50 Anthropology Essay Topics

Updated: May 16, 2023

Anthropology is defined as the science which studies human beings, and their dynasties in the past concerning time and space. It includes the studies of human character, physical characteristics, social relations, behaviors, and culture. Archeology, biological, linguistics, and sociocultural perspectives are types of anthropology. The significance of anthropology cannot be ruled out as it interprets past events as well as predict human behavioral pattern in the future.

How to Select the Best Anthropology Essay Topic?

Anthropology is one of the most popular topics which fascinate the students. Inherently, the topics of anthropology deal with essays or research papers. The field of anthropology is quite vast; thus, topics related to it are full of variety. If your tutor allows you to select a topic from the field of anthropology, you should not take a generalized topic. You must dig the subtopics deep, e.g., cultural and socio-cultural topics, linguistics theories, historical evolutions, and even current events. This narrow-down approach will enable you to stay focused on a specific topic. Moreover, your whole research will also be relevant to your topic.

List of Anthropology Essay Topics for College Students

Here is a brief list of thirty anthropological essay topics that fascinate the students to select and learn about the past, present, and future of human societies:

  1. Evolution of anthropology in modern history
  2. Anthropology in the globalization era
  3. The impacts of health, illness, and culture on human society
  4. Cultural implications of deviant behavior
  5. What are the differences between cultural growth and cultural development?
  6. Concept of anthropology in political organizations
  7. How does social media change the culture?
  8. Traditions, norms, and cultures in modern Europe
  9. Cultural conflicts in different societies
  10. The role of literature in the development of human culture
  11. Anthropology and the modern economic system
  12. Influence of religion on anthropology
  13. Contribution of art to the development of anthropology
  14. Anthropology and the genetics
  15. Evolution of terrorism in human society
  16. Challenges in adopting other cultures
  17. Clash of civilizations
  18. Significance of anthropology in academic research
  19. Materialistic and non-materialistic cultures
  20. Environmental concerns around the world
  21. Anthropology and the moral compass
  22. How do people assimilate into a foreign culture?
  23. How does mass media change the beliefs of people?
  24. Gender contribution to cultural development
  25. The influence of languages on anthropology
  26. Impacts of music on relations amongst people
  27. Do animals have a culture?
  28. Anthropology and nationalism in the modern era
  29. Cultural diversity in third world countries
  30. Law, justice, and anthropology

Current Events in Anthropology Essay Topics

  1. The impact of climate change on indigenous communities and their cultural practices.
  2. Anthropological perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on society.
  3. The role of anthropology in addressing social inequalities and human rights violations.
  4. Ethical considerations in anthropological research with vulnerable populations.
  5. Anthropological approaches to understanding and addressing racial and ethnic disparities.
  6. The impact of globalization on cultural diversity and indigenous knowledge systems.
  7. Anthropological perspectives on migration and refugee crises.
  8. The role of anthropology in studying and addressing environmental sustainability.
  9. Ethnographic research on the experiences of marginalized communities in urban spaces.
  10. Anthropological insights into the social and cultural dimensions of health and healthcare.
  11. The role of anthropology in addressing gender inequalities and women’s rights.
  12. Anthropological perspectives on technology and its impact on society and cultural practices.
  13. Ethnographic research on the cultural significance of food and food systems.
  14. Anthropological approaches to understanding and addressing violence and conflict.
  15. The impact of social media and digital technologies on social relationships and identities.
  16. Anthropological insights into the intersections of race, class, and education.
  17. Ethnographic research on the cultural dimensions of aging and the elderly population.
  18. Anthropological perspectives on the experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQ+ communities.
  19. The role of anthropology in addressing cultural heritage preservation and indigenous rights.
  20. Anthropological approaches to studying and addressing social justice and activism.

Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics for Any Case

  1. How has technology affected culture?
  2. What effects does social media have on culture? Discuss both positive and negative.
  3. How has society changed after the Covid-19 outbreak?
  4. How will the global pandemic shape the future?
  5. How does culture influence politics?
  6. What role do the humanities play in educating about cultures?
  7. What are the differences between American and European cultures?
  8. Does culture produce any impact on health? If so, how?
  9. Discuss genetics and its role in evolving humans over time.
  10. How does media change beliefs?
  11. Cultural anthropology: exploring human societies and traditions.

10 Best Anthropology Essay Questions for Research

See the following list of the best anthropology essay questions which are popular in academic institutes for research purposes:

  1. What is the contribution of art to the development of anthropology in the contemporary era?
  2. How can you study religion through cultural values?
  3. What is the ideology? How is an ideology evolved? How do anthropologists explore the implications of ideology on human society?
  4. What are the anthropological perspectives of nationalism? How can a leader integrate the concept of nationalism with the existing culture?
  5. What are the benefits and demerits of theoretical orientation in anthropology?
  6. How does the concept of anthropology support mitigating poverty?
  7. What is the scientific approach of anthropology in the development of human rights?
  8. How do anthropologist organizations ensure human rights and translate international law into local justice to minimize gender violence in society?
  9. How do superpowers use culture as a political instrument?
  10. How can you categorize the determinants of contemporary global culture?

5 Top Anthropology Essay Ideas to Explore

If you are still confused in the selection of a topic, try out the following anthropology essay ideas:

  1. Discuss the most memorable tradition in ancient Europe
  2. How does pop culture promote social changes in society?
  3. Contribution of religion to the civil rights movement
  4. Democratic society and the right to vote
  5. Racism and discrimination in the US culture

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