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Metacognition, is a two dimensional process involving metacognitive regulation and metacognitive knowledge. It mainly serve in describing the process entailed when students plan, invigilate, evaluate and make corrections to their own learning ways.

The word metacognition is a combination of two words; Meta and cognition. Meta means about or beyond, while cognition means knowledge.

Metacognition can be summed up in a phase:

Metacognition can be summed up in a phase


In proper design of a literacy lesson plan, one should inform the students that they are to listen a story read aloud example, on Freedom Summer, and later on ask them to visualize the flow of events in the story as it is read.

Case study Lesson plan: Guided comprehension-Visualizing Using the sketch-to-sketch Strategy.

After accomplishment of the reading exercise, engage students in doing a quick review w concerning what the story means in succinct.

Thereafter, for suitability on students in grade 4-6, effective modification is paramount. One of them entail Image mnemonics, it involves drawing a picture on a large paper so that its aspects can be seen by students.

Later on, ask students on how they are to perceive the picture, what they think it means, and giving out reasons as to why they think the picture was drawn.

After successive discussion of the picture, one is thereafter free in giving them an idealistic interpretation of the final individual drawing from the instructor.

Quick emphasis to be done on students regarding their artwork, and it aims in getting down their interpretation. Using pictures but not words, this entire procedure can as well be known as using exam wrappers.

Secondly, one can modify the learning process by metacognitive talk, it involves engaging students on their understanding of the story, and whether they can be able to learn something from the characters, or the theme being exposed.

In addition to that, my experience in teaching nonetheless, has aided me in the technical know-how of motivating students to track their learning, elaborate on the learning objectives so that students can achieve them, creating new opportunities for students to learn new strategies, among many others.

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