Conspiracy Theory of the Killing of John F Kennedy


The murder of John F Kennedy happened in 1963 on 22 November (Kaplan 34). The killing resulted in different conspiracy theories that include the Grassy Knoll Theory. John Kennedy was murdered in a barrage of bullets while traveling in a procession. After two hours, Lee Harvey was under arrest and suspected of the manslaughter of Dallas law officer. In the article, ‘’Killing Conspiracy’’ published on 14 November 2013, Fred Kaplan talked about the most critical Kennedy conspiracy theories. The thesis of the author is that most of the Americans do not have faith that Lee Harvey Oswald acted single-handedly in killing John Kennedy (Kaplan 34). After the murder of John Kennedy, Americans trusts in a conspiracy theory concerning his death.

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Thesis: One man did not make the killing of John F Kennedy.

There was a conclusion from the Warren Directive that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered John Kennedy single-handedly (Kaplan 35). However, I disagree with this statement and agree with the theory argument, and I believe that John Kennedy assassination was done collectively. There was no way a lone shooter could have made the killing. One quote that makes me favor the theory is a conclusion by the select committee on the murder that

’there was probably a second shooter on the “grassy knoll,” a hill overlooking the site where Kennedy was assassinated in his motorcade’’ (Kaplan 34).

I am in favor of this theory since the gunshots heard came from different places.  Conferring to the institute findings quote,

’an acoustical analysis of the tape revealed that four gunshots were fired—and that, given the echo patterns and the officer’s location, one of those shots came from the grassy knoll’’ (Kaplan 35).

It makes me believe more than one person did this assassination. The president is someone who was well guarded, and it is hard for the assassination to be conducted by one person.

A different quote making me approve the theory is

’after many hearings and extensive analysis, the panel concluded that there had been a second rifle after all’’ (Kaplan 33).

The fact that the special committee with all its intelligent did an analysis and found that there was the second shooting is a clear indicator that the more than one person did the act. Additionally, there was evidence of a second firearm. The quote ‘’this surprise conclusion was based on a newly discovered piece of evidence—an audiotape from a radio transmission from a Dallas police officer who had been escorting JFK’s motorcade’’ makes me approve the theory (Kaplan 32). From the author’s argument, I factor the conspiracy theory.

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In conclusion, one shooter did not do John Kennedy assassination. I conquer with the author that more than one person was involved in this activity. There is a lot of evidence and reports supporting the fact that the act was not done by only one person (Kaplan 34).  It could have been hard for one person to do the action alone due to tight security according to the president. However, the thriving of the conspiracy theory is due to the natural human instinct whereby human engage in fantasy concerning the hidden. The need to look for secret information attracts different stories relating to a particular issue. Despite this, I conquer with the author of the article concerning the assassination of John Kennedy that more than one person did the act.

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