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Subject: History
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Effects of Industrialization on women and children during the Progressive…

Introduction The years between 1820 and 1920 represented a critical period regarded as the progressive era. Notably, the United States focused on rigorous reform activities during…

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Subject: Culture
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Changes during the renaissance period in Europe

During the renaissance period, a number of developments occurred across various fields of developments in Europe as a whole. Is impact was felt in many of…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 8
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Mother by Visevold Pudovkin

The film Mother – directed by Visevold Pudovkin- tells the story of russiaโ€™s revolution in 1905. Termed as a precursor for the 1917 revolt among the…

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The American Civil War

Historical Students have since quite a while ago talked about the causes behind the disappointment of the Confederacy to accomplish triumph in the American Civil War….

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