Photosynthesis and cellular respiration

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Photosynthesis is considered as an important process that is critical for survival. Thus, photosynthesis is a process through which green plants produce glucose through the use of carbon dioxide and water with the use of sunlight. Therefore sunlight, carbon dioxide and water are critical for the occurrence of the process of photosynthesis. The process of photosynthesis is important in plants as it ensures the survival of plants (Smith 5).

The glucose produced during the photosynthesis is stored in various parts of the plant such as roots, stems, leaves and fruits. Human beings consume the various parts of the plant where the glucose is stored. Living things are unable to produce energy on their own and depend on glucose and ATP for source of energy. Food consumed acts as a source of energy for both plants and animals. Oxygen is also produced during the process of photosynthesis. This oxygen is used by living things as oxygen is vital for survival.

Additionally, the process of photosynthesis is important to both plants and animals as it assists in balancing the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. Plants use carbon dioxide and water to produce glucose and ATP which is used as a source of energy and oxygen for animals. Thus, as plants use carbon dioxide, there is creation of oxygen leading to balance in the ecosystem (Smith 5).

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are important processes that are vital for survival of plants and animals. Carbon dioxide is produced during the respiration process and absorbed by plants as an important component in the process of photosynthesis. In return, the plants produce glucose that is used as energy and ATP which is necessary to growth and development in animals. Therefore, photosynthesis and respiration is a continuous cycle is regarded as critical for survival (Blankenship 11).

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