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Astronomy is mainly considered a branch of science which studies celestial bodies such as planets, the moon, galaxies, the sun, stars as well as other objects which are in the universe. Among the oldest recorded science, astronomy is among them. In the early 2300 BC, Pilbratt, Riedinger, Passvogel, Crone, Doyle Gageur & Schmidt (2010) argues that some Chinese astronomers started researching and reported some observations but the true astronomers came from Greek and were able to find out that earth was a sphere. Astronomers are bestowed with a lot of duties especially during the regular day for they have to carry out a lot of research. Currently, technology has helped to make the research easier because satellites are used to collect data which is very useful to the astronomers. NASA has been mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that the astronomers are well paid and funded for their research. For an individual to be an astronomer, various educational requirements are needed. Great foundation on subjects such as mathematics and physics is required. The paper intends to discuss some topics under astronomy. 

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Formation of solar system

According to Lodders, Palme & Gail (2013), the Solar system is believed to have been formed 4.6 billion years ago after the gravity force pulled the low –denser cloud of interstellar gas and dust referred to as Nebula. The Orion Nebula is considered as the interstellar cloud in which the system of stars and planets are formed. Before the formation of the solar system, there was small over-density of cloud which later leads to contraction and later the over-density began to grow causing a collapse process. Many cloud particles were random and the nebula had had some kind of net rotation. Thus, as the collapse process continued, the speed of cloud particle rotation increased because of the conservation of angular momentum.  

The gravitational collapse was noted to be more efficient on the spin axis, hence, the rotating particles divided into small thin disks with a diameter of approximately 200 AU. As the contraction of cloud continued, the gravitational potential energy increased and changed to kinetic energy. This caused collisions and heat were produced making the solar nebula to become so hot at the center forming a protosun. The protoson is a cloud of gas that later becomes the sun. At this moment, the central temperature raised to approximately 10 million K causing the collision of atoms to become more violent. It leads to nuclear reactions, the sun and the stars were created.

To prevent further collapsing, Jeans (2015) argues that the increase in the temperature and density in the center lead to increase of pressure which caused a lot of force outward. It led to the sun reaching hydrostatic equilibrium as the gravitational force and the internal pressure balanced. The thin disks that surrounded the sun formed the planets, comets, moons and the asteroids. 

Impacts of asteroids on earth

Several cases of asteroids hitting the ground have been reported.  The energy that an asteroid produces when it hit the earth usually causes a lot of severe results. For instance, it leads to an explosion when it hit the ground and experiences of the tsunami when it hit an ocean. It also causes globe firestorm because a lot of dynamite is emitted. Severe temperature is experienced and may lead to climatic change. 

Can Pluto be considered a Planet?

According to the report by NASA, Pluto may be considered as a dwarf planet based on the current rules. For instance, Pluto is small in size thus it is sometimes considered to be in the same category with other dwarf planets example Makemake as well as Eris. This report was produced by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). In 2006, the IAU made some other rules which seem to have contrasting beliefs and facts about Pluto. Pluto is reclassified as a dwarf planet because its neighborhood lacks to be clear of debris. It is believed to be surrounded by ice and rock on the so-called Kuiper belt. Some of the arguments which supports that Pluto is a planet are as follows: 

First is the size factor. Pluto is small in size but also earth is small. If a comparison is carried out between the mass of Jupiter, the mass of earth and the mass of Pluto, a clear observation is noted. The size of the earth compared to that of giant Jupiter is similar to the size of Pluto compared to that of the earth. Therefore, using this argument, Lodders, Palme & Gail (2013) says that Pluto can be considered as a planet because size does not really matter though there must be a defining factor that differentiates planet from other elements of the solar system. 

Second is it unique factors. Pluto is usually in the Kuiper belt, though; it is not similar to those at the ice chunks and rocks. Pluto, Eris, and other dwarf planets are strong enough for the gravity force to pull them into a round shape. Besides, Pluto is surrounded by five moons, has a rocky core, ice mantle as well as a thin atmosphere. Thus, Pluto with this unique factor is more like a planet in the solar system compared to the object on the Kuiper belt hence. It should be included in the group of planets. 

The third is the Pluto position in the Kuiper belt. Besides the fact that Pluto is part of ice as well as chunks of rocks in the Kuiper belt, it is considered to be not in a group of the planet. In addition, International Astronomical Union considers it as non-planet because it has not cleared it neighborhood components. But, the earth which is a planet usually gets hit by many asteroids and comets just as Pluto. Thus, Pluto and earth do not have a difference hence it should be included in the group of planets. If the definition of the planet can be slightly simplified, Pluto is a planet without a doubt. 

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In conclusion, Astronomy is a topic with a wide large of knowledge that requires great qualities to understand. The solar system is a field that individual should always understand so that they can have knowledge of everything that they see and the experience they witness as they carry out their daily activities. NASA have engaged in many research programs so that they can continue discovering new information about the atmosphere of different planet example Mars. The effects of Asteroids and comets hitting the earth have caused a lot of trouble to the climatic condition which really affects the human activities. It has also caused loss of lives to both human being and another animal on earth. The paper has briefly discussed some of the astronomy topics which at least provide an overview of the solar system and the argument about some planet. 

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