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The Second Industrial Revolution

According to Engelman (2015), there exists no other development in the modern history which impacted the lives of humans more than the Industrial Revolution (I.R). I.R…

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Western Civilization Expository Essay

The Roman Empire’s CollapseThe Roman Empire is one of the most prominent governance setups in the history of western civilization. It was a socio-economic and military…

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Subject: History
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Effects of Industrialization on women and children during the Progressive…

IntroductionThe years between 1820 and 1920 represented a critical period regarded as the progressive era. Notably, the United States focused on rigorous reform activities during this…

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Changes during the renaissance period in Europe

During the renaissance period, a number of developments occurred across various fields of developments in Europe as a whole. Is impact was felt in many of…

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Mother by Visevold Pudovkin

The film Mother – directed by Visevold Pudovkin- tells the story of russia’s revolution in 1905. Termed as a precursor for the 1917 revolt among the…

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The American Civil War

Historical Students have since quite a while ago talked about the causes behind the disappointment of the Confederacy to accomplish triumph in the American Civil War….

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Essay About Industrial Revolution: Causes and Effects

Industrial Revolution was an economic transition that entailed moving from old manufacturing practices to using machines in the United States of America, Europe, and Great Britain. The revolution occurred in the 18th century and was the beginning of technological advancements and inventions.

Writing an essay on Industrial Revolution may involve political discussions, social progress, and the crisis that led to poor working conditions. Such essays are important since students learn about history, the significance of justice, and the effects of the revolution.

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