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An Investigation on the Potential Expansion of Barnes Realty into…

Executive SummaryThe main aim of this research is to investigate on the potential expansion of Barnes Realty into emerging markets of the luxury real estate industry….

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Subject: Business
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Market Analysis-Real Estate Office Supply Analysis of Seattle

IntroductionSeattle is a technological town that has seen the birth of most leading tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft emerge since the 1980s.  The city…

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What to cover in a real estate research paper to sound like a competent professional? First of all, you need to keep in mind that the real estate market is a diverse, mature business with decades of history. Thus, you can talk about how real estate works in the United States of America, discuss the business model varieties in this market, talk about the prospects of investment in housing, and the techniques agents use to sell real estate objects to clients. You may also take some company working in the real estate business and conduct a case study of its success story and business strategy.

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