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French and American Revolution Compare and Contrast Essay

Introduction The right to revolution, an idea described by the Enlightenment philosopher John Locke, inspired the colonies in America and the people of France to fight….

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Subject: Philosophy
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The influence of the Enlightenment on the French revolution

Introduction The age of Enlightenment or Enlightenment was a philosophical movement backed by ideas that dominated not only the French in the 18th century but also…

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Comparing the origins of the American and French Revolutions

The American Revolution and the French revolution had some aspects that were similar. The primary focus of both was on equality and liberty. Both had a…

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Controversial​ issue​ ​of​ ​Confederate monuments​ ​in​ ​the​ ​US​

Charlottesville, a quaint little town in the state of Virginia, caught itself in a middle of a socio-political strife, which began on the night of August…

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