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Support needs of the diabetic patient and the appropriate interventions for caregivers.

According to the questionnaire, there are various support needs which the diabetic patient needs which can help in reviving his situation and be able to manage diabetes better.

One of the support needs which have to be offered to the diabetic patient is advice on health eating. The intervention which is supposed to be provided by the nurses includes eating regular foods which are lowly saturated with fats and reduce the sodium intake in the body (Powers, 2015). Controlling the amount and the type of carbohydrates taken in the body can also help in having the appropriate weight. Therefore, avoiding things like snacks, fried foods, spicy and salty foods, cakes and chocolates would be advisable for the patient. 

Being active is another approach which can be used to make the patient keep fit. Engagement in aerobic activities and strength building activities can be effective in making the patients maintain their glucose levels and loss of weight. It also assists in improving the cardiovascular health of the patients. This can be achieved through a proper motivation of the patient. 

Constant monitoring of the patient and offering the emotional and psychological care for the patient can be another care initiative for the patient. This will help the patient in managing the depressions and the feeling of being isolated. Through monitoring of the patient, this can assist in reducing the problem. Monitoring of the patient will also ensure that the progress of the patient is taken into account and proper medication is administered.

Taking medication and health coping can be another approach which can be used in minimizing the eyes and the kidneys effect which is affecting the patient. This can be done through proper monitoring of the progress of the patient.

Objectives of healthy people 2020

The major objectives of the healthy people 2020 are to attain wellness. In terms of diabetes, the major objective of the healthy people 2020 is to reduce the disease burden (People, 2010). This can be done by reducing the number of death rates of the people suffering from diabetes. This is done through reduction of the rate of mortality among the persons with diabetes through using proper care and medication. Another goal of the healthy people 2020 is to improve the quality of life of most of the people who are affected by diabetes and the people who are at risk. This can be implemented through using all the skills proposed by the diabetes educators in order to manage diabetes.

Nursing professional roles in diagnosis and treatment

The diabetic patients have to be taken care and the care is supposed to be provided by the nurses. The nurses play a very important role in diagnosis and treatment of the patients who are affected by diabetes. They help in monitoring the progress of the patients and providing care. According to their professional practice, their goal is to make sure that the diabetic patients have all the facilities and care they need and they should ensure that they monitor the eating and exercising habits of the diabetic patients. This helps in the management of diabetes for the patients.

Acting as an advocate, a nurse has to be a communicator with the patient, an educator as well as a caregiver. In caregiving, the nurse has to diagnose diabetes and provide an effective treatment where necessary in order to save the patient. Diabetes is a diet-related disease and therefore, the nurse acts as a guide and counselor to the patient on the type of foods to consume and those not to consume.

The nurses are also given the responsibility of alleviating suffering from the patients and providing effective treatment and diagnosis of diabetes in the patient as well as protecting and promoting the patient wellness. This assists in the optimization of health and it helps in prevention of occurrence of illnesses which might attack the patient. 

How does the environment affect the patient health?

The environment has a large impact on the health of the patients in the hospital. A perfect environment surrounding the patient can assist in the promotion of healing and resting.  This is because presenting the patient with a perfect environment assist them to be free from suffering and they are able to control what they do. Stress is one factor that a patient should avoid at any point. A relaxed body and mind contribute to the healing process of a patient. 

A perfect environment prevents the patients from having infections which are related to sanitation. Therefore, it is important that the patients in most of the hospitals have perfect environments. This might include staying in rooms with clean toilets, clean sinks and also clean environment. This avoids the errors which can occur in the hospital environments.

A perfect environment also prevents the diabetic patients from falling and also prevents the occurrence of medical errors. Proper organization of the environment where the patient is being provided care helps in reducing errors like improper medication of the patients and also medical related errors. Therefore a clean environment assists in making the health of the patients better as compared to a dirty environment which worsens the health conditions of the patients.

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Social determinants of patients with chronic illnesses

The care and the needs of most of the patients with the chronic illnesses have to be taken care through various ways. The level of income of the patients affect the care and the needs which they get (Korat, 2014). The health services which are provided depend on the price plan of the patients and therefore it is one of the major determinants of care provided to chronically infected people. Another determinant is the social support of the patients, the patients have to be socially supported in order to reduce their emotional and their psychological problems. This impacts the quality of care and the needs which the patients have. Having a larger access to health services which are quality is another social determinant which assists the patients in order to meet their needs. 

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