50 Best Biology Essay Topics

Updated: May 17, 2023

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Your essay writing can be fascinating if you select an appropriate topic of biology. You might have awesome writing skills, but a poor topic choice may be the reason for your failure. There are a few factors to consider when choosing the subject. First, are you familiar enough with the content addressed by the topic? Secondly, do you have access to resources regarding your research? One more thing to consider is a level of interest to your topic. It is essential that you take your time in picking the appropriate biology extended essay topics depending on the area you want to research on.

How to Select the Best Biology Essay Topic?

One of the biggest challenges students face in school is picking a right topic for their essays. Making the decision is in no way the simplest of things, considering the critical role which extended essay biology topics play in an essay. However, there are several ways you can pick an awesome topic, one that will steer you towards producing a great paper.

  • First, go for a topic that is within your complexity level. Many students make the mistake of choosing complex topics that surpass their capacity and academic level, perhaps to impress the instructor. What happens in such a situation is that a student writes a paper that is without eloquence, shallow in content, and unimpressive. It is better you pick a simple topic that you can tackle exhaustively, giving irrefutable facts and solid arguments.
  • Secondly, pick a topic that captures your attention. Otherwise, you’ll get bored when writing, and you won’t be able to give it your best.

On the other hand, when writing on a topic that interests you, all your heart will be in it, and therefore you are likely to do it excellently. Lastly, be on the look for controversial biology-related stories. These are great areas to research and write your essays, as they already interest your readers in biology class.

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List of Biology Essay Topics

Depending on the specific area you want to research, whether genetics, neurobiology, the immune system, behavior, and hormones, or ecology, here are some captivating and interesting topics you can choose. Go for the topic that interests you, and one that you are considerably conversant with, so you don’t run out of content to write about.

  • Biochemical cycles in the human body
  • Energy flow in ecosystems
  • Genetics: Functionality of DNA and RNA
  • Similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • Discussion of the endocrine system
  • Mechanisms of cell aging
  • Polymerase chain reaction
  • Applications of genetic engineering: production of growth hormone
  • Negative effects of antibiotics
  • Analysis of linkage about genetic mapping
  • Risk factors associated with infertility
  • Cancer risk factors
  • Effects of aging regarding infertility
  • Plant stem and its structures
  • Photosynthesis process
  • DNA modification in humans and its implications
  • Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy
  • Cloning: The moral aspect
  • Climatic change and its impact on biodiversity
  • DNA technology and its application in medical genetics
  • The human nervous system
  • Mutation mechanisms of genes
  • Tissue engineering: Advantages and disadvantages
  • Problems associated with intracellular compartments
  • Therapeutic cloning
  • Negative effects of cell differentiation
  • Molecular biology methods
  • Influence of antibiotics on microbial interactions
  • Infertility treatment: Applications of hormonal analysis
  • Children oncological diseases
  • Symbiosis in parasites
  • Photosynthesis and its functions
  • Influence of hormonal therapy
  • Safety of genetically modified foods
  • Organ transplantation: ethical concerns

Biology Essay Questions

One good thing about sciences is that questions are repeated now and again, and if they are changes, then it’s just a slight twist that has been made on the topic After reviewing the many biology questions we have come across, below is a list of 10 commonly asked questions we’ve compiled, questions that you are likely to come across in the course of your online biology class.

  • Methods of protein purification
  • The relationship between genetics and obesity
  • The moral aspect of cloning
  • Genetic disorders
  • Influence of addictive substances on genes
  • The benefits of transgenic crops
  • The influence of hormones on human behavior
  • Endocrine-related diseases
  • Vaccination and associated benefits
  • Quality control of antibiotics

Cell Biology Essay Topics: 10 Simple Subjects

  1. A look at antibiotic resistance and the effects on the future of medicine.
  2. How will genetics help shape the medical care of the future?
  3. Discuss the importance of oxygen for parts of the cell.
  4. How do cells age, and what chemicals are involved?
  5. What parts of the cell have evolved? Why do you suppose?
  6. Should we put an age limit on the modification of DNA?
  7. A look at how genes mutate.
  8. The importance of hormones and the effects of an imbalance.
  9. Is GMO food safe? Is it ethical to modify foods?
  10. Should there be fewer restrictions on cloning? If so, why?

20 More Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1. The impact of environmental factors on the growth and development of plants.
  2. Investigating the effectiveness of different types of natural remedies in treating common ailments.
  3. The role of genetics in determining human intelligence.
  4. Analyzing the effects of pollution on aquatic ecosystems.
  5. Examining the potential of gene editing techniques in curing genetic diseases.
  6. Investigating the impact of climate change on biodiversity.
  7. The role of microorganisms in soil fertility and plant growth.
  8. Analyzing the ethical implications of genetic engineering in agriculture.
  9. Investigating the relationship between diet and the development of chronic diseases.
  10. Examining the effectiveness of different methods of contraception in preventing pregnancy.
  11. The impact of pesticides on bee populations and their role in pollination.
  12. Analyzing the effects of various types of pollution on human health.
  13. Investigating the potential of stem cells in regenerative medicine.
  14. The role of hormones in human behavior and emotions.
  15. Analyzing the impact of invasive species on native ecosystems.
  16. Investigating the effectiveness of different methods of wastewater treatment.
  17. The role of microbiota in human digestive health.
  18. Analyzing the effects of different exercise regimens on physical fitness.
  19. Investigating the process of photosynthesis and its importance in ecosystems.
  20. The role of genetics in the development and progression of cancer.

Biology Essay Ideas

Wondering what to talk about in your essay? Below are five essay ideas you can run with. Before picking a topic, check whether you’ve got access to the relevant information, you need to write a comprehensive paper. You can use books, journals and publications, and the internet.

  • Microbial ecology and evolution
  • The essence of homeostasis during pregnancy
  • The essence of osmosis in plants
  • An investigation into genetic grounds for obesity
  • Antibiotic resistance about cell structure

If you need, you can always refer to biology essay examples. You can also use our reliable biology writing services for your essay. They are dependable and will relieve you of the worry of having to choose a topic and writing a quality paper from scratch. Moreover, we have well-versed academic essay writers, so it’s not a matter of chances, you can be certain of getting an excellent paper. Place your order today!

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