Critical Research on “Gaming the World”

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Andrei S. Markovits and Lars Rensman investigation on how sports are reshaping global politics and culture illustrates the concept on which sports have revolutionize global activities and human lifestyle. The authors emphasize on sports activities in a coined concept of “gaming the world” and based their experience in sports at its global effects on sports, politics and identities for the basis of integrating the gaming activities to go beyond the field in which sporting activities take place (Markovits and Rensmann). The authors deconstruct the development of gaming as the game changer in global cultural activities and politics. By presenting how sports engulf into global welfare, impact on politics of exclusion, racism and violence in European and American culture, hence illuminating on the problems that are facing games in the global perspective. On the other hand, the presentation of female in football or feminization show a new dawn in the world of sports and the dynamics in which sports is changing. Most importantly, the presentation of this book shows the intellectual knowledge and the field experience for the sports activities endowed in the authors. As mentioned earlier, “Gaming the World” in a sports book authored in 2010 by Andrei S. Markovits and Lars Rensman. The engineering in the world of sport and specifically in penning down the changes in the world of sports these authors commenced in 2006.

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Andrei Markovis assumed his position as a soccer professor at the university of Dortmund in 2006 the same year he met Gerd Rensmann, the veteran sports journalist for whom they proceeded to Borussia to watch Brazil defeat Ghana. Resmann was a co-sponsored by DAAD at the University of Michigan where they became colleagues with   Markovis. Since Markovis was a soccer professor, this offers him an opportunity to have in his possession relevant knowledge to study sports and their effects into global politics and culture. On the other hand, Resmann is an experienced sports analyst which provides him with skills and technical understanding of sports activities and rules. In this context, technical terms and rules used in facilitating different sports was in their disposal. As authors are colleagues in Michigan University, the collaboration and affiliation with the department of political science in Michigan University are an indication of strong knowledge sharing that can shape their presentation on the effect of sports on global politics and global cultural constraints.

The time frame within which the authors lived is fundamental in providing the relevant information that shapes the development of this publication. Since the authors started their working of publications on sports in 2006, it is evident that they both in live 20th century and 21st century. However, even though the publication is done 21st century, the knowledge gained during 29th century greatly influenced the development of thi8s book publication. I believe that being a soccer professor is a justification of wealthy information for the publication on sports and its impact on human activities and lifestyle. Additionally, being a sports journalist provides an opportunity for an individual to interact with many sports personalities or analyst, hence enhancing enriching the information passed by the publication. Also, the time in which the book was published marks the period in which sports was at its peak with all gender engaging in games while all countries emphasize on sporting as an enterprise. The growth in sports has significantly increased in 21st century which provides an opportunity to explore various changes in gaming.

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Most importantly, I believe that the authors had written at the best time where sports became global concern. In this time of publications where there are global transfers of sports personnel from Europe to Asia or Spanish, as well as Europe to America. On the other hand, the changes in cultural and political believes in which countries like China have resorted to develop their sport sector provides the best case study for writing about the sport. However, there are biases on the author’s assertion on gaming the world. The authors assume to understand all activities pertaining to the sports; yet, their knowledge is based only in two regions such as Germany and America with the rest of the world being second hand information and media. Additionally, the information presented might not of full proof to be of global effect since the book targeted American readers and not global. The limitation of the book regarding global constraints can be seen where the author address American games and Europe games. A complete overlook on the other parts of the world like Asia and Africa compromises the application of this book.

The authors hypothesize that sports shapes global politics and culture of people and countries. To support this statement, the author argued that “sports shape and stabilize social and political identities around the globe which is believed to be the same case to unprecedented extent (Markovits and Rensmann).” The authors justify his hypothesis or the statement of the problem by highlighting a number of evidences on how sports reshape global politics and culture. The book highlighted that sport is used to provide literature on sports legends or heroes. On the other hand, sports have turned into global entertainment industry that has impacted into human lifestyle and cultural change. The four major ideas highlighted by the authors include global effect of sports on politics and culture, effects of sports cultures and cosmopolitanism, the transatlantic transfer of sports and their culture and a silent feminization. Similarly, the growth in sport that has seen the world watching sports through internet by 2006 World Cup tournament held in Germany led to creation of global village. The integration of global sports activities is justified by various leagues across the globe. The increased sports culture of internet watching of games through internet is enhanced by European Champions League and National Football League’s among others. The existence of transfers of players and women leagues, as well as the concept of fans and fanatic behaviors of violence during the sports illustrate the main theme of the publications. However, as the book emphasize on the global politics, I felt that the authors missed the point on by their failure to categorize the kind of politics engaged on sports. According to my understanding, there was need to clarify the global politics relating to sports as a construct of sports representatives and venues for World Cup Tournaments or Olympic games. If a presentation is left open as they are, a reader might confuse the politics as an interim of government operations which portrays negative picture of the sporting industry.

I agree with the author that industrialization played a great role in promoting sports, as well as globalization. However, what is missing the authors is the relationship to justify the role of sports in developing globalization, as well as the role of globalization in promoting sports. The book acknowledged that indeed sports have promoted globalization but failed to recognize the influence of globalization to reshape sports industry. I believe that the authors had the obligation to make readers understand that globalization open the gate for the development of sports by making it accessible through internet or ordinary television viewing. On the other hand, am against the concept of cosmopolitanism or nationalization with respect to the American football. The authors narrowed their augment and make their publication serve the interest of American sports fraternity. I believe that the right terminologies should be used to meet global audience demand rather than emphasizing transatlantic transfer and culture.

There are football books that evaluate the global impact of foot in various dimensions and provide similar and different opinions from what Markovits and Rensmann provided in this book. Giulianotti published in a book in 2012 entitled Football which emphasizes on the global operations and management of football activities under the umbrella of FIFA. According Giulianotti global football attracts standard policies and terminologies that control football games (2012). In this regard, Giulianotti clarifies the global politics as the politics of football or sports and not countries’ political engagement. He further resonates on the creation of cosmopolitanism and concept of diaspora due to sports as a way of globalizing football (Giulianotti). This publication was completely different and sought to justify football as a global activity rather than an enterprise engineered for two regions, America and Europe. Therefore, while targeting the global impact of football, Giulianotti presented the facts based on the management of football through FIFA without inclination to preferred regions as biased by Markovits and Rensmann. However, even though book highlighted similar genies of the development of football which aligns to the principles of “Gaming the World,” there is conflict in the use of football terminologies. The application of transatlantic language seems stereotyped to the region, thus stand create confusion and lack of preciseness to global reader or fanatic. Also, the book draws that fans will engage on violence provided they feel being mistreated by the game officers, which is contrary to the notion of local culture of violence.

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In conclusion, the book provides an impressive literature for the development and establishment of games with regard to global politics, sports and culture. Using the information presented by Rensmann and Markovits relating the effect of globalization and industrialization, as well as impact sports in human lifestyle, people can institutionalize sporting to help in developing entertainment industry. Lastly, I am of the opinion that the authors did not regarding the impact of sports into globalization but rather dwell in American football history which appear like rewarding America for providing the authors with space to carry their studies in Michigan university. In this case the authors lack enough information to explore in America but should rather target Germany for right football transition and information.

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