Causes of the American Revolution

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The inhabitants of the colonies are exhausted from being treated as miserable people. Of importance is the fact that they are forced to pay a significant number of taxes, which encourages people to give all their money to a country that does not even consider them part of England. England does not allow the colonists to defend themselves by forbidding them to use weapons. Therefore, if outsiders come and attack, and they cannot defend themselves, many people will die. After all that England did to the colonists, they decided to act. They begin their first Continental Congress, where they send a letter to the King of England. The letter contained certain changes that the colonists demanded: lower taxes, more rights, and representation in parliament. This decision is proof the colonists were discovering a peaceful way to their freedom. It also shows they were tired of cruel politics.

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Balance of Powers

After the Revolution ended, the colonists selected the path of self-government. It was an effective way for people to learn how to produce things quickly and correctly. They learned how to manage their finances, run their farms, and do other things. This shows that each person in each state was independent.

Reasonable Laws

During the American Revolution, the British ruled the colonists, so they accepted the regulations they had to follow. One of those rules was to pay taxes, and they remitted a significant number of taxes. The fact that people were forced to live by British rules is the driving cause of the revolution. They paid taxes but did not receive any beneficial results from it, and in the end, people began to struggle for independence.

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Fair Justice

The colonists did not obtain fair justice, so they called for their independence. The British did not believe the Americans and treated them badly, which caused people to feel betrayed. They began to fight for justice and freedom.


People in the colony had to forage for their food and live at their own expense. A negligible number of colonists who lived in cities could buy food in the market. At that period, men went to war, and women and even children, who had no time for games, worked in the household and helped to supply the soldiers. During the American Revolution, people possessed cramped houses and needed to sleep together, and there were very few people who had extra money to build a few more rooms. People worked too much, they had no other way out, and thus, there was no time for a peaceful life.


The Boston Tea Party was a political protest that took place during this time. American colonists were disappointed and furious with the people of England for imposing “taxation without representation”. They demanded that the British reduce taxes, but they neglected them. The 13 colonies began to struggle for independence. The Americans were aware that their people were not taken care of because they paid taxes, but they still bought things separately, which was unfair. On the other hand, the British considered taxes fair, so they did not reform and reduced them.

Social Classes

During the American Revolution, it was customary to divide people into social classes. Depending on their importance or the amount of money people had, they divided them. Certain social classes were similar to personal slaves. Africans were transported to America to work, mainly in agriculture, but there were additionally those who worked in the house, such as cooks, laundresses, servants, and others. The “Free blacks” had certain social rights, but of course, they were not the same as white people. They were farmers — people who worked on farms. Finally, the most significant people who had all the rights and therefore money and power over other people were the social class of the “Gentry”. They were identified as the “highest” of the colonial society.

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The economy during the American Revolution was normal. They were involved in a war proclaimed the Seven Years’ War, and it was the reason why a lot of money was frittered away. A considerable amount of finance was invested because people believed that one day the American colonies would carry out a revolution, trying to create an independent nation-state. They engaged in and lost that struggle. They lost a lot of money and actually went bankrupt. It was such a massive amount that the economy deteriorated significantly and this economic downturn caused extremely challenging times.

Low level of losses among the population

The slight human losses during the American Revolution are chiefly the Boston Massacre when some soldiers shot civilians. There were only five deaths in this event, but people took it so emotionally as if they all died. In general, some people died from diseases, inevitable death, and some other incidents. Compared to other revolutions in history, the human losses in America were insignificant.

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