30 Statistics Essay Topics

Updated: January 30, 2023

As a student, you will realize that from time to time, you will be presented with a number of topics to choose from. This can get a little confusing especially if you choose topics in a hurry. You may end up selling yourself short while doing your research and presenting the same to your instructor for checking. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing these topics;

  • Narrow down your research topic

While you may be excited to choose the topic you are working on, it is important to ensure that you have a directive you are following. It is called narrowing it down. Once you have the topic, make time to brainstorm on how you can come up with points that are catchy, focused, directional, clear and specific. In case you are wondering how to do this, you can seek assistance from a writing expert or your instructor on what to do to make the research process easier.

  • Choose a topic that gives you curiosity

Avoid working with a topic that is too familiar as you will not enjoy doing the research at all. Instead, choose one that you have little information about that gives you the desire to want to know more about. One advantage of such a topic is that you are not only interested to research more, you will get a whole lot of information you didn’t know. This same information will also be greatly be beneficial to your reader.

  • Choose a topic that is manageable

If you are given the chance to choose the topic, ensure that you choose one you are certain you can work on. Avoid choosing topics in a hurry. You may end up getting one that you have no idea about which ends up making your research process and presentation quite tedious.

Keys on How to Select the Best Statistics Essay Topics?

As earlier mentioned, there are key things to have in mind to help you select the best topics. Other key things would include considering the deadline, looking at how your schedule is like for planning and also coming up with a strict timetable that would help you complete the assignment in good time.

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Examples of the Best List of Statistics Essay Topics

If you are looking for some good statistics essay topics to work on, the below list could help you choose a few that you can work on. They include;

  1. The rising cases of the obesity epidemic
  2. Human productivity about sleeping hours
  3. Application of differential calculus in daily activities
  4. The interconnectedness of statistics and mathematics
  5. The effects of international events on host country prices
  6. The significance of data interpretation on the growth if startups
  7. A study in how cars emerged from the great fold of Ford
  8. A study of regression analysis
  9. A statistical analysis on how the income gap between partners affect their relationship
  10. A case study on the effect of festivals on Indian gold prices
  11. Testing the untested waters; statistical discrepancies and possible occurrences
  12. Reasons why some people still maintain good health despite being avid smokers and drinkers; a case analysis
  13. The possibility of the African continent becoming a powerhouse over the next 20 years
  14. The standard measures of gathering and collating crucial data
  15. The possibility of life on Mars; an analysis through advancements in technology within unattainable techniques
  16. The art of painstakingly analyzing data with non-traditional subjects
  17. Developing a spatial model for the interpretation of statistical data then correlating in with real-life situations
  18. A ground-breaking write-up on the decision-theory
  19. Analyzing the statistical reasons for the popularity of Christianity
  20. Statistical deviations on the probabilities when Wal-Mart equates prices of products with Amazon
  21. An investigative study of frequency distributions, basically within the speculation perspective
  22. An assessment of patterns and emphasis points used in horse racing; why it difficult to analyze a winner regularly
  23. Incorporating the omnipresent characteristics of factors of evaluation
  24. Formulating a fictitious model for a healthcare center by global statistical studies
  25. The relationship between success in personal life and holding positions in high responsibility
  26. Real markets and the growth of online trade; cause and effect
  27. A statistical analysis on the rate of crime within EU countries
  28. Ways in which the mindset of past generations have affected teaching methodologies
  29. A statistical overview of diamond prospects within Karnataka, India

Statistics Essay Topics for College Students

  1. What are some ways that statistical data can be manipulated?
  2. How do some campaigns twist statistics to their favor?
  3. A look at the percentages of smokers that develop lung cancer.
  4. Do highly populated areas have more occurrences of cancer?
  5. How fast has China grown over the last decade?
  6. Is obesity still on the rise?
  7. How can statistics be applied to everyday life?
  8. What percentage of the stock market is based on speculation?
  9. Are statistics vital for startups?
  10. What percentage of American adults suffer from depression?

Getting a Quality List of the Best Statistics Essay Questions

In case you are wondering how to select the best essay for your questions which you may also encounter, the following list can greatly assist you;

  1. Explain why the median is resistant, but the average is hot
  2. Discuss the possible merits and demerits of stem-and-leaf plots versus histogram
  3. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘a statistic is a resistan t?’
  4. Explain the merits of using 2-scores in the comparison of observations from two different data sets
  5. Does Chebyhev’s inequality apply to all distributions despite the shape?
  6. While comparing two populations, the higher the standard deviation, the greater the distribution’s dispersion as long as the variable of interests has a similar unit of measure
  7. What do degrees of freedom mean about the calculation of the sample standard deviation?
  8. Is it right to claim that a distribution possessing a standard of deviation of 10 cm widely dispersed in comparison to the distribution of 5 inches?
  9. What is the meaning of an observational study, and what is a designed experiment? Which of the two permits the researcher to offer a claim of causation between a response variable and an explanatory variable?
  10. What measure of central tendency will probably be greater on a histogram containing a dataset that indicates a skewed dataset to the right?

A list of the Best Statistics Essay Ideas

A look at the below list can help you come up with the best statistics ideas while writing your assignment;

  1. Discount coupons for daily or weekly deals; predicting how successful the deal might be
  2. Which gender is more helpful, men or women?
  3. The safest and most dangerous neighborhoods within your city
  4. The relationship between the human development index and environmental pollution statistics
  5. Application of time series in your business

Using the information above will definitely help you write a quality statistics essay. In case you are still finding difficulty coming up with a quality custom essay, you can contact us for assistance. We are available 24/7 for you so do not hesitate to reach us.

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