Bilingual and two-way bilingual education

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Topics: Academic Success, Personal Challenges

A two-way bilingual program is important in development of academic language as well as that of one’s social aspect. Mainly, this program helps one in understanding of other cultures as well as boosting their self-esteem while mingling with people of different origin, which indicates a heightened effectiveness. The giving of instructions in each language to the students is at equal time though there has been a problem in choosing the appropriate method or model to adopt in teaching the two languages of which I think would have been a big challenge to me coupled with profiling. However, despite numerous challenges, the system ensures effective development of academic competence among the students for they end up being able to cope with any form of competition globally where cultures are different.

There has uncertainty and inadequate knowledge on which method to use in any given class, which produces the best results evaluated through reading; writing and the attitude of the students from different backgrounds (Cummins & Corson, 2012).  However, despite this, I would be glad that whatever I am getting out of the challenges presented by this uncertainty will not only improve my understanding but also be in a position to be an international citizen due to the knowhow I have so far gained. Initially, this would be difficult but once I have adapted, it will be a benefit to me as I will not be a local person confined in a certain bloc due to my education.

Exposure to different languages creates an added advantage throughout a student’s life, which would be in my case, as I love socializing and even adventuring with varied cultures. It creates greater opportunities though initially and all through entails a common method of teaching used in different schools, which will be able to determine effectiveness of both languages. Based on what I have encountered with peers who have undergone through this system, learning of other people’s cultures I can say it is much easier because of not only knowing other languages but also mingling and being interested to understand others way of lives especially while socializing with them. Hence, if I had gone through bilingual system would enjoy much and at least now being like three to four languages such that it would be easier interacting with the respective people (Thomas, 2012). This is so because a person interest heightens especially if he or she hears you conversing or greeting him or her in own language.

However, I do not how I would keep up with profiling that is quite evident in these settings that I hear some of my peers allege though in the world there cannot be a perfect society. In addition, it would also be an uphill task initially while trying to adapt and get used to peers of the other language that I would have been eager to learn with a view at least when teacher repeats same thing in my language I have a better understanding. Since, I am always curious and love exploring my settings.

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