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Updated: June 20, 2023

100+ NEW Art Research Paper Topics – Best Ideas

Since Art is not quantifiable with numbers and statistics, tutors can still use it as research subjects and get informative papers. Art expresses and applies creative knowledge, skills, and imagination to produce impressive works. Thus, composing art papers usually depends on individual perspectives to analyze different perspectives and present objective arguments.

Students can select one central theme or concentrate on different forms for research. These studies help them gain a deeper understanding of various artworks from conception to the actual form. Art is a diverse subject, covering creative aspects such as painting, literature, sculpture, music, poetry, and dance.

Studying creative arts is not for everyone because of the emotional connections related to the subject. Hence, most students find it challenging to get credible information for their research papers. But with good research paper topics about art, you can compose impressive academic papers.

We have compiled a series of exciting art topics to help you jumpstart the writing process.

How to Select the Best Art Research Paper Topics?

Art covers various subject disciplines, which makes topic selection tricky for most students. Not all individuals can pick an engaging topic; hence, you need to learn to craft exceptional papers.

Writing an art essay can get quite overwhelming if you don’t know how to pick a relatable theme to the research question. Therefore, if you learn the significant steps involved in topic selection, writing will be easy and quick.

Thus, the first and most crucial step is to conduct a brainstorming session. It helps you to identify different relatable topics that align with your research question or subject. Write down all the topics you are interested in, which are also attention-grabbing. You can also look for inspiration around you and something that might be worth your research paper. Remember, the topic is critical since it is the first that strikes the readers.

When picking a topic, make sure you find authentic themes that are not part of systematic research studies from other scholars. It is also imperative to select one that has good research content.

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List of Art Research Paper Topics: Top-20 Ideas

Below are unique topic ideas for your art paper:

  1. Discuss the origin of printmaking
  2. An examination of abstract expressionism
  3. Does an individual’s cultural background affect art creation?
  4. Is modern music erasing conventional genre stereotypes?
  5. Discuss the boundaries affecting performing art.
  6. Inspiration of art in modern Rome
  7. An analysis of Early Rome concerning art
  8. Pre-historic Egypt and the importance of Jewelry pieces
  9. Discuss the pioneer art Impressionists
  10. Discuss the pre-historic musical instruments
  11. The impact of Leonardo da Vinci’s art pieces in the medieval days
  12. The connection of Renaissance art and Christianity
  13. Discuss the impact of expressionism n modern art
  14. Causes and effects of the industrial revolution on art?
  15. The impact of Andy Warhol in the art industry
  16. Discuss the influence of Greek sculpture
  17. Effectiveness of therapy in the medical field?
  18. How to decipher abstract art
  19. An analysis of Pablo Picasso’s art forms
  20. The importance of museums in art continuity

15 Interesting Art Research Paper Topics

Below are captivating topic ideas:

  1. The origin of minimalism art
  2. The impact of eliminating self-expressionism in an art piece
  3.  Discuss how color describes space
  4. Discuss the development of Egyptian art
  5. The impact of Mona Lisa painting on modern art
  6. Write a screenplay inspired by a favorite artist
  7. Discuss the value of art in people’s lives
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of the hip-hop culture
  9. Discuss the change in theatre culture and its impact
  10. The impact of minimalist art on western culture
  11. An analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s biblical motivations in art creation
  12. Does renaissance art depict human notions?
  13. Why did artists use Christian symbols in the medieval days
  14. An examination of Vincent van Gogh’s art pieces
  15. Discuss the historical role of Francisco de Goya’s artworks

15 World Art Research Paper Topics

Check out the following world art topics:

  1. Analyze a significant work of art with great impact on the word
  2. Discuss different forms of African architecture
  3. What is the impact of the Bauhaus movement
  4. What is the surrealist movement, and how does it influence the art world?
  5. Is rock music a form of neoclassical art?
  6. Should video games be categorized as art?
  7. Discuss the significance of digital art
  8. An examination of the French caricatures
  9. What is futurism in the world of art?
  10. The significance of censorship in artworks
  11. How critics can decode abstract art
  12. Compare and contrast art by Picasso and Matisse
  13. Discuss different painting techniques used by Da Vinci
  14. The influence of nude sculptures on visual art
  15. How does art influence human rights activism in modern society

10 Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

The following are topic ideas on minimalism art:

