70 Synthesis Essay Topics

Updated: July 24, 2023

To ensure that you are choosing the best topics for your essay, you will need to consider a number of important factors;

  • Keep your career path in focus

You ought to keep in mind what you research and write on will definitely help you in the future when you advance your career. Choose a topic that will help you grow in that area.

  • Have some knowledge on the topic

This may only apply when you have that choice of choosing the topic. There are instructors who prefer to just present the topic. If you have the opportunity though, choose a topic that will not take too much of your time and effort that may wear you out.

  • Choose an informative topic

As you choose the topic, let your mind not be focused on completing the assignment rather on what you and your readers will gain. Choose a topic that will challenge you to delve more into the research to get more information.

Tips on How to Select the Best Synthesis Essay Topics?

You need to have a few good tips which will lead you to select the best and most challenging topics. Such tips could be;

  • Be passionate

The best assignments can only come from an assignment that has been researched on and written with a lot of passion. Ensure therefore to choose a topic that will drive passion in you to carry out the research.

  • Get to the point

Once you have the topic and are completely sure what to write on, avoid giving too much information. This could be repetitive. Get strong facts that support your topic and go straight to the point you are trying to communicate.

Getting the Best List of Synthesis Essay Topics

Getting a topic to write on can be quite challenging and can consume a lot of your time. The below list therefore can help you choose some of the best synthesis essay topics to write on;

  1. Is college education a necessity in the context of contemporary employment patterns?
  2. Should the death penalty be no longer applied in the USA?
  3. Should voting be mandatory in the USA?
  4. Should people make production and sale of tobacco illegal?
  5. Do national security concerns justify the transformation of the USA into a surveillance society?
  6. Should parents forbid their children to watch violent content?
  7. Does the contemporary juvenile justice system contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline?
  8. How modern workplace affect the behavior of minority workers?
  9. Does modern US society support women as much as it should support men?
  10. How should educators and legislators deal with representatives of minority groups who do not conform to mainstream behavior patterns?
  11. Should Marijuana be legal in the USA?
  12. Should cosmetic surgeries be covered by insurance?
  13. Should sugary drinks be legally forbidden in the USA given their destructive effects on human health?
  14. Should all US citizens have access to free medical service?
  15. How sustainable is the current US healthcare system?
  16. Should insurance cover alternative medicine?
  17. What effects does poverty have on the health of children?
  18. Can everyday routine activities help people improve their health and avoid seeing a doctor?
  19. How American lifestyle contribute to global warming?
  20. How can the USA be a leader in addressing the issue of global warming?
  21. Does the usage of fossil fuels contribute to global warming?
  22. How global warming contributes to marine species extinction?
  23. How global warming threatens the population of Monarch Butterflies
  24. How air pollution contributes to global warming?
  25. How climate change affected people’s lifespan within the last 50 years?
  26. What effect does global warming have on farming?
  27. Do violent video games contribute to real-life violence?
  28. How has technology changed because of the development of artificial intelligence?
  29. What threat do drones represent to personal privacy?
  30. How machine learning affects business productivity?

Synthesis Essay Topics About History: Find Inspiration Here

  1. Are we becoming dependent on technology?
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of decreasing the drinking age.
  3. Should countries adopt stricter gun laws?
  4. How will climate change affect future generations?
  5. Will we live on Mars in less than five years?
  6. Is the air becoming more polluted?
  7. Should oil extraction be banned?
  8. Should hunters face charges for killing animals?
  9. How does the healthcare industry in the United States affect the nation’s health?
  10. Is the world becoming less educated?

20 More Synthesis Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The impact of social media on interpersonal relationships and communication.
  2. Synthesizing the arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana.
  3. The influence of technology on education and its implications for learning.
  4. Synthesizing the benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources.
  5. The role of artificial intelligence in shaping the future of work and employment.
  6. Synthesizing the arguments for and against animal testing in scientific research.
  7. The impact of globalization on cultural diversity and identity.
  8. Synthesizing the effects of climate change on global food security.
  9. The role of government in addressing income inequality and poverty.
  10. Synthesizing the benefits and challenges of implementing sustainable development practices.
  11. The influence of media on public opinion and political discourse.
  12. Synthesizing the ethical considerations of genetic engineering and gene editing.
  13. The impact of social media activism on promoting social change and awareness.
  14. Synthesizing the effects of income inequality on access to healthcare.
  15. The role of education in promoting gender equality and empowering women.
  16. Synthesizing the benefits and challenges of online learning in higher education.
  17. The influence of advertising on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.
  18. Synthesizing the effects of video games on cognitive development and behavior.
  19. The impact of immigration on economic growth and cultural diversity.
  20. Synthesizing the arguments for and against the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture.

Getting a List of the Best Synthesis Essay Questions

A few synthesis essay questions that can help you as a writer respond to the essay’s main topic include;

  1. How does airing Television frequently affect society?
  2. What are the positive and negative effects of lowering drinking age?
  3. Are we able to do our duties without using technology?
  4. What are the positive and negative implications of lowering the driving age?
  5. Have you witnessed an instance of racism in the last six months?
  6. What are the effects of changing gun laws?
  7. What is the importance of teen participation in sports?
  8. Do you think America can survive without importing goods?
  9. What are the implications of America going into war with North Korea?
  10. What do you think will result if college smoking is banned?

A List of the Best Synthesis Essay Ideas

If you are looking for some great ideas to help you write your essay, here are some;

  1. Effects of smoking on unborn children
  2. Effects of gun control on combating crime
  3. Implications of social media to social well-being
  4. How the police influence racial profiling
  5. How culture affects modernization
  6. Why does racism still occur
  7. How we fall for advertising
  8. Why child obesity happens in certain amounts
  9. Why museums are still in existence
  10. Circumstances that influence gender roles
  11. Why new technologies should be introduced to schools faster
  12. Why poetry is still important
  13. Why community service serves as an effective solution
  14. Factors influencing fashion
  15. How social media changes the everyday life of a student

The above information can help you come up with an essay that is exemplary. If you are however having difficulties writing regardless of the ideas shared above, we are here to help you. Contact us at any time as you can reach us 24/7. Get help from a reliable pro essay writer service!

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