City’s Power Problems and Solutions


Hello all, I would like to bring to bring to your attention the critical problems resulting to the emergency crisis that the city endures time and again as a result of power problems. Elco Power Company engages in the production of hydropower with an objective of producing sufficient electrical energy to suit the high demand of the Solace locality. The essence of this brief is to highlight among other things the incredible contribution of Elco Company in our society and also provide a strategic breakdown of an emergency approach to ensure sufficient provision of electrical energy. The report concentrates on essential matters including definition of terms, solace consumption statistics.

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Definition of terms

The strategic report incorporates terms that need a detailed explanation to understand the context of the report fully. Power outage encompasses a state of power loss due to technical faults causing a halt of electricity transmission from the power station to the users (Expósito, Gomez-Exposito, Conejo, & Canizares, 2016). Grid transmission refers to the transfer of power from the source to the users. Power consumption relates to the usage rate of electricity denoted in Kilowatts-hours (KWh). The provision of power addresses the extension of electricity through a transmission line to users (Jovcic, Van Hertem, Linden, Taisne, & Grieshaber, 2011). The restoration of power refers to the sustenance of power to select users during a power outage. Lastly, electricity token concerns units of power measured in Watts (W).

Solace city Electricity Consumption

The high dependency level of the society on Elco power to provide an estimated 8.962M KWh per annum entails considerable threats which may be fatal to the economy of Solace municipality. While the total energy consumption may be estimated above 10.30M KWh per annum, it is appropriate to put down mechanism to help address power emergency problems.

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The community of Solace relies heavily on electricity energy for different purposes and Elco Power Company undertakes a mandate of providing 87% of the total energy demand in the locality. Nevertheless, Elco power on some occasions faces challenges that prevent it from fully delivering on its mandate. Elco power company is fully committed to providing the best solution regarding the provision and restoration in the cases of emergency outrage to ensure the vital functions runs as smoothly as ever.

Provision and Restoration Strategy Breakdown

The electricity distribution strategy targets to apply priority criteria to select the most relevant institutions to be granted the first choice in the implementation of the process. The plan will ensure that the Elco Power Company can sufficiently supply electrical energy in Solace city as well as provide a solution in the event of malfunctioning of the systems or power outage problems (Campbell, 2012). The provision and restoration strategy augment a convenient approach to connect the entire society to the electricity grid line whereas privileges extend to institutions requiring the optimal availability of electrical energy. The implementation of the strategy relies on the two hydroelectric dams and a fuel based back-up to ensure that power is available at all times.

Primarily, the provision and restoration of electrical energy rely on consumption statistics whereby the heavy users such as industry and commercial entities are given priorities. The industrial consumption of electric power is estimated at 6.75M KWh which is more than half the total demand. Industries and commercial entities hugely rely on electricity for their operations (Expósito et al., 2016). Secondly, the company attributes the provision of amenities as an essential function of the society hence a need to grant priority. Institutions like health facilities, Water, and sewerage supply entities as well as influential businesses within the Solace locality provides basic needs and hence connecting them to power ensures they run their operations smoothly (Jovcic et al., 2011). The estimated consumption of the essential functions category stands at 3.81M KWh.

The selection of a company or institution to benefit from the priority listing includes essential parameters that tally with the suitability for provision or restoration of power services.

Provision RationaleRestoration Rationale
Industrial and commercial utilityReliance level on Electricity for major operations
Reliance level on Electricity for major operationsProvision of social amenities and basic needs
The overall importance and influence on the community well-being or economyPossible economic loss exposure as a result of power outage
Cost-Benefit viability of the Provision 

Threat and Emergency Risk Analysis

The estimation of the power consumption and statistics on provision and restoration faces critical threats that require an exact address. The threats could to a greater extent jeopardize the applicability of the provision and restoration plan. The industrial operation statistics concerning growth and development and the need for more electricity tokens poses a substantial threat to Elco Power company strategic plan. The estimates failure to provide an allowance for changes in the industrial and commercial use of electricity could have massive implication on the applicability of the report (Campbell, 2012). Elco Company can partner with the community to ensure that household consumption is remedied through storage units such as large power banks. The changes in industrial or commercial consumption will have a lesser impact on household consumption, and the community can conveniently assist the company manages the threat.

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Elco Power Company also faces the threat of providing sufficient restoration sources to cater for all the fundamental institutions that require restoration. The shortage of restoration sources may result in massive losses in terms of economic and social implications on social amenities. The provision of diverse sources including fuel and solar energy to restore power may prove instrumental in accounting for restoration capacity shortage (Campbell, 2012). The community and institutions can utilize solar energy to supplement the capacity shortage and provide a sustainable solution to an impending threat.

The other risk on the company’s estimation on the provision and restoration information relates to strategic and feasible grid transmission that enables the company to reach out to even the remotest areas within the locality. The location of industrial and commercial consumers may prove a huge threat in the case of sparse distribution across the municipality (Jovcic et al., 2011). The company can integrate the transmission infrastructure for the commercial and industrial user along with that of the household. The provision of an integrated power transmission grid system provides the company and the sustainable solution in the supply and restoration of power.


It is recommendable to cast attention on the strategic guideline to the provision and restoration criteria for Elco power as it concerns addressing energy issues of the municipality. The essential for the provision of electricity transmission entails the reliance level of major operations on power and the overall influence of the users on economy and society. The prioritization of power provision should rest on the implication and magnitude of the users’ operations. The essential criteria for restoration are the supply of social amenities and basic needs which is the foundational requirement of the society generally. Additionally, the city is not bound or obliged to implement the strategy fully since a lot of the parameters are dynamics and improvements are possible with time and resources.

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