Changes during the renaissance period in Europe

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During the renaissance period, a number of developments occurred across various fields of developments in Europe as a whole. Is impact was felt in many of the European countries. Renaissance period signified the changes and reformations that had an impact in industrialization and thus leading to growth of science (Hartwell R.M, page eleven). This period also had an impact in the cultural development of Europe from the middle ages to modernization.

The renaissance period had many challenges that may have delayed modernization. Some of those challenges led to the development of science. An example is during the outbreak of plague, many people died and this aroused concern thus they started looking for cures for those disease that were previously thought not to have cures. This led to numerous breakthroughs in the field of medicine among other fields. Though it impacted the economy negatively because of the many deaths, we find that the economy steadied soon afterwards. Culture also changed along this period. We can therefore say that the renaissance period is that of cultural growth (Wilson, Richard 21).

The renaissance period encouraged economic growth especially in the sector of trade. This is because after the period of the Black Death, and discovery of numerous cures for diseases, the population increased rapidly thus leading to growth of the European economy (Hardwell 33). This marked a step towards modernization of Europe. Industrialization also began around that period where people started to use machinery and gadgets discovered during that period of time.

We find that during this period, Europe underwent great changes to make it the great continent it is today. It is evident that though this period was beneficial for European intellectual and economic growth, it encountered numerous challenges that helped it establish long-term solutions that would prevent it from facing the same challenges again today.

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