Causes of the Civil War


Thesis Statement: The civil war had a multiplicity of causes, each of which was influenced by a number of factors as outlined below.


  1. To what extent did slavery facilitate the civil war? This will help to establish why slave trade was a major contributor to the civil war
  2. How did slavery further deepened the division among the South and the North of the United States. This will also help to explore which sides of the divide were pro or anti slave trade
  3. How did the enslaved people fight back to regain their freedom? This part will also help to identify the abolitionists who stood and advocated for the end of slavery (Lischer, 2015)

Rights of the States

  1. Who was powerful among the authority of the States and that of the federal government? This will help to know how the crumble for power between the States and the Federal government fueled the civil war
  2. The decision the federal government to control and regulate the activities of the States for which the later fought back for independence (De Waal, 2014).
  3. The common feeling of the southern states most especially that the federal government was taking away their rights and powers and the need to fight back

Abraham Lincoln

  1. There irregularities in the election of Abraham Lincoln as President of United States thus, without being on the ballot of about ten states in the south for which they protested (Gordon, 2017)
  2. Questions about the neutrality of Abraham Lincoln as he was active member of the new anti-Slavery Republican Party prior to His Election (De Waal, 2014)
  3. The perception that Abraham Lincoln hated or was against people of the south.

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