2016 US presidential elections

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The US government held its 45th presidential election on Tuesday 8, 2016 where Trump shocked the world by being elected as the president of America. This was foreseen by neither the forecasters nor the betting markets.

“Hypothesis 1: despite Trump’s weird behavior of insulting the blacks, Hispanics, the women as well as the disabled, he still knew deep into his heart there was a chance of becoming the next American president. “Hypothesis 2: Trump knew that the unpaid and free media which was directed at him was more in position to reach more people than ever. For instance twitter. 

In article one; the polls believed that Trump will never make it as the next American president. Every political prediction on his presidency proved premature. His insults were too much as well as breaking many political norms like threats of jailing his opponent, failure to release his tax returns on time not forgetting too much lies not seen in modern politics. The election 2016 will remain a mystery in the minds of Americans for months or even years.

Nobody can tell what is likely to happen next. The financial markets tanked as Trump’s victory increased. Donald Trump won even the states where it was assumed he could not. He won the perennial swing like the Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania as well as Wisconsin states.

Article two: It is in this article where the surprising outcomes of 2016 are examined. The political commentators, as well as the political experts, offered postelection on how trump won the election by the use of free media especially the twitter. It also outlines the rationale underlying the (FMT) Free media thesis and tries to determine whether empirical support is offered. 

It is clear that Donald dominated the FMT and it is assumed that due to that is the reason as to why the sudden win. Even though it does not give a clearer causal evidence.

Both articles show the unexpected winning of Donald Trump. They show even though he appeared unpopular, through the media he was able to acquire enough votes to outdo his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Article two shows the strength of the unpaid media since more people are able to access.

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