Suicide Research Paper Topics

Updated: June 14, 2023

50+ Suicide Research Paper Topics for Stress-Free Writing

A person’s decision to deprive themselves of life has always perplexed society. Philosophers, ethicists, and doctors have been working on the issue and uncovered numerous causes leading people to suicidal thoughts and intentions. Thus, if you are a medical or mental health student, you’re sure to come across such an assignment sooner or later.

But what about choosing a good, debatable topic that your supervisor will appreciate? This step often turns out to be more complicated than it seemed at first. To speed up your preparation stage, we offer a set of bulletproof research paper topics about suicide, with which you can complete the assignment with a record turnaround.

How to Choose Suicide Research Paper Topic?

Overall, talking about self-killing is a sensitive, delicate topic that not all students can handle ethically. So, our tip is to choose a topic of interest to you, focus on some specific argument, and rely on expert opinions and facts when producing any judgment.

Another topic selection tip is to double-check whether there is enough good evidence to support your views. Select trustworthy resources for each argument and start working once you’re ready to proceed.

List of Suicide Research Paper Topics: Get Started Here

  1. Clinician assessment guidelines for assessing the risk of suicidal ideation in a patient.
  2. Self-killing and race.
  3. Suicide and gender.
  4. Are modern teens more prone to kill themselves than the teens were one-two generations before?
  5. Philosophical explanation to why people kill themselves.
  6. Socio-demographic characteristics of at-risk populations.
  7. Drug and substance abuse: contributors to suicidal thoughts.
  8. What does behavioral health say about self-killing ideation?
  9. Are people who tried to kill themselves at risk of repeated attempts?
  10. Effective therapeutic interventions to prevent suicidal ideation.
  11. Self-killing rituals: an international comparison.
  12. What is needed to reduce suicidal behavior in at-risk groups?
  13. First signals of at-risk behavior.
  14. Legalized self-killing: countries endorsing euthanasia.
  15. Depression among teenagers as a contributor to suicide rates.
  16. Self-killing in prisons.
  17. Famous people killed themselves.
  18. Religious approaches to self-killing.
  19. Has the social evolution contributed to rising suicide rates?
  20. Ways in which children and teens discover suicide options.

20 Interesting Suicide Research Paper Topics

  1. Animal suicide: a perplexing natural phenomenon.
  2. What does the instinct of self-preservation and survival have to do with self-killing?
  3. Various philosophical approaches to suicide.
  4. The earliest instances of self-killing in ancient literature.
  5. Mass suicide and sects.
  6. Is euthanasia a humane approach to ending one’s life?
  7. Does a human being hold the right to end their life at their discretion? Opposing views.
  8. Effect of ancestral suicide on the mental health of future generations.
  9. Family problems leading to suicide risks.
  10. Impact of social media on the rising risk of self-killing.
  11. Can drug addiction be equated to suicide?
  12. Future directions in suicide research can help society overcome the problem.
  13. What makes happy, wealthy people kill themselves?
  14. What are the leading causes of people’s self-killing across the globe?
  15. Is there a nationally/religiously specific variation among suicide justifications?
  16. Parental divorce – is it an essential precondition for suicide?
  17. What does suicidology study?
  18. Body image and self-esteem as primary determinants of healthy attitudes to one’s life.
  19. Theories of suicide: Emile Durkheim and others.
  20. How does euthanasia fit the broader paradigm of medical ethics?
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20 Assisted Suicide Research Paper Topics

  1. The ethical and moral implications of assisted suicide.
  2. Assisted suicide laws and their impact on end-of-life care.
  3. Physician-assisted suicide and patient autonomy.
  4. The role of healthcare providers in assisted suicide decision-making.
  5. Assisted suicide and the rights of terminally ill patients.
  6. Assisted suicide and the psychological impact on healthcare professionals.
  7. Assisted suicide and the effect on family members and loved ones.
  8. Assisted suicide and its impact on religious and cultural beliefs.
  9. Assisted suicide and its potential to alleviate suffering in terminal illnesses.
  10. The legal considerations and controversies surrounding assisted suicide.
  11. Assisted suicide and the role of palliative care in end-of-life options.
  12. Assisted suicide and its impact on healthcare costs.
  13. Assisted suicide and its implications for vulnerable populations.
  14. Assisted suicide and its impact on the physician-patient relationship.
  15. The influence of public opinion on assisted suicide legislation.
  16. Assisted suicide and the challenges of regulating the practice.
  17. Assisted suicide and its impact on medical ethics and professionalism.
  18. The psychological evaluation process for individuals seeking assisted suicide.
  19. Assisted suicide and the role of advance care planning.
  20. Assisted suicide and its impact on society’s understanding of death and dying.

Suicide Research Paper Ideas for a Smooth Writing

  1. The right to die movement – key positions and claims.
  2. How does self-harm research inform the studies of suicide?
  3. Are the self-killing rates higher among the military?
  4. The feelings of guilt among the self-murderer’s family members.
  5. How to survive a child’s suicide?
  6. Legal implications of euthanasia.
  7. Sexuality and suicide.
  8. Public education for detecting suicidal signs and referring people at risk to crisis hotlines.
  9. Personalized safety planning as an effective risk reduction strategy.
  10. Psychotherapy for suicide: CBT or DBT?
  11. Can medications effectively curb suicidal ideation?

How to Write About Suicide: 5 Tips from Pro Writers

Suicide is a delicate and emotional topic. So, our pros recommend the following approaches:

  • Don’t sound too judgmental.
  • Include only facts, or back your ideas with solid facts.
  • Use empowering, delicate language to characterize suicide.
  • Don’t give too much detail about suicide methods.
  • Don’t talk positively about famous people’s suicides to avoid the contagion effect.

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