  1. Discuss different forms of minimalist techniques used by modern graphic designers
  2. The influence of minimalist art on interior landscape designs
  3. How minimalism concept impacts modern architectural designs
  4. Does minimalism depict reality?
  5. The pros and cons of minimalist art
  6. An analysis of ecofeminism art and its significance
  7. Discuss the rise of architectural art in ancient Africa
  8. Reasons why certain pieces are more intriguing than others
  9. The significance of cave paintings in ancient art
  10. Discuss different types of art movements in the 19th century

10 Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

Below are research topics about renaissance art history:

  1. Did Leonardo da Vinci change how people perceived art?
  2. Is renaissance art part of symbolism in the world of art
  3. Discuss the uniqueness of Raphael’s paintings
  4. The influence of the renaissance in art development
  5. An analysis of ‘the last supper’ depicting symbolism and style
  6. Discuss the impact Mughal paintings in Indi
  7. How renaissance represents human ideas
  8. Discuss the history of Gothic architecture
  9. Causes and effects of the art patronage in Italy
  10. Discuss the significance of Flemish art in Florence
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10 Medieval Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. The Evolution of Gothic Architecture: Analyzing the Transition from Romanesque to Gothic Styles.
  2. Symbolism and Iconography in Medieval Manuscripts: Unveiling Hidden Meanings.
  3. The Influence of Byzantine Art on Western Medieval Art: A Comparative Analysis.
  4. The Role of Illuminated Manuscripts in Medieval Devotion and Piety.
  5. Exploring the Iconic Bayeux Tapestry: Narrating the Norman Conquest.
  6. The Significance of Stained Glass Windows in Medieval Cathedrals: A Study of Technique and Symbolism.
  7. Patronage and Power: Investigating the Role of Medieval Courts in Shaping Artistic Production.
  8. The Artistic Legacy of the Black Death: Examining the Impact on Art and Culture.
  9. Medieval Sculpture: Depicting Saints and Sinners in Stone.
  10. Chivalry and Courtly Love in Medieval Art: A Visual Representation of Romantic Ideals.

10 Art History Research Paper Topics

The following are the captivating art history paper topics to help you in composing an excellent paper:

  1. Examine how Gustave Courbet depicts realism
  2. An analysis of ancient and modern art
  3. How does the hanging gardens of Babylon depict history and art
  4. Discuss the composition of the ancient murals of Egypt
  5. What inspired the decorative style in weapon creation in medieval times?
  6. Examine the contribution of Vincent van Gogh’s art pieces
  7. Discuss various critiquing art styles
  8. The influence of pop art on American culture
  9. Pros and cons of primitivism art
  10. Is modern art legitimate?

10 Modern Art Research Paper Topics

  1. The Intersection of Technology and Modern Art: Exploring the Impact of Digital Media on Artistic Expression
  2. The Evolution of Street Art: From Vandalism to Recognized Artistic Movement
  3. Environmentalism and Modern Art: Addressing Climate Change and Sustainability through Artistic Practices
  4. Identity and Representation in Contemporary Art: Examining the Role of Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
  5. The Role of Social Media in Shaping Modern Art: Analyzing the Influence of Online Platforms on Artistic Production and Consumption
  6. Political Activism and Modern Art: Investigating Art as a Vehicle for Social and Political Change
  7. The Concept of Minimalism in Modern Art: Understanding the Aesthetic of Less is More
  8. Exploring the Boundaries of Art: Performance Art and its Impact on the Traditional Notions of Artistic Mediums
  9. Art and Science Collide: Examining the Convergence of Artistic and Scientific Practices in Contemporary Art
  10. The Role of Curatorial Practices in Shaping Contemporary Art Exhibitions: Curating as a Creative and Critical Process

10 Art Research Paper Ideas for Creative Writing

Below are creative research paper topics you can choose from:

  1. Analyze the rise and influence of textile art
  2. Discuss the similarities and differences of ancient and contemporary art
  3. How did Hitler’s work influence literature
  4. The impact of cultural revolution on Chinese art
  5. Are paintings an effective therapy for mentally ill patients
  6. Why artists use political cartoons to satirize bad governance
  7. Are modern artists over-dependent on digital art tools?
  8. Discuss the influence of interactive art in modern society
  9. Where did renowned artists get inspiration for art creation?
  10. Why did accomplished artists use hidden meanings in their paintings?

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