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American politics after the Civil War

America is among the most influential nations in the world that have shown an ability to adapt and overcome challenges. During the period between after the…

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Effects of Industrialization on women and children during the Progressive…

IntroductionThe years between 1820 and 1920 represented a critical period regarded as the progressive era. Notably, the United States focused on rigorous reform activities during this…

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Tips for Drafting a Better Progressive Era Essay

Composing a progressive era research paper informs your readers about the progressive age the American society entered after the Civil War. Your paper may show how reformists acted to make the US better and safer for everyone, including women. Readers can learn more about the social and business reforms adopted to counter the effects of corruption of the Gilded Age.

Your assignment can also educate readers about key institutions the era produced, for instance, the Federal Reserve and its promoters like Theodore Roosevelt. When drafting your assignment, be balanced by showing readers its darker side, like increased disfranchisement and segregation of Africans in the South and in the federal government.

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