Coding Compliance Training Program

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A corporate compliance program is an effective way of ensuring compliance with the law in order to reduce the risk of fraud. According to Becker (2012), the coding compliance is normally associated to several preceding compliance threat areas such as accurate billing, accurate documentation, transfer procedures, medical records design and maintenance among others. Therefore, a training program in coding compliance would be important in training the employees on the standards and procedures of a coding compliance program. Secondly, the training is important since it informs the employees of the objectives of the program and the relevant policies and guidelines. Thirdly, the training informs the employees on the code of conduct and the fundamental elements of the coding compliance program (Willford & Small, 2013).

The effectiveness of the training program can be evaluated using the Kirkpatrick’s Four Level Training Evaluation Model (Kirkpatrick, 2009). The first level measures how the employees reacted to the training. Secondly, the program can be evaluated by measuring what the employees have learned and how much of their knowledge and skill have increased because of the training. Thirdly, the program can be evaluated through behavior in which the trainer measures how the behavior of the employees has changed based on the training and by looking how the trainees apply his information. The fourth way of evaluating the training program involves the results, which involves the analysis of the results. This involves measuring the outcome of the training such as an increase in compliance, higher morale, higher quality ratings among other based on the objective of the training (Kirkpatrick, 2009). 

The policies that need to be included in the training program include the internal coding procedures, which include procedures and actions to be taken coders need to take when faced with a given situation. Secondly, the requirements of medical record documentation. Thirdly, the appropriate guidelines medical requirement from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) model Compliance Plan for Clinical Laboratories. Additionally, the payment policies that influence code assignment in the facilities’ coding rules and procedures among others (Prophet, 1998). 

The code needs to include the overall description of the program and addresses the compliance risk relevant to the organization. Secondly, the code needs to include the individuals responsible for managing the program and provide the general guidance on behavior expected of all workers. Thirdly, it should include clear channel of reporting violations and misconducts of the code and the disciplinary action to be taken (AHIMA House of Delegates, 2008). 

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