Was The French Revolution Successful

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Was the French Revolution successful? There are numerous researches and various opinions of other scholars. In my opinion, the French Revolution, in general, was not successful. There are multiple factors to prove this point of view why the revolution was not successful.

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Reasons why the French Revolution was not successful

One of the numerous causes why I think the Revolution was not a general success is that it did not bring the Third Estate to power. When the Third Estate began to struggle for liberty and better rights, there were a lot of people who considered it unfair. It was unjust that people who worked harder than the majority, if not all, of the people in the first and second tiers received less income than the first and second tiers.

The average individual of the First and Second Estates rarely worked. This outraged the third estate. They desired and demanded more rights for the most extended time. It was only at the General Estates’ assembly that they achieved the turning moment. They had to hold this assembly because France was officially bankrupt. They no longer provided finances. The causes of the bankruptcy were as follows: King Louis XVI liked to consume bread, Marie Antionette spent a lot of money on jewelry, King Louis XVI paid for people from other states to come to visit them and drink with him, and they were supposed to assist America in the war.

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That was when King Louis XVI had one person from each state. Each individual was allowed one vote, so it was unjust to the Third Estate, because 97% of the population of France was in the Third Estate. When the First and Second Estates included merely 3% of France. It was no longer unjustified. The spokesman of the Third Estate was Maximilian Robespierre. King Louis XVI came up with the suggestion either to begin increasing taxes on the Second Estate or to raise taxes on the Third Estate even more. When the States General ended, King Louis XVI declared that they were just about to increase taxes on the Third Estate even more. This is the primary point of failure of the French Revolution, because after the Estates General it seemed that there would never be peace in France.

Following the General Estates assembly, the Third Estate was enraged, they demanded rights and wished to cease paying taxes. The Third Estate, in fact, handed over their working days to the tax collectors. This made them very angry, and people began to hunger. In addition, there were lots of homeless people in France. This is one more reason why the French Revolution was not a success.

The Third Estate after a long time eventually said that they had enough. They had enough of paying taxes and not being granted any rights. That is when they created the National Assembly. The National Assembly was created by Jean-Joseph Mounier. After the General Estates, they walked to the indoor tennis court. After they had been on the tennis court, they vowed that they would not go off the tennis court until they gained rights or more-more freedom. This is the conclusive reason why the French Revolution was not successful, because the more contradictions there are, the more dispersion there will be and the more struggle there will be in France.

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