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Updated: August 25, 2022

50+ Business Dissertation Topics for Students Who Want A+

The efficiency of the activity of a new enterprise or the introduction of new elements into the activity of an existing one is determined by the planned indicators in the business paper. As a result of an efficient and well-thought-out paper-writing process, managers, investors, and entrepreneurs are provided with a tool to analyze the future activities of the enterprise, analyze cash flows, anticipate risks and costs.

Such a paper is a key element in planning an organization’s economic policy. This topic will always be relevant to the organization because planning in a market environment is indispensable.

How to Select the Best Business Dissertation Topic?

During the writing of the paper, the student must demonstrate the acquired skills and ability to write such documents. Also, he should demonstrate the ability to perform specific investment calculations, choose the most rational decisions, and manage the implementation of the idea.

As for the difficulty of writing the papers, the computation of the data is simple – all the methods have long been developed and actively applied everywhere, it is necessary to simply apply them to one’s activity. The main difficulty lies in that many factors must be considered in order to bring the work closer to reality, and some of these factors are not always obvious. However, without them, the paper will simply be unreliable.

A general classification can be divided by.

Target audience

  1. Educational institution.
  2. External consumer (used for attracting investors).
  3. For own use (for the establishment of own company).
  4. Paper for the development of an existing enterprise.
  5. Paper for a new enterprise

On the Implementation Approach

  1. Finance and investment papers (with a focus on measuring financial investment flows and indicators).
  2. Marketing documents (demand assessment, niche research, etc.).
  3. Paper on competencies.

The Paper Has the Following Structure

  1. Summary (main idea, overview, key figures).
  2. Description of the enterprise for which it is created.
  3. Description of the products.
  4. Market analysis, marketing, and sales.
  5. Production plan.
  6. Organizational plan.
  7. Environment and normative information.
  8. Financial plan.
  9. Project risk.
  10. Calendar project implementation plan.

List of Business Dissertation Topics: Top-10 Ideas to Get Started

  1. The concept of corporate social responsibility in the United States (perhaps as an example of one company).
  2. The interplay of biz and state politics in the U.S.
  3. Lobbying in the United States.
  4. Company image factor as a tool of interaction with authorities.
  5. American biz lobby in EU countries (in one example country).
  6. Strategies for the conduct of foreign businesses in the United States (an example of one corporation).
  7. The role of the media in protecting the interests of the company (perhaps with examples).
  8. The importance of the media in terms of partnership between biz and state politics.
  9. Features of the American practice of lobbying (legal framework, subjects).
  10. Areas of conflict between biz and state politics in the United States.

10 Dissertation Topics in Business Ethics

  1. Biz paper in the organization’s planning system.
  2. Content and importance of small enterprise development for the national economy.
  3. The innovative potential of medium enterprises.
  4. Biz culture and communication technologies of the entrepreneurs.
  5. Franchising when it is used in the form of interaction between large and small enterprises.
  6. Development of small enterprises in the service sector.
  7. Modern problems of competitiveness of small biz in the USA.
  8. Features of the formation of ethical foundations among USA entrepreneurs.
  9. Regional dimensions of medium enterprise development (in a particular state or city).
  10. Small business development programs in the United States.

10 Dissertation Topics in Business Law

  1. Leasing when used as a means of financing the activities of medium biz entities.
  2. The legal situation and prospects for the establishment and development of large and small enterprises.
  3. The essence and peculiarities of venture financing of small biz entities.
  4. The main problems of venture financing of small businesses in the United States.
  5. Use of leasing and commercial mortgages in the development of venture biz.
  6. Peculiarities of taxation of small biz entities.
  7. Main types of small companies’ insurance.
  8. Small business in the development of the economy of a city (as in the case of a particular state or city).
  9. Medium-sized entrepreneurship in the development of a city’s economy (as in the case of a particular state or city).
  10. New forms of entrepreneurship without legal personality.

10 International Business Dissertation Topics

  1. Challenges and prospects for medium enterprises development in the European Union.
  2. Criteria for assessing the competitiveness of small enterprises.
  3. State support for small and medium-sized businesses: American practice and world experience.
  4. Social entrepreneurship in the United States and abroad.
  5. Assessment of the competitiveness of an organization (goods, works, services)
  6. Shaping a strategy to improve the competitiveness of the organization (goods, works, services)
  7. Staffing of small and medium-sized biz organizations.
  8. Entrepreneurship in the social sector of the economy (choose from education, health, culture, sports, science, law, etc.)
  9. Project marketing justification.
  10. Choice of funding sources for the company.

10 Business Dissertation Ideas

  1. Emerging issues and trends in modern American business.
  2. Basic characteristics of American entrepreneurship.
  3. American biz history.
  4. Types and areas of USA biz.
  5. Legal regulation of business.
  6. Principles of biz organization.
  7. Sources of biz finance.
  8. Productive entrepreneurship.
  9. Forms of business organization.
  10. Entrepreneurship in a modern American economy.

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