Continuous Quality Improvement

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Continuous quality improvement is the approach that hospital organizations and systems that build upon various quality assurance methods while recognizing both internal and external customers (wise et al., 2013).  Quality can be defined as exceeding or meeting the expectations of the patients, and its continuity determines the overall aim of all the medical practitioners. The reason why continuity of improvement is necessary is that it creates an excellent reputation for the organization and it is most effective when it is practiced every day. Teamwork is highly required for continuous quality improvement, and the whole team is needed to acknowledge systems that need improvement.

I have experienced quality improvement through interprofessional learning during my practice. This method of development creates a platform for different professionals learning about each other to achieve collaborative practices and improve the overall healthcare of patients (Nadeem et al., 2013). I have learned different things from various medical practitioners that helped me in making the experience of the patient better. I have also experienced quality improvement by the use of control charts. Another method of improving quality I have implemented is brainstorming. I have provided better ideas during various meetings and allowed for sharing of multiple approaches to go on as well in any process that requires critiquing and judgment. Moreover, I have been able to differentiate between leadership, management, and influence in the profession of nursing. This has ensured quality improvement because I can identify the different ways of dealing with varying roles of leadership.

In conclusion, quality improvement is essential because different patients have various needs and it is crucial for all of them to be met. The quality of service provided in a hospital also impacts the healing process of a patient and is therefore very important.

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