CS-7014 Week 6 Assignment: Develop a Prototype Methodology

Subject: Business
Type: Synthesis Essay
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Topics: Marketing


Marketing is concerned with creating awareness about a product and/or service and accordingly persuade the target users to finally purchase or avail the same. It involves tracking the preferences of the consumers in a way so that the ready goods and/or services are accepted in the markets (Wilkie & Moore, 2007). At the present era, use of technologies in the marketing domain has assisted the organizations to communicate with the customers in a better manner and simultaneously undertake effective strategies of promotion (Alghamdi & Bach, 2014). Emphasizing the issue, the essay aimed at developing a prototype methodology with one of the selected devices named tablet, which is currently being used in the respective markets. 

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Tablets and its Components of Design Pattern

Tablets are rapidly gaining importance in the business field as these are highly portable and simultaneously have sufficient amount of memory to store abundant data (Pitt, Fraser, Berthon & Robson, 2011). The software designers effectively focus on making the tablets in a manner so that the users can use these to accomplish the intended goals. For instance, tablets at present support applications, which are vital for the modern organizations to obtain significant business objectives. Tablets are often executed to make presentations that are useful to give demonstrations to the customers pertaining to a product and/or service. Additionally, tablets support applications that provide information to the marketers about the present market scenario regarding customer preferences and competitor rivalry (McKenzie, 2011; CIT, n.d.).

With regard to tablets, design pattern refers to the strategies that are adopted to mitigate the issues, which emerge during designing software for the device. These strategies are expected to remove the faults that can exist in the tablets. For instance, the software has to be designed in a way so that it is possible for the users to visualize multiple things on the screen. This is especially important from the standpoint of the marketing department, as it is quite important to avail information on the tablet screen pertaining to various market scenarios. Moreover, the design pattern must focus on incorporating touch-visualization so that the marketing personnel can easily retrieve valuable information without the use of any keyboard. Additionally, the applications used in tablets often use dashboards that are highly useful in tracking market data (Sadana & Stasko, 2016). 

Evaluation of the Device

Generally, the software for a mobile computing device is designed with the help of programming languages such as C++. The operating systems are created in a manner so that the individuals do not face any sort of problem during travel. This is because efficient software enables the tablets to get connected with the internet while the users operate through mobiles. It is particularly important when the marketing personnel of an organization have to communicate with the customers by means of e-mail or other options of chatting (Okediran, Arulogun, Ganiyu & Oyeleye, 2014). Use of C++ as a web based language program provides numerous advantages in a hardware device, specifically in terms of performance. Moreover, it reduces the scope to corrupt any sort of document or file in a computer system (Rajta, 2006). 

The marketing personnel can thus use the device i.e. tablets extensively in order to store large scale of data and use the same when required. Moreover, presentations can be made on the tablets with varying features so that the customers are persuaded efficiently to purchase a particular product and/or service. The software designed with the help of C++ enables the marketers to make budgets regarding various promotional campaigns that are undertaken for successful penetration into the respective markets (Rajta, 2006). Software, which is used to design a tablet, can often be exercised to create applications, enabling the marketing personnel to promote their respective products and/or services successfully. For instance, certain applications that are installed in the tablets enable the individuals to have a view of interior designing. This is particularly important for the individuals who are engaged in promotional campaigns pertaining to real estate market. The sales and the marketing personnel do not have to make visual presentations for briefing the customers about the apartments and can thus save enormous time by using tablets (Danigelis, 2014).

Use of Tablet to Non-industry Expert

Tablets are of vital importance to a non-industry expert. For instance, a student can use it to know about various teaching modules pertaining to mathematics. The student can easily access the browser and view different YouTube videos that illustrate various theorems of mathematics. Thereafter, the student can download the videos and view them in case any confusion arises in the area of mathematics (Nield, 2016). 


Tablets are gaining importance in the business field due to their high portability nature. Marketing personnel can use these for creating presentations and contacting with the customers even when they are travelling. Students can also use tablets for learning different subjects such as mathematics. 

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