Analysis of Kaiser Permanente Hospital

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Publicly Available Quality Measures Affecting Health Care Organizations

Kaiser Permanente Hospital has adopted technology making healthcare accessible and more connected. They have a public prepaid health plan that is geared towards prevention. The hospital has expanded the use of telehealth technologies which have increased patient engagement with doctors, support staff and other health care team members. For example, doctors have used video conferencing to provide patients with care instructions, and thus patients do not need to visit the hospital for checkups. Others technologies that have been adopted in Kaiser Hospital are the online check-in process that allows patients to book and confirm appointments at the comfort of their home. The new pregnancy app transforms home televisions into interactive health resources for expectant mothers and their families. Kaiser Permanente has extended Medicaid, children health insurance program and the charitable health coverage to reach 1 million people. 

Kaiser Permanente intends to open a school of medicine which will train physicians on advanced health information technology, diversity promotion and collaboration, teamwork, evidence-based medicine, and delivery of health equity. With the introduction of new technologies in health care, there is a need to reimagine how new physicians are trained. 

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Services or care Kaiser Permanente focuses on

To ensure quality health care, Kaiser Permanente provides both primary, secondary and hospital care services. The primary care services involve the basic health checkups and disease management programs such as specialist consultations. This ensures seamless health care delivery even in instances where patients are not hospitalized and also provides patients with quality, cost effective care.  Kaiser Permanente also provided integrated care to ensure quality, convenient delivery of healthcare and increase communication eliminating inefficiencies and allowing for innovations. More emphasis is put on evidence-based medicine where patients undergo laboratory and imaging test before they receive prescriptions. 

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