75 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Updated: May 25, 2021

A cause and effect essay can be used for serval purposes in academic writing; it can examine why something exists or has occurred, evaluate what caused the state of affairs, study the outcomes of a situation, and find the beginning of a phenomenon to an argument of its results. As a student, you need to choose a thought-provoking idea showing how different objects influence each other. Most students think that selecting a topic is simple, especially when they are left to do it on their own. In most cases, that is not always the case. If you want to submit fascinating and well-structured academic papers, use professional writing services that offer great essay topics from different disciplines.

Do You Know How to Select the Best Cause and Effect Essay Topic?

You can choose any topic that you think is interesting to you. But how available are the materials to sustain and successfully support your arguments? The best cause and effect essays have vast sources, inspiring ideas, and clear understanding of what the topic actually requires of the writer. If you want to learn how to select cause and effect essay topics, you have to define the parameters of this type of writing clearly. Pen down the concepts that you want to cover and their importance in society. Also, make sure that you select sensible ideas. Hook the attention of the reader by mentioning the most interesting facts on your topic you are exploring. Find something that motivates you. Remember that writing is a skill that needs a lot of practice to perfect. If you wish to know more about the best cause and effect essays, get the expert writing services to have your papers done on time, and in the highest quality, you could ever imagine.

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List of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

You can think of any topic that interests you. Look at the lists below and learn more captivating topics that you can write about.

Topics on the Environment Science

  • Causes and effects of global warming.
  • Causes of sea temperature rise and its effects on fish.
  • Causes and effects of Antarctica floods.
  • Causes and effects of famine on the human population.
  • Effects of population density on human occupancy.
  • Greenhouse effect caused by water vapor.
  • Effects of environmental pollution as a threat to sustainable development
  • Effects of deforestation on global warming.
  • Causes of environmental degradation and the threat of preserving human habitation on earth.
  • Effects of air pollution on the environment.

Topics on Self-Development

  • Effects of games on humans’ Intelligence.
  • Causes and effects of road traffic.
  • Causes of stress and how they affect happiness in marriage.
  • Effects of book reading on communication skills.
  • Effects of communication on people’s relationships.
  • Effects of education: helping students to make better decisions.
  • Effects of social media on teenagers.
  • Effects of confidence in improving social life.
  • Causes of better marital relations: cohabiting before marriage.
  • Effects of improved communication on confidence and family relations.

Topics on Psychology

  • Causes of poor performance in school: students’ side.
  • Financial stability of couples: effects of the employment of both spouses.
  • Parental guidance: effects on a child’s behavior.
  • Effects of miscommunication between kids and parents: misunderstanding.
  • Effects of parents’ divorce on the life of the children.
  • Effects of marriage: additional family responsibilities.
  • Causes and effects of toxic relationships.
  • Causes and effects of living a stressful life.
  • Causes of relationship breakups: effects of being unfaithful.
  • Effects of silent treatment on friendships.
  • Effects of single decision making in marriages.
  • Causes and effects of expensive housing on young families.
  • Causes and effects of peers’ pressure on a teenagers development.
  • Alcohol addiction: causes and effects of family breakdown.
  • Causes of domestic violence and its adverse effects on a child’s development.

Topics on Social Sciences

  • Effects of feminist efforts on women commitment in relationships.
  • Effects of raising awareness of healthy living: decrease of snacks consumption.
  • Effects of equality advocacy: men fears on women elevation.
  • Causes and effects of obesity: the fast food industry
  • Sibling rivalry: effects of parents’ quarrels on children.
  • Causes of bacterial infections and the importance of exercising.
  • Effects of long-distance relationships: suspicion between partners.
  • Causes and effects of dropping out of school: the influence of inappropriate upbringing
  • Effects of ignorance and how it causes discrimination.
  • Effects of vaccination: adverse side effects.

Topics on Healthcare

  • Causes of low body immunity.
  • Effects of excess consumption of unhealthy food.
  • Causes of a heart attack: obesity.
  • Effects of extensive advertising of fast food.
  • Causes and effects of stress in marriages.
  • Effects of smoking.
  • Effects of air pollution on allergic reactions such as asthma.
  • Causes of anorexia and how they affect a person’s development.
  • Causes of poor digestion: insufficient nutrition.
  • Effects of idealistic beauty commercials on young girls.
  • Causes of emotional distress: severe loss of weight.

Topics on Sports

  • Effects of regular workout.
  • Effects of regular exercises on a person’s body immunity.
  • Effects of sports on children: developing social skills.
  • Effects of team sports in improving a person’s leadership and communication skills.
  • Effects of exercising regularly: improved brainpower, memory, and productivity.
  • Effects of exercises on a person’s well-being.
  • Effects of steroids on sportsmen’s performance.
  • Effects of commercialization of football.
  • Effects of exercising: beneficial hormones for the body.

Topics on Culture

  • Effects of TV shows in influencing their audience’s behaviors.
  • Effects of learning native languages on a person’s appreciation of other cultures.
  • Effects of the assimilation policy on Francophone countries in Africa.
  • Effects of colonization in Africa and the influence of culture.
  • Effects of attending university: influence on skill and character.

Other topics for Cause and Effect Essay

  • Effects of reading novels and books on critical thinking.
  • Effects of watching movies with a lot of violence on teenager’s behavior.
  • Causes of unhappiness: Effects of excessive use of social media.
  • Causes and effects of lack of sleep on students.
  • Causes and effects of stress.

If you want your more cause and effect topics, seek our professional writing services online. You can place an order for your paper to be written, on any subject that you select and according to your instructions.

Cause and Effect Essay Questions for Students

  • What causes children’s low immunity?
  • How have divorced marriages affected children?
  • What causes soil erosion?
  • What causes malaria?
  • What is the effect of poverty in Africa?
  • How did the Agrarian Revolution affect Europe?
  • What leads to prostitution?
  • What are the leading causes of road accidents?
  • How does alcoholism affect the youth?
  • How do financial constraints affect marriages?

10 Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

  • How do individuals develop low self-esteem? How does it affect children as they grow up?
  • Causes of decreased attention span and the effect on education.
  • Why is there demoralization of people because of their skin color?
  • The new wave of feminism: How is it affecting relationships?
  • Causes and effects of educating children about gender roles early on.
  • Is there a correlation between sex education at schools and the pregnancy rate?
  • Should parents be given the right not to vaccinate their children?
  • How has the American lifestyle taken a toll on the nation’s health?
  • Causes and effects of weight gain.
  • Effects of oil spills in the ocean. How can we recover them?

Excellent Cause and Effect Essay Ideas for Your Academic Writing

Developing your ideas may be confusing, especially if you don’t have an interest in a particular area of your field of study. Here are some ideas that you can explore to write that winning essay:

  • Cause and effects of stress: Life is not a walk in the park. Talk about likely cause of stress to human beings and the consequences such as despair, weight loss, etc.
  • Causes and effects of water pollution: Identify specific impurities that pollute water and link them to health or environmental impacts.
  • Causes of school drop-outs: Discuss the reasons why students abandon their studies, and how does it affect their future.
  • Causes and effects of drug abuse on teenagers: This is a hot topic to explore. Explain how does bad company can cause drugs abuse. Talk about curiosity and poor parenting as causes of it.
  • Causes of violence in schools. This is also an exciting topic with a lot of materials available on the subject.

Explore more topics by seeking assistance from professional essay writers online in writing services with customized papers written to meet your specific requirements. Or get unique essay ideas and questions from a ready-made list created by our writers. Try our best essay writing service today!

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