made illegal?
  • How do social and psychological factors impact the political situation?

Easy Essay Topics for Sociology

  • The impact of social media on mental health and well-being.
  • The role of family in shaping an individual’s personality and identity.
  • The causes and consequences of homelessness in modern society.
  • The effects of racial and ethnic discrimination on individuals and communities.
  • The relationship between religion and society in shaping values and beliefs.
  • The impact of the gig economy on employment and income.
  • The social and economic consequences of climate change.
  • The effects of technology on work and labor markets.
  • The role of mass media in shaping public opinion and political discourse.
  • The impact of social class on access to education and opportunities.
  • The effects of aging on social relationships and support networks.
  • The influence of gender norms and expectations on social behavior.
  • The causes and consequences of income inequality in developing countries.
  • The effects of globalization on culture and cultural identity.
  • The relationship between socialization and deviance in society.
  • The impact of social policies on poverty and inequality.
  • The role of religion in shaping attitudes towards LGBTQ+ communities.
  • The effects of immigration on social relationships and cultural diversity.
  • The dynamics of power and resistance in social movements and activism.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on social norms and behavior.

Sociology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should affirmative action be implemented to address racial and ethnic inequality in the workplace?
  • Should the government provide universal basic income as a solution to poverty and inequality?
  • Is the death penalty an effective form of punishment for serious crimes?
  • Should prostitution be legalized and regulated as a way to ensure the safety of sex workers?
  • Should hate speech be protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution?
  • Is social media responsible for the rise of mental health problems among young people?
  • Should parents be allowed to choose the gender of their unborn child through genetic engineering?
  • Should marijuana be legalized and regulated for recreational use?
  • Is homeschooling a viable alternative to traditional schooling systems?
  • Should polygamy be legalized and recognized as a valid form of marriage?
  • Should college education be free for all students?
  • Is social inequality a natural consequence of a capitalist economic system?
  • Should voting be mandatory in democratic societies?
  • Is the gender wage gap a result of discrimination or differences in occupational choices?
  • Should the government have the power to regulate online speech and expression?
  • Is the prison system an effective way to reduce crime and rehabilitate offenders?
  • Should the minimum wage be increased to address poverty and inequality?
  • Should abortion be legal and accessible to all women?
  • Should the government provide free healthcare to all citizens?
  • Is the traditional family structure still relevant in modern society?

5 Original Sociology Essay Ideas

Ideas for a sociology essay may remind you of the complete prompts. Those can be combinations of both topics, statements to prove, and questions.

  • If your close friend was gay or lesbian, think about how you would react to that. Decide whether you will protect their rights or not.
  • Du Bois once said, “The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.” Agree or disagree with this statement and explain your position.
  • Think about Hobbes’s “war of all against all” and try to come up with examples that can be explained through this principle.
  • Friendship as a social institution: What is its role in your life? Study various primary and secondary sources to define the revealing beliefs friendship may have.
  • Discuss how various social factors may impact romantic interest. Use applied sociology to explain your answer.

No doubt that with the help of this article, you can pick the topic and create excellent writing. In case of lack of time, you always can address to our essay writer services with no plagiarism that can write any type of academic paper for you. Use such a chance to save time and efforts

